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  1. active node in asset

    Hi I am creating a HDA, and it includes a paint node. There is a way to active that node inside the asset when you click in the HDA? so, when I click on the HDA an press enter, it start to paint. Thanks you
  2. if in list (vex)

    I stored different index (integer number) in my primitives, and I want to create an array detail attribute with all my different index. sometimes my geometry could has 4 different index, for example (3,6,7,2), but in another case it could has 6 or 8 different numbers. my idea is store in a detail attribute that list of numbers (index) I create an primitive wrangle with this: int indexList[] = detailattrib(0, "indexList",0,1); if (!find(indexList, @index)){ push(indexList, (int)@index); setdetailattrib(0, "indexList", indexList); } but it does not work as I expect. what I am doing wrong? thanks
  3. if in list (vex)

    thans you!
  4. if in list (vex)

    Hello how can I query if an element is in a list or not? in python is " if element in list: " thanks you.
  5. zones

    I just open th scene... and thanks you so much it works perfectly!
  6. polyline and points

    thanks you so much!
  7. polyline and points

    How can I know which polyline number an point belongs to in vex (in a point wrangler)? thanks you
  8. zones

    I did not see your scene. but the problem does not come from the attribute promote, my problem comes from avoid interpolation between values when I do strokes, the paint tools always interpolate values around the brush. I would paint with an specific values and no other ones in the edge. thanks
  9. zones

    Hello everybody I am trying to create a tool to paint zones in primitives. I am relative new in houdini. I need to paint zone index in mesh, I mean, I want to split my mesh in differents zones (zone 1, zone 2, zone 3, etc), and I would like to do it using a brush and paint directly on the mesh. the problem I have is when I paint it, it interpolate the index values at the edges of my strokes, so it blends the values, and I don't want that. If I paint the value 6, under a zone with values 0, I got primitives with values 5,4,3,2 and 1. any idea how to solve it? Thanks you paint_zones.hip