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  1. TOPS PDG question. What are some common causes for your TOP network render to fail (no tasks completed) even though there are no errors ( all green icons)? This happens repeatedly for me when running a FileCache TOP on a simulation. All tasks get executed very quickly but nothing is cached. Doublechecked and my DOP Network and Default Object paths are correct.
  2. Thanks for the replies! Tried reducing my Voxel (VDB) size in my Collision Source but didn't seem to help. Also, when should you use Surface Collisions (Geometry) vs Volume Collisions (VDB) as your Collision Detection type?
  3. One more Flip collision question. External colliders work as expected. But how do you get the interior of your geometry to act as collider? For instance a simple box that wraps your fluid source. The goal would be for the fluid to fill the box. What edits need to be made to either the geometry or Collider Source for this to work?
  4. Hey guys. Need some help with collision geometry for a Flip sim. In the attached you can see the original geometry in collision source, and the resulting voxels in #2. The geometry is sourced from external .objs that I have merged than applied a Boolean Union operation to. Is there something else I can do to make sure the conversion to voxels works correctly?
  5. Anyone expereinced with Houdini to Unreal workflows? Looking for some sort of comparison table to help determine when to use different export options for animated or deforming meshes. - VAT - alembic - fbx via rbd to fbx - fbx via dembones skinning converter So many options!
  6. Any curve force experts? Followed this Entagma tutorial Results are fine but the speed of movement along the path (yellow arrow in attached) is slower than I need. There are so many foces in the Curve Force. Which one needs adjusting to speed up movement along the curve?
  7. Thanks. Could you elaborate what you mean by 'work on a very small patch' Do you mean temporally as in just say a few frames of a 20 second sim, or do you mean spatially? Also by res I assume you are referring to particle separation. Is there a rough guide as to what works best for different scale sims? i small scale splashes vs landscape sized ocean sims?
  8. Any FLIP experts here? Looking for ways to speed up sims when iterating with different parameters. In the past I tried simply increasing particle separation but it always changed the look of the sim at the same time. As mentioned here (see Alen Milanvic's comment). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6SQPc961ZE Now I realize it's related to world scale. Other than turning substeps off is there any other way of reducing sim times? Some equivalent of reducing resolution when you render.
  9. Modelling noob question. The last time I did any modelling in Houdini was before covid! Simple extruded arc. 1. Is my node order correct, ie normal followed by facet and uvtexture? 2. Does it matter if use use Face or Cylindrical texture type for an extruded arc like this? And lastly 3. why do the UV Quick Shade and Labs UV Visualize give different results? Aren't they both doing the same thing?
  10. I am trying to alter the UVs on a curved wall mesh so that the left and right edges are increasingly stretched horizontally. The attached should make this clear. In the bottom half you can see the green box (which is a rendertexture on the curved wall mesh) is stretched horizontally in the center and appears 'squished' towards the left and right sides. From the viewpoint of the camera it has to appear as a consistent square regardless of where it is poistioned left to right. The top half shows the capture setup with a Ortho Projection camera centered left to right in the curved wall mesh. How can I alter the UVs on this mesh to get my intended result?
  11. Can anyone tell me if Maps Baker can be used to create a texture atlas using multi and single UDIM meshes as inputs? QuickMaterial SOP properly recognizes UDIM textures but having a problem with my renders. Diffuse and Roughness maps are pink. Only AO seems to render correctly. Double checked and BaseColor and Roughness are correctly linked to my UDIM textures in the QuickMaterial SOP. And I assume 3rd input Cage is optional?
  12. Instancing problem. I am using a target mesh created or modified in H to instance crowd agents in Unreal. In Unreal I am instancing based on vertices. So I need some way in Houdini of ensuring the number of points on my mesh will equal the number of vertices after importing to Unreal. In H I also need to use a Divide SOP with Compute Dual enabled to center all my points before exporting. In the attached I have 200 points in H, but after importing to Unreal as FBX I am getting 398 vertices. Any help appreciated as have been working on this workflow all week and need to hit the ground running first thing in the New Year! DivideSOP_ComputeDual_matchPointsVertices.zip
  13. Any Divide SOP experts? I need to generate a single point or vertex in the center of each poly(quad) on an imported FBX. I've enabled 'Compute Dual' and for this particular geometry also need Convex Polygons and Maximum Edges set to 3. But what happens is that I am getting 2 points per quad. It seems to be triangulating the geometry. Can anyone suggest a solution?
  14. Total modelling noob question. Need to quickly create a wall of given dimensions in an extruded U shape for an Unreal TechViz. Using Circle + Carve SOPs currently, what should I use instead for the 'U' shape?
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