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  1. UI Parameters for VEX based HDA

    Hi For a VEX based HDA can anyone tell me if you are limited to only using #pragma commands for modifying the parameter UI? ie for Range etc
  2. Bit of a noob question…simply trying to edit parameters for an embedded HDA but when I either right click and choose ‘Type Properties, or simply click ’Edit VEX function' on the HDA and go to the Parameters tab, all of the options are greyed out. Unable to make any edits. Why is this happening? Anyone??
  3. Vex in Houdini course

    Thanks for the detailed response. Yes a challenging but rewarding course. Wish Shawn would do more!
  4. Hi Can any Python gurus help me resolve a Python crashing issue? Have created a custom Python HDA which loads external data files. I get the following error when I switch to Scene View, and within a minute Houdini always crashes
  5. Hi Trying to create an alias in the command line using the following Then when I enter 'houdini_run' I get the following error However, if I navigate to the bin directory, and simply enter houdini-bin, I still get the 'No such file' error but the application correctly launches. Can anyone tell me what is going on here?
  6. Using custom Python modules

    Tried installing using pip but get repeated "Requirement already satisfied:" Question> Is it necessary to launch Houdini from the command line for it to recognize the yt python package?
  7. Hi After all this time as I add new libraries there is still some confusion regarding proper syntax in my Houdini.env file (Ubuntu) 1st question When if ever should path definitions be enclosed in quotes? 2nd question What is the proper separator to use in linux a colon or semi-colon? 3rd question What is the purpose of ;& at the end of a line and is it necessary? Here is my complete current houdini.env file. I am using 4 3rrd party libraries, MOPs, Redshift, QLIB and ytini HOUDINI_DSO_ERROR = 2 PATH = "/home/jim/yt-conda/bin:/usr/redshift/bin:$PATH" HOUDINI_PATH = "/home/jim/yt-conda/bin:/usr/redshift/redshift4houdini/17.0.352;&" MOPS = /home/jim/houdini17.0/MOPS MOTL = $MOPS/otls QLIB="/usr/qlib" QOTL=$QLIB/otls # (linux) HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH = $MOTL:$QOTL/base:$QOTL/future:$QOTL/experimental:@/otls HOUDINI_GALLERY_PATH = $QLIB/gallery:@/gallery HOUDINI_TOOLBAR_PATH = $MOPS/toolbar:$QLIB/toolbar:@/toolbar HOUDINI_SCRIPT_PATH = $QLIB/scripts:@/scripts
  8. Randomly rotate textures in VEX

    Hi, Trying to randomly rotate a texture in VEX. Say for instance I have the following vector temp_color = texture(<string reference to texture map>,....); How do I randomly rotate this texture?
  9. Using custom Python modules

    Thanks! used the install script. Are you on Linux? I am fairly confident ytini is installed correctly.... but Houdini doesn’t seem to recognize the path I have set... trying to troubleshoot in the Houdini Python shell but not a Python guru. For instance the instructions suggest doing an import yt but isn’t import only for modules? I've tried every possible permutation if setting PATH and even trying to set PYTHONPATH
  10. Using custom Python modules

    Thanks. >>> import sys >>> sys.path.append("/home/jim/yt-conda/bin") And then type >>>import yt Still get an error:( ImportError: No module named yt even though yt IS in my bin folder. Something strange is happening.
  11. Using custom Python modules

    Thanks! Couple other noob questions In the Python Shell what is the difference between os.environ['PATH'] and sys.path ? And if you type os.environ['PYTHONPATH'] What should it return? (assuming you haven't altered PYTHONPATH)
  12. Using custom Python modules

    Hi Is anyone aware of any good beginners tutorials on using custom Python modules with Houdini? Have been trying now for days to get ytini http://www.ytini.com/getstarted.html working in Ubuntu, but whatever I try always end up getting 'module not found' when I do an >import yt in the Python shell.
  13. Hi Can anyone tell me if the following syntax is correct (on Ubuntu)? I'm prepending my PATH variable then launching houdini The problem is when I run it, houdini DOES launch but I'm seeing a lot of missing package errors even though they definitely ARE installed in the bin directory defined in the above PATH. ie
  14. Hi Trying to get ytini running on Linux(Ubuntu) http://www.ytini.com/getstarted.html I need to convert the following 2 scripts so they work on Linux instead of Mac OS. The first is an addition to .bash_profile alias houdini_setup='dirold=$(pwd); cd /Applications/Houdini/Houdini16.0.557/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/16.0.557/Resources; source houdini_setup; cd $dirold' The 2nd is an alias to run Houdini from the command line with "houdini_run": alias houdini_run='pathold=$PATH; PATH=/Users/jillnaiman1/yt-conda/bin:/Users/jillnaiman1/yt-conda/sbin:/Applications/Houdini/Houdini16.0.557/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/16.0.557/Resources/houdini:/Applications/Houdini/Houdini16.0.557/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/16.0.557/Resources/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin/; /Applications/Houdini/Houdini16.0.557/Houdini\ Apprentice\ 16.0.557.app/Contents/MacOS/happrentice; PATH=$pathold' Can anyone help? I've tried the following and houdini launches but I get a lot of grep not found errors!
  15. Adding Python paths to Houdini on launch [Ubuntu]

    Thanks! Still no luck however. Would I need to add the ytini PYTHONPATH to my houdini.env or my global variables in /etc/environment ? ie I tried both options yet still no luck when I open a Python shell and do an import yt. Is the issue perhaps that I have to launch houdini from the command line and pass appropriate path values? http://www.ytini.com/getstarted.html The instructions are for Mac OSX so unclear how to make this work in linux. Any feedback appreciated, as have spent several hours now trying to get this to work! In order to make yt available I have to always manually enter the following in a Python Shell >>> import sys >>> sys.path.append("/home/jim/ytini/yt-conda/bin/yt")