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  1. Simple geyser

    Thanks will check this out
  2. Simple geyser

    I was trying to create a simple geyser in houdin, but not beeing FX my primary specialties I am a little bit stuck... I would like to make the geyser emit not constantly but over time with different splashes but not quite familiar on how to use chops or additional forces to affect the particles so I am quite stuck. I found few sources online but not really helping...so if anyone has any idea I am stuck at this Thanks test_geyser_v001.hiplc

    Following would be nice to understand how to solve this problem
  4. Hair simulation grass helicopter landing

    I've been doing some test with the whole helo landing and stuff but now would be nice to have a sort of concentric force expanding from the position of the helo. A sort of "ripple" in loop Beeing trying with pop forces but failing
  5. Vines reacting to collider / force

    Very true thanks a lot again fro the help
  6. Vines reacting to collider / force

    Yeah I thought it was just a simple solution...I was actually trying multiple stuff on that file...but thanks a lot again to show me the correct way this mostly happens when you do not know the software and you randomly try to fix things
  7. Hello guys, I am doing a new test with vellum hair. I am trying to sim a sort of object going through some vines and I would like to have a opening like curtain effect but I cannot make the hair react like I would. Feels like they are stretching always no matter what is the value of stretch.. Am I considering something in the wrong way? Any suggestion help would be great thanks test_vines.mov tree_test_v002.hipnc
  8. Hair simulation grass helicopter landing

    This is awesome thanks a lot for your help guys
  9. Hair simulation grass helicopter landing

    This is super helpful...Now I do understand way more about the solver and the forces affecting the hair. Thanks a lot Cheers
  10. Hair simulation grass helicopter landing

    Cool will have a look thanks a lot
  11. Hair simulation grass helicopter landing

    How can you control the curves like that????
  12. Hair simulation grass helicopter landing

    I ended up using procedural noise to achieve something similar....but now something I cannot really understand how to do is looping a ramp to keep repeating over time any suggestions? this is the scene: houdini_test_grass_file_scene_v003.hiplc
  13. Hair simulation grass helicopter landing

    It does not seem that I can link this type of volume force to vellum.... Will try using a wire solver instead and see how it goes
  14. Hair simulation grass helicopter landing

    Cool will try and have a look cheers keep you posted with results asap
  15. Hello guys, I am trying to recreate a helicopter landing scene on grass. I am new to Houdini and I was trying to use hair and a radial force to create the effect but not really having much good results. Could someone give me some tips on how to achieve the result? Thanks Luca