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  1. Pyro Pipeline and Base setting

    hello everyone, taking presedence thanks in advence for your help and answer I've worked for three months about pyro and volume.But I don't know where to start Because I have no any idea about pyro pipeline. You can help me to do this issue. How should I adjust volume source settings? Then Min & Max division size ? Then shader settings , cache simulation etc. How must I sort this steps ? I know that I have a lot of question but only you can help I'm sorry for my bad english I believe that you will be able to answer my question thanks in advence I don't know this render enough for production quailty
  2. PC Build for Houdini Dynamics

    Tnx so much Navneet You are very helpful
  3. Softbody Jelly Cutting

    I not understand issue about softbody Even so, Thnks for everthing.
  4. Softbody Jelly Cutting

    Has anyone an idea ? I only know a softbody sim but I don't any idea which was done.
  5. Softbody Jelly Cutting

    hi everyone . ı need help How can I do sim like this ?
  6. PC Build for Houdini Dynamics

    thanks for reply khaled
  7. Hi everyone , When do ı simulate in houdini about pyro,fluid,grain, I disappoited during simulation or at cache time. :/ For this reason , i ask to build pc for houdini dynamics. But I don't know requirements for system . Processor option may be amd or intel. Max budget 3000$ 3500$. In addition , System ? Cpu? Motherboard? Min Ram? Min GPU ? Min Core ? be grateful for your helpful.
  8. Hi, I create a new project but have a new problem. use to source object its has not problem but when added the point on source objects its changing rotation. I hope, you can help me for ı can fix my files.
  9. Hello everyone . I need your help I want to delete but is not. A non - whole number .. How to make fixed? thanks in advance .