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  1. how to blur a velocity field with volume vop

    thank you ! great , will test to see if I can advect more efficient the particles.
  2. how to blur a velocity field with volume vop

    tks for the hint.the issue is that I want to affect only parts which are getting closer to the bounds (vel slowly decreasing in intensity).I want to do it in sops (volume vop) so I can use to advect particles.
  3. how to blur a velocity field with volume vop

    Hello, I need to blur out a velocity field (coming from pyro) in a volume vop.I want to advect the particles later on and if it is not blured,it looks bad.I have atached the scene and 2 pics showing what needs to be achieved.Any ideas? tks scene.hiplc
  4. mesh light arnold not working

    thank you !
  5. Hey guys, need some help here (probably something stupid). mesh light is not working with arnold. Tks mesh_light_arnold.rar
  6. Loop and save particle sim over a number of curves

    Thank you.It worked 100%. Thanks again for your time.Big time saver !!!
  7. Hi guys, What would be the best approach in order to sim multiple particles simulations (save to disk) ;particles needs to follow a bunch of curves (one curve at a time)? I have,let's say 10 curves (each curve is driving particle path) and I want to save the particle sim on disk without manually plug each curve into dop to generate the particles? I am talking about saving to disk process,not dop setup. Tks
  8. simple question (using detail atrib for scaling)

    Thanks.Make sense. However @ratio directly used is working but not displaying the value. What would be the best practice when modeling in order to avoid endless bbox functions? Vex? Tks
  9. Hey guys, Easy problem (I am missing something).I calculate "ratio" detail attribute to use for scaling an object.Works fine,but in the display value tab (transform node) ,shows 0 value when I put inside @ratio (but it works OK).What am I missing? tks What would be the best approach to have it much efficient - storing dimensions,center of objects (maybe not writing detail atribs).Also ,was considering not using bbox function,because later on I will have long calculation expressions. easy_question.hipnc
  10. obj movement along the path (curve)

    thank you ! it works
  11. Hey guys,need some help setting up an emitter movement along a curve path in houdini 16.5.I know is a stupid question and simple,but cannot figure it out what am I missing.Can someone help ! tks a lot test.rar
  12. particle streams - point id

    tks Jesper ! it worked. can it be done in sop as well? without using the group node inside pop.
  13. particle streams - point id

    Hi guys, I need some help finding the best solution for copying some incandescent sphere on a particles stream:I have some pop points with 2 sec life and I want to copy some sphere on let's say 1% of the points.The sphere will be down scaled based on age attribute. The problem is that each frame I have different amounts of points and I need a solution to track the same 1% selected points through their lifespan.What would be the best approach? tks
  14. volume trails from wings

    tks man ! I will have alook.
  15. volume trails from wings

    Hey guys, I need some help on doing some volume trails coming from some animated wings.I have share the dropbox file.If anyone could help ,would be awesome.Tks https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zxdxvjg23y4o433/AADDC4_YdlcAjJqvxeOGcQyGa?dl=0