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  1. HDA based on another HDA

    oh men, thanks!!!!
  2. HDA based on another HDA

    Hi I want to create an HDA based in another HDA as started point, I want to have the same structure (node tree) and same parameters, but different HDA name of course. Thanks for your help
  3. transform handles attached to geometry

    I must to say I can not use an "edit" node because I can not create keyframe on "edit" nodes.
  4. Hi I have a single point object, with a motion... I want to create another layer of motion, an offset in top of his motion. I was thinking to create a transform node, and create some keyframes. there is a way to do the handle follow the point position? I want the similiar handle behave that happend when you use "edit" node with "frame local" option. This is the effect I am looking for the "transform" node edit with local frame option: this is the transform default behavior: thanks
  5. sort objects

    ohhh yeah, good idea!.. thanks you a lot Noobini! it will help me.
  6. sort objects

    Thanks Noobini, it works. anyhow, I would like to solve my problem using the regular nodes as wrangler and foreach loops. thanks again!
  7. sort objects

    Hi I want to sort objects, side by side, in X axis, using the bounding box value of each object to calculate his offset relative to the previous one. I pack every object and merge all of them. I used a foreach loop (because I need to do some others operations in my project), but it could be solved with a point wrangler. my idea was store in details an attribute to store the offset history, so I could use in every iteration to read the previous object position, calculate the new offeset based on the current object bounding, and update that attribute to be used in the next iteration... but it does not works as I expect. start state : my goal : here is my scene offset_v4.hipnc THANKS YOU for your time!
  8. python code in a shelf buttom

    Hi, I am new scripting for Houdini I made an script in python, I tested on "python source editor" window... it works So I decide to make a shelf buttom in order to store it and apply it later on. I put my code into the script tab and field, define python as my language. but when I click in my buttom, it says this error message: this is my code import hou for n in hou.selectedNodes(): for p in n.parms(): if len(p.keyframes()) > 0: exp = p.expression() exp = exp.replace("L_", "R_") p.setExpression(exp) what I did wrong? thanks you
  9. vector on detail (VEX)

    great!.. thanks for your help
  10. vector on detail (VEX)

    opps.. my mistake, I tough it was vex... really thanks you a lot for your support.
  11. vector on detail (VEX)

    Thanks a lot for your answer but I am working in a parameter of a node, I can not write multiple lines code. and I am using relative paths because it is a asset, and I want to re-use it in others places and scenes. thanks you again
  12. vector on detail (VEX)

    Hi everybody I want to use the "detail" function as an expression in a node parameter to read a vector component. detail("../sourceData","color.r",0) but it does not work. I tried "color.0", same result when I use just "color", it reads something, an average could be, anyway I just want to read one component of a vector value. how can I do that? thanks you.
  13. deleting points

    thanks you!!!
  14. deleting points

    how can I delete points that do not belong to any primitive?
  15. active node in asset

    Hi I am creating a HDA, and it includes a paint node. There is a way to active that node inside the asset when you click in the HDA? so, when I click on the HDA an press enter, it start to paint. Thanks you