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  1. HI everybody, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wrote an article for a german print magazine www.digitalproduction.com about H17 that can be downloaded here (in german language): https://www.dropbox.com/s/2lhjazrfv8nadki/DP1901_090-095_H17Banshee_Druck_HighResCover.pdf?dl=0 80.lv asked if i would translate it and well here we go in english https://80.lv/articles/006sdf-h17-banshee-review-from-olaf-finkbeiner/? Have Fun Olaf
  2. Procedural Ice tool now on Gumroad

    I think you should maybe edit the text in the gumroad offering: You sell an hdalc that is only for Houdini Indie, right? Or do i understand something wrong here? Can it be used in Houdini FX or Core? I always thought that was blocked...
  3. Procedural Ice tool now on Gumroad

    Hi Aragatory, why dont you sell on Orbolt Store? There it will/can be converted to the different versions.. I am just currious... Kind regards Olaf
  4. Modeler And Flux developer. Need help

    Hi Alexey, sorry to hear that, i hope you get your things sorted. Quite a few Houdini people are using patreon now (Animatrix, entagma, etc) and seem quite succesfull. Maybe that is a way for you too. Not everybody can afford 100$ that easily on a plugin ... (and i already did when you anounced the free update to 2.0 that you wanted to release soon! That was quite a while ago...) Maybe do a 10€ version without the free update? kind regards Olaf
  5. Project mesh onto another mesh

    Have a look a the ray sop...
  6. Houdini User Group on Steam

    \o/ lol cool joined!
  7. Python - Houdini Engine

    Python is not a good idea when useing the HOUDINI engine, as far as i understood. My guess for the reason is that you never know which Python version and libs are installed on the machine that uses the HDA. You can script in VEX so...