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  1. PDG Mutagen

    Anyone successfully install the PDG Mutagen shelf tool? https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/pdg-mutagen-toolset-walkthrough/ If you're using PDG in a production environment is it useful? Any issues?
  2. Trying without much luck to recreate the video wedging mosaic demoed by Scott Keating here https://www.sidefx.com/products/pdg/ For some peculiar reason the video is not directly linkable and there is no .hip file but it is halfway down the page in the AUTOMATE section, Wedging video. I am trying to create the TOPs node graph in the attached but not sure what all the nodes are. In the left column green box of course is a ROP geometry output , and in the right column red box there are 5 nodes. #1 is ROP Fetch I think, #s 4 and 5 are Wait For All and I think FFMPEG Encode Video respectively. But what are numbers 2 and 3 in the right column, Generate_Contact_Sheet Wait_for_Entire_Sequence ? Also anyone know of a working example of TOPs based video mosaic for simulations?
  3. Hi Having a huge headache simply trying to install this shelf tool for PDG wedging. https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/pdg-mutagen-toolset-walkthrough/ At first it seemed to install correctly, could load the shelf tool and see the icons but when trying to load the python panel got a Non-ASCII character '\xc3' error. So tried adding #coding=utf-8 to the top of the file. Also mistakenly rightclicked the shelf tool and chose "Delete Shelf Tab" However now I cannot even add the pdg mutagen shelf tool back! It no longer exists in the drop down when I click the + icon and choose "Shelves". Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong?
  4. When creating and caching out subsets on a simulation is it also necessary to change your Global Animation Options? ie if your subsets are 4, disabling 'Integer frame Values' in Global Animation Options and setting Step to .25.
  5. Limit total smoke

    Thanks for the feedback!
  6. Limit total smoke

    What is the best way of limiting the total amount of smoke emitted after some time has elapsed? Unlike particles you can’t simply cap the amount at a certain count.
  7. Fantastic! Thanks for this. So in the visualization would it be correct to say that the collision vdb is advecting the velocity field of the smoke object? One thing I am unclear about in Volume Source is how to visualize the 'collisionvel' Target Field? Simply omitting this field and leaving only collision has no effect.
  8. Hi Have been working on a simulation now for a couple weeks but still unclear about the best method to obtain collision between fast moving geometry and smoke. Think fast moving fan or turbine. For the moment disregard how fast this geometry is moving to displace the smoke(rotation) which I know requires lots of substeps. How should I bring my SDF collision geometry(rotating fan) into my DOP? 1- Source Volume set to Collision or 2- Static Object + Static Solver In the attached you can see I am using the latter method. Not sure if my settings are correct. For the former method, Source Volume Collision, most people use the last input on your Pyrosolver although in one Peter Quint video I see he uses the 3rd velocity input on the solver.
  9. Cached VDBs glitch

    Thanks. Appreciate feedback. Most likely something really dumb I am missing like Dop node pathing. When I find error will share.
  10. Cached VDBs glitch

    Getting a repeating error with cached vdbs. See here I've tried removing substeps , closing and reopening Houdini to re sim. Still getting this. Anyone have a clue what might be happening?
  11. Does anyone know if its possible to make the HScript fit expression work so that the mapping from newmin to newmax is not linear, but rather curve like? Ideally I'm trying to make the progression from newmin to newmax be more S-like than a straight linear relationship. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/expressions/fit.html
  12. I figure maybe I'm missing out on a great feature since up till now I rarely resort to using .sim files when caching out simulations. Instead mostly use .bgeo.sc and .vdb for vdb files. Does anyone else regularly use .sim files for caching? If so, could you describe your caching workflow in some detail?
  13. So am using the Partition SOP to create Primitive Groups from 2 Tube primitives. Thanks Victor! Then using a Fluid Source SOP to create my volumes. My question is there some way to store these primitive groups so that each voxel stores a reference to its (tube) origin? emitter2.hiplc
  14. Trying to convert my Houdini volumes to VDB before caching to disk. In my network after dopIO I have a VDB vector Merge followed by a Convert VDB. Should I not only see 3 volumes on the VDB vector Merge node >density, vel, temperature? Right now I see 5 density, vel.x, vel.y, vel.z, temperature.
  15. Trying to do something which i think should be simple. I am trying to simply apply a different primitive Group attribute to each instance of a geometry in a CopyToPoints SOP. In the attached I have 2 tubes. Each should have a different group attribute. Is this possible? emitter.hiplc
  16. Caching VDB's - reducing size

    Excellent! Thanks.
  17. Caching VDB's - reducing size

    A question regarding the caching of VDB's from a smoke simulation. Currently see well over 160 million vel voxels when I load some cached vdbs from a sim. That combined with 5 substeps necessary in my simulation is choking my Threadripper, simulation times are simply too long. Since all I really need are density voxels (and optionally temperature or heat) for rendering, does it make sense to delete these vel voxels just before caching?
  18. Any smoke and pyro experts able to tell me what causes the visible diagonal banding in smoke simulations? My voxel resolution I am sure is good enough at .007, but what else can be the issue? https://vimeo.com/372197831/f1302925bf
  19. Ok first, yes I KNOW that Fluid Source is deprecated but I am working on an older project and want to get working properly. I've checked many set ups, and referenced the documentation but puzzled as to why I cannot sometimes visualize density or velocity at the SOP level from my Fluid Source. Can anyone have a look at the attached .hip and tell me what I am missing? fluid_source-temp.hiplc
  20. After a lot of testing have a simulation that mostly works. The collision and velocity forces from the rotating fan are correctly advecting the smoke. However, what is missing is any actual 'wind' force coming from the fan. As the fan rotation increases, there should be a visibly increasing force driving the smoke perpendicular to the fans rotation. Although my actual fan rotation is probably wrong, the video should make this clear. Also attached my solver setup. Using velocity on both the velocity (3rd input) of my solver as well as a smaller amount post solve. Can anyone suggest what I am missing?
  21. Trying to optimize my simulation times for a smoke simulation. 2 questions. Question 1 On the Smoke Object node there is an option for 'Closed Boundaries' Do these boundaries act more like walls or like windows, that is, if enabled, is the simulation INSIDE the boundaries in any way affected (like walls) or by setting boundaries are you simply optimizing your sim by clamping how far your fields will have any effect? Question 2 I'm using a GasResizeFluidDynamic node to optimize my simulation(reduce sim times). Max bounds is set to 'Clamp to maximum and Initialization Static. Am I correct in assuming optimization is the main purpose for this node and are my settings optimal? In the documentation it says "The Gas Resize Fluid Dynamic DOP is a microsolver used in building larger fluid simulations." So for 'room scale' simulations, does it offer any advantage? Appreciate any feedback. have spent a few weeks now deep diving thru tutorials and master classes on microsolvers but still lots to learn!