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  1. Dynamically rotate geometry via VEX

    Thanks!! I figured something to do with normals. But in my case would it simply be adding? @N=@P; Another thing I was wondering is if it is possible to determine the current RPM value using my above VEX code?
  2. Dynamically rotate geometry via VEX

    So managed to get this working but one curious glitch however is that the in the viewport it appears the lighting is 'baked'. When my geometry is rotating it appears as if the light is rotating with it. If I try and manually alter the rotation in the Transform this doesn't happen. matrix3 mat = ident(); float angle = atan(@P.x, @P.y); float r = length(set(@P.x, @P.y));//*chf('amount'); @P.x = sin((@Time*chf('amount'))+angle)*r ; @P.y = cos((@Time*chf('amount'))+angle)*r;
  3. So as a starting point am using VEX code from this thread but so far not working. I need to dynamically rotate geometry in VEX (the geometry is constantly rotating) and change the speed of rotation via a float parameter. I also tried this fairly simple code from cgwiki which gives me a constant rotation but am unable to dynamically alter the rate of rotation matrix3 mat = ident(); float angle = atan(@P.x, @P.y); float r = length(set(@P.x, @P.y));//*chf('amount'); @P.x = sin(@Time+angle)*r ; @P.y = cos(@Time+angle)*r;
  4. Can anyone tell me how is convex decomposition handled in H17? Came across this older framework on github. Would it be useful in h17? https://github.com/zhoub/vhacd4h
  5. When you do a ophide in a HSCRIPT Textport there are a lot of hidden operators in H17. Whether its to follow an old tutorial or for some other purpose, are there any that you routinely unhide? (ie that are still extremely useful)
  6. High velocity volume collisions

    Might be more of a programming question. I want to simulate fast moving volume collisions, think bl3nder or fan or propeller colliding with either another smoke volume or soft body. Without even attempting, I expect that as the speed of the rotating blades increases the collisions are going to simply fail, assuming a constant 24 or 30fps playback. The rotating blades will simply be moving too far from one frame to the next for any collision accuracy. Is my assumption correct? What would be the best workaround?
  7. As I get more comfortable using the new TOPs workflow I was wondering if there is any need for Takes anymore? Do Takes and the Take List still have relevance?
  8. Hi Noob rigging question. I have a low poly rigged fbx (attached), brought it in to houdini, added a sub div to increase the poly count and re exported with defaults. Problem is when brought into the game engine, the bones aren't connected to the mesh anymore. I'm adding the SubDiv just before the BoneDeform SOP to bring into T-pose. What step(s) am I missing? Neo.fbx
  9. ok so some progress with PDG following Ari's tutorial, https://vimeo.com/323291527 but getting ImageMagick running properly on OSX is a total PITA! After installing, adding proper pathing to houdini.env it runs but no support .exr by default. Get the following error So thinking I need to install OpenExr I do so and get openexr 2.3.0 is already installed and up-to-date Any ImageMagick experts able to suggest a solution? Guessing this will be easier on my Ubuntu box....
  10. Simply trying to cook a ROP Mantra node inside a TOPNet and repeatedly get the following error when that node definitely exists! What am I missing?
  11. Houdini REST and Three.js

    Is the version for Unity available?
  12. Randomly choose between 4 options

    Thanks. Is there any way in vex to incorporate method calls directly with your solution, or would I still need to use an if, else once I get my @choose value?
  13. Awesome. Please share more. Would be great if you could do a tutorial
  14. What's the most efficient way in vex to choose between 4 different options? Right now I am simply using rand and a series of if statements to check the resulting value. Is there a better way?
  15. Going thru a tutorial on L-Systems and OMG, just seems like an overly complicated system for creating results that aren't necessarily that organic looking. Does anyone actually use L-systems in the real world?