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  1. Shader to offset UVs before alembic export

    Thanks for the feedback! I considered passing an attribute index along with each crowd agent however what I don't understand is how to access the mesh of individual crowd agents inside the alembic once it has been imported inside Unreal. Won't this be necessary to accomplish what you are describing? AFAIK Unreal just looks at the alembic (in my case comprised of 50 crowd agents) as a single object when imported as Geometry Cache? That's why I reasoned the material variation has to be done via offset UVs in Houdini on each crowd agent before it gets rendered out as alembic. I'm probably missing something...
  2. Successfully exporting a small crowd using the stadium shelf tool into Unreal. The problem is I only get a single character material or texture atlas applied to ALL 50 crowd agents in the alembic. In Houdini there are 9 different texture atlases randomly applied. Since inside Unreal you lose access to the individual crowd agents, my thinking is that the correct solution is the following. For 9 material variations represented by 9 different texture atlases I would create one 3x3 master texture containing all 9 variations Then I would need to somehow create a shader that will randomly offset the UVs for each character BEFORE they get rendered as an alembic. Can anyone help with this?
  3. Stadium crowds in Unreal - missing materials

    answering my own question.The textures are embedded in the .hda for this asset.
  4. View contents of .HDA

    How do you view the contents of any of the built in otls located here? C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 18.5.351\houdini\otls I'm simply trying to locate the texture maps for the casual character in the Crowds Shelf Tool. I assume they are embedded in one of these .hdas.
  5. Any crowd experts here? Struggling to simply get the materials used for the shelf tool stadium characters into Unreal. Not concerned with material variations created with the fancy cvex. Just need the texture maps for head, hands, shirt, pants, shoes. I've dug into the various Material networks but cannot seem to find actual texture references. This is simply for a internal demo to test alembic performance in UE.
  6. Exporting Point Cloud from mesh

    Normally the goal with Point Clouds is how do you create a mesh? My challenge is the opposite. Given a mesh, what is the best option for creating a point cloud that retains the color attributes of the mesh material, with the goal of exporting the Point Cloud in one of the many popular Point Cloud formats (.ply, .fits, .xyz, .pts, .csv)?
  7. Solver Time Scale vs Retime SOP

    Can anyone explain the pros and cons of using the new Retime SOP vs adjusting Time Scale on the solver when you want to slow down a vellum cloth simulation?
  8. Vellum cloth and frequency

    Any Vellum experts? Spent the entire day trying to get a desired cloth simulation. What I am after is a simulation that has variety and randomness in the 'frequency' of the waves or ripples. Something you might see in a very large billowing sail. Unfortunately there is no 'frequency' parameter I can find. I've tried playing with subdivisions, turbulence, roughness, pulse length, etc. I am using a single POP Wind force. Attached are my settings and results so far. If I could some how combine the attached result with random, higher frequency waves or ripples that would be ideal. cloth.mp4
  9. Collision and Pyro Solver

    Any pyro experts? I have a Smoke Trail sim I'm happy with but can't seem to get it to collide with my ground (extruded grid converted to vdb). Based on the attached can anyone suggest what might be wrong with my collision workflow? I'm simply merging the vdb ground plane into the 2nd input of my Pyro Solver.
  10. New Smoke Trail Shelf tool

    Thank you!!
  11. New Smoke Trail Shelf tool

    Hi guys As you can see I'm struggling with simply getting smooth consistent output from the new Smoke Trail shelf tool Up against a timeline to create some game assets. Could any smoke and pyro experts possibly chime in? Really need just a simple working example with a smoke trail off a moving object. demo_smokeTrail_shelfTool.mp4
  12. Dust effect - car on a dirt road

    Hi guys. For a current project I am trying to create a realistic dust trail to be used in Unreal for a cinematic. Think car on a dirt road. 2 references Was thinking the best approach would be to actually simulate it and create a flipbook. To create this quite specific smoke-dust type effect are there any good tutorials for me to watch or actual .hips for me to deconstruct?
  13. Texture Sheets ROP sample file

    Thanks . Finally got it working. Yes I should be using the new Mosaic TOP. Next project!
  14. Texture Sheets ROP sample file

    Would anyone by chance have a simple setup .hip using a Labs Texture Sheet ROP for rendering a flipbook of simulated smoke? Spent half a day now and can't get anything to render. Any feedback appreciated!
  15. Settings for Volume Texture ROP

    Has anyone used the Volume texture ROP (Labs ROP Volume Texture) for outputting 2d sprite sheets for use in Unreal? I'm trying to create animated 2D texture cards of clouds using a Procedural Smoke SOP. For one thing even at the simplest settings of 1 slice 1 image per line and 512x512 resolution Houdini hangs on render. What are some suggested settings for what I am trying to accomplish? Any feedback appreciated!