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  1. Hi When using the 'Emit Particle Fluid' Shelf Tool it creates a new DOP Network and then a new SOP network that you use for meshing and rendering. Even though I have several File Cache SOPs inside this new SOP network and also cache my SIM I find I am constantly cooking. Should I also be caching the DOP network itself using a File Cache SOP? What about the 'Cache Simulation' and 'Allow Caching To Disk' options on the actual DOP Network SOP? When should these be used? Also any difference in the .sim in the DOP network Output SOP vs .bgeo.sc used by a File Cache SOP?
  2. My RTX 2080 experience

    Just a heads up for anyone with a hardware setup similar to mine. Asus Extreme X399 and AMD Threadripper. And also plan on mixing new RTX with older cards. You might be spending a lot of time fiddling with your hardware trying to make everything work properly! I have a TitanV which has been rock solid on my box for over a year in both Windows and Ubuntu (its dual boot). But spent half the weekend trying to get a 2nd RTX2080 running nicely in my setup. 1st kept getting a Code OE error without posting which I finally resolved by swapping card PCIE slots. Then was getting a Bad TLP followed by a Bad DLLP repeated error after getting past Ubuntu's grub menu. I grabbed the latest RTX compatible Nvidia driver 411.xx and booted into Windows to resolve this. Then when benchmarking experienced random power shutdown more than once. Was able to successfully reboot after waiting a minute or so but just added to my frustration. I am guessing these issues are related to my BIOS, the X399 is fairly new and may still have a few bugs and compatibility issues with new hardware. But have decided to return and save my pennies towards a 2nd TitanV. YMMV. Also consider watercooling these guys or having really good fans, they get quite warm! (The baseplate on my TitanV feels just warm to the touch under load, the baseplate on the 2080 feels well...hot!!) I will probably revisit RTX technology again in a year when the next gen cards come out.
  3. Playing with fluids. When simulating 'room scale' water and other liquids are there any suggested starting points for both viscosity and stick on collision values? Or is it simply a matter of trial and error to see what 'looks right'?
  4. Hi Need some clarification as I have a RTX card and want to do some gpu rendering benchmarking ASAP. The latest Nvidia driver with RTX support for Linux is Version: 410.57 Release Date: 2018.9.19 Operating System: Linux 64-bit https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/138279/en-us 2 questions - Anyone know if I need this latest driver for the RTX card to even work? - Will latest Houdini work yet ( ie not crash) with this driver?
  5. Vex in Houdini course

    Hi Am considering this rather expensive course https://www.cgmasteracademy.com/courses/15-vex-in-houdini Confused by the instructor though as it lists Johannes Ricther with lectures by Shawn Lipowski Can anyone possibly recommend? Also, what is the difference between cgmasteracademy and cgsociety as I see the identical course on both sites?
  6. General question about voxels. Lets say you have a piece of test geometry, maybe the pigs head, then an IsoOffset SOP with Uniform Sampling Divs set to 200. That would give you a little over 6.3 million voxels. Now you want to use that as a source in a Smoke sim, so inside a DopNet you throw down a Smoke Solver and set the Smoke Object source to the IsoOffset. How do you know how many voxels (Division Size) to set on your Smoke Object? Would you try and match the number of your source voxels, or is it more a visual thing, checking the Scene view to see what looks 'right'?
  7. Cinematic haze, smoke effects

    Hi Trying to create dynamic haze and smoke effects similar to this After effects plugin, but at render time, NOT in post. Is it simply a matter of creating and caching a smoke sim, and then rendering as a volume?
  8. Interesting debate on the democratization of tools and current state of the VFX industry https://www.fxguide.com/thevfxshow/vfxshow237-mission-impossible-fallout/
  9. Any thoughts on the newly formed Academy Software Foundation announced at SIGGRAPH? https://www.aswf.io/community/
  10. SIGGRAPH Keynote

    Really like what Rob Bredow, head of ILM, says about creativity and how he was inspired to create an explosion 'that has never been seen before' by watching a slo-mo brothers experiment on youtube (at 29:00) https://youtu.be/kUoIbP1l9yA?t=1728
  11. Hi Can anyone tell me if there is any difference between using the Lock Flag on a File SOP vs using a Stash SOP? Do they do the same thing (ie include any linked resources as part of the .hip)?