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  1. Maps Baker with Multi UDIM assets

    Can anyone tell me if Maps Baker can be used to create a texture atlas using multi and single UDIM meshes as inputs? QuickMaterial SOP properly recognizes UDIM textures but having a problem with my renders. Diffuse and Roughness maps are pink. Only AO seems to render correctly. Double checked and BaseColor and Roughness are correctly linked to my UDIM textures in the QuickMaterial SOP. And I assume 3rd input Cage is optional?
  2. Instancing problem. I am using a target mesh created or modified in H to instance crowd agents in Unreal. In Unreal I am instancing based on vertices. So I need some way in Houdini of ensuring the number of points on my mesh will equal the number of vertices after importing to Unreal. In H I also need to use a Divide SOP with Compute Dual enabled to center all my points before exporting. In the attached I have 200 points in H, but after importing to Unreal as FBX I am getting 398 vertices. Any help appreciated as have been working on this workflow all week and need to hit the ground running first thing in the New Year! DivideSOP_ComputeDual_matchPointsVertices.zip
  3. Any Divide SOP experts? I need to generate a single point or vertex in the center of each poly(quad) on an imported FBX. I've enabled 'Compute Dual' and for this particular geometry also need Convex Polygons and Maximum Edges set to 3. But what happens is that I am getting 2 points per quad. It seems to be triangulating the geometry. Can anyone suggest a solution?
  4. Extruded U shape

    Total modelling noob question. Need to quickly create a wall of given dimensions in an extruded U shape for an Unreal TechViz. Using Circle + Carve SOPs currently, what should I use instead for the 'U' shape?
  5. Lost UVs after RBD Unpack

    Actually I think my problem is further up the chain when I use an Add SOP to 'Delete Geometry but keep the Points' How would you propagate UVs in this scenario?
  6. Lost UVs after RBD Unpack

    Trying to understand why I seem to have lost my UV's after a RBD Unpack operation. The attached images should make this clear.
  7. Expression challenge

    Have a expression problem but not sure if I can keep the logic in a single expression. Right now I am using the following expression which works fine Lets call this expression 'A' fit(ch("../insetDistanceFromrear"),2,15,-8.25,-1.75) However what I need to happen is when a different expression (lets call it 'B') results in an even number I need to either add or subtract .5 from expression A This is expression 'B'. Paremeter name insetDepth which is same name as the parent HDA integer parameter being referenced. ch("../insetDepth")*.5
  8. Another modelling question. After applying EdgeCusp to a grid, can I simply apply a UV Texture and expect it to work, or is there an extra step needed? Labs Visualize UVs is not showing my UVs
  9. Ruler tool and measurements

    Ahhh. of course. My math sucks
  10. Can anyone explain why my measurements are off? Assuming default units are meters. I have a grid 22x22 divided into 44 rows, 44 columns, shouldn't the subdivided polys then be exactly .5 x .5 meters? I've repeated several times using the Labs Ruler tool and the results are always larger than .5
  11. C# and Unreal Blueprints have Mapping functionality to easilly map from 1 range to another given an input value that changes. What options are there in Houdini? My first range (representing degrees) goes from 270 to 90 needs to map to 45 to 135 In other words what is the mathematical relationship to go from the first range to the 2nd?
  12. I've defined a float value that is continuous. Is there any way I can make this change in .5 discreet intervals instead?
  13. Game engines automatically triangulate meshes when importing FBX files. I have a mesh with quads and want to somehow retain these quads and also keep the hard edges when importing into UE. When exporting mesh into Unreal is there any way to retain the hard edges of the quads ? For instance in the attached image after import I want to keep the divisions of the quads visible so the tube will not be perfectly smooth in circumference. screen_001.hiplc
  14. Creating an HDA for a LED wall techviz app. using a Tube SOP with the actual mesh Quads representing the individual LED tiles (.5m x.5m) I need to be able to adjust both height and curvature in whole increments such that the size of these individual 'tiles' or quds remains consistent (.5mx.5m). First the height. Starting with a default height of 6 m the next increment down would be 5.5 and the corresponding number of rows would switch to 11 from 12. How can I link these values and also make the height work in .5 value increments? screen_001.hiplc