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  1. Thanks man, this explains a lot. I think I must've copied in something and it's conflated the information then. It's not happened with my newer files so it must've been a fluke!
  2. I've started from scratch and it seems to be working fine now but I'd still be curious to know what could've been happening.
  3. Hey there, I'm currently working on a project with some models that I've exported as alembic files from C4D to preserve the polygroups, so I can add the materials back onto the model when I re-import. When I reimport the alembic files they have a really strange reaction to Octane Render. I don't really know how to avoid this as some exports seem to be okay but some just give me this weird lighting effect. Has anyone come across this before/ knows how to avoid it, or can point me in the right direction as its hard to tell if its Houdini or Octane :s Thanks, Joe
  4. Polygon soup issues.

    Just thought I should also add:- I've been exporting out the mesh to alembic and importing into Cinema4D for rendering (I know, I know) its just what I'm used to at this point though and my Octane license is bound to my C4D account
  5. Hey guys, I have a quick question about the polygon soup meshes I'm getting out of Houdini. I'm getting mesh popping when I convert it and send to C4D for render, they look like the attached IMGs. I included my set-up in there as a rough guide but I think there's something I'm really overlooking. I'm kinda new to Houdini still and would really appreciate a kick in the right direction of how to solve this in terms of the way I'm approaching 'skinning' the particles. Thanks
  6. Burning Paper

    https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/33889/ Have you seen this? Could help depending on what your problem is
  7. Amazing! Thank you Sorry to bother you further but do you know if there is a way to add particles with, say, less that 3 constraints to the popobject group? I've not looked into VEX too much but it seems like an IF statement might work? I'm just not sure of what the syntax would be for the constraints or what node it would be under :/ So, If 'constraints' =>3 then add to group? Then they get blasted too? No worries if you don't have time though! Thanks again
  8. Hey guys I'm currently playing around with Houdini so please excuse any silly questions. At the moment I'm trying to figure out if I can cull/delete any particles that aren't bound by constraints in my sand solver test. The setup is pretty basic but those pesky particles that fall off like debris aren't what I was trying to achieve; I kinda just wanted it to split into two separate pieces. Not sure how to approach it, but will try to read around it and figure it out. Any help would be amazing though! Thanks in advance
  9. Houdini and octane - lessons

    Thanks Rohan! This is really cool, now I can put my GPU to the test
  10. Grains to volume

    ah I see! Thanks dude sorry for the simple questions. I'm just trying to get my head around the basics still P.S. your site is cool! Love the work!
  11. Houdini reaction diffusion

    Well said blackpixel!
  12. Grains to volume

    Thanks Carlo! I see, so after dop import you have to pull the attributes out, I didn't know that yet Makes sense though, thanks for helping me
  13. Grains to volume

    Hey guys, First post so go easy! But I was wondering if there was a way to convert the wet sand POP grains I've made into a volume by creating the vdb from the points generated by the sand? I've had a look around but can't really seem to find anything on it. I attached my .hip, its pretty straight forward, but the idea was to get the sphere to slice in half, but then recreate the geometry from the volume. Thanks split.hip