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  1. Hi Did a quick google search but couldn't find anything. Anyone know how to modify the default New Project template? Where is this file located on Linux?
  2. Particle Dancer

    Part of a series exploring mocap. Wish I knew a way to reduce Vimeo's yucky compression artifacts. Not even close to the quality of the uploaded file.
  3. Thanks Atom. Apparently though that is not my issue. Extras is already installed :(. Also think I found the issue The output path If you define a subdirectory that doesn't exist I think you will get the same error.
  4. Hi Currently running H Indie 16.5.439 on Ubuntu 18.04. One recurring issue I am having is the inability to export video (MPEG-4) from Mplay , irregardless of what output settings or video dimensions I choose. I always seem to get an error related to ffmpeg like the attached image. First I see a warning "Please use q:a or q:v, q:scale is ambiguous" and then I get a NULL followed by "Unable to find suitable output format for Should I report this a bug, or is it more likely something wrong with my ffmpeg installation?
  5. Hi When it comes to caching your simulation one thing I've never fully understood is the difference between using the Cache tab + .sim on the actual DOP network vs using a File Cache or ROP Output Driver node further down your network. Are both methods mutually exclusive or is there a reason you might use both caching mechanisms?
  6. Hi Am getting this annoying pop up warning every time I save my scene. Opening the Asset Manager doesn't offer any further clues as to which OTL is the issue. Anyone else deal with this?
  7. Hi Have a simple DOP network for emitting particles from a mesh source. Right now when I add a gravity force the particles emit even when the mesh emitter is not moving. How can I modify this, perhaps with a VEXpression, so that gravity only affects the particles when the emitter is moving?
  8. Hi Any Blender users successfully able to export a blender FBX with materials, textures, and import with those materials into Houdini? What specific FBX export, import settings do you use? Using default export import settings, my Blender materials don't seem to make it into Houdini:(
  9. What's the latest Houdini + RS versions people are successfully running? For me it's Hindie 16.5.439 + RS 2.6.12 (built for Hindie 16.5.268). Any more recent production or daily build of Hindie doesn't launch on my setup (Ubuntu 18.04 + Nvidia TitanV GPU) and any more recent RS version simply won't render. Get strange results in RS Renderview especially.
  10. Hi I've attempted to add simple mesh pants and top to an animated human mesh using simple parenting but at some points the 'clothes' intercept the surface mesh of the body. The 2 attached pics make the problem clear. Near the shoulders on the top and the waist area on the shorts. Without creating a full blown cloth simulation, what would be the easiest way to correct this?
  11. HeyAtom

    What are you doing for clothing when using the ManuelBastioni Blender addon?


    1. Atom


      Nothing, I gave up on it for now. I went back to Make Human and pulled down the large variety of clothing posted by users.

    2. art3mis



      ok thanks. I spent a day trying to create some simple clothes (top + shorts) for my MBastioni rig, which seemed to work until I started animating it.

      Hopefully the author will include clothing in the next update as it is a planned and much requested feature.

  12. Moving leaves on a branch

    Hi Trying to create realistic movement of leaves on a swaying branch. The leaves need to bend according to 1 - their velocity and 2 - any surrounding wind force I know I need some sort of constraint(glue??) were the leaves attach to the branch. Other than that would appreciate some input. Are there any tutorials or reference .hip files that would get me started?
  13. VFXToolbox?

    Hi Anyone know what happened to VFXToolbox.com? I see it is no longer available. There is an hda, Filebatch, I am trying to download
  14. Hi I came across this older tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPupRqb58FE And I know you use the mcbiovision utility to convert to cmd and bclip files, but having problems running it There are 2 files, an mcbiovision script and a mcbiovision-bin binary. If I try simply double clicking the binary a terminal window opens for a fraction of a second, then closes. If instead I try running the script with $ sudo sh ./mcbiovision inputfile.bvh output I get errors ./mcbiovision: 14: ./mcbiovision: source: not found ./mcbiovision-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libjemalloc.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory