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  1. Keynote at Siggraph Expensive new hardware. Recently invested in a Titan V gpu so no plans for new toys but..:) There was a long thread debating this over on Redshift's forum a while back I recall, but I need to ask ' Is realtime raytracing the future and will it ever replace offline rendering? At the very least in the short term it should hasten the trend towards GPU based renderers and rendering in the VFX industry.
  2. Vray for Houdini

    yeah as evident in this render test I just came across
  3. Vray for Houdini

    Just signed up for the beta. The more render options the better! What are some of the pros of Vray over Mantra?
  4. Are there any general guidelines when using takes or wedges to do your lighting tests? For instance there is overall lighting balance, color, attenuation if doing volumetrics, etc etc. And of course noise reduction. Lets assume a simple 3 light setup, key, fill and ambient or environment light. Should you first do tests isolating each light? I think its an important topic for lighting novices that needs more discussion...
  5. Installing MOPs [linux] issue

    Yep.. BTW MOPs random rotate works perfectly
  6. Having a problem simply getting MOPs installed correctly...problem with my houdini.env? (linux) CACHE = "/media/jim/Houdini_swap"
  7. I have a .hip with a dozen or more imported FBX files, each with several 4K Texture maps. I'm experiencing repeated application hangs requiring a force quit, usually but not always, when my Redshift Render view is open and running. I was just wondering if its possible the size of my Texture maps could be the issue? Does Texture map size in any way negatively impact application load, simulation, comping or rendering time? Or another way of asking the same question, given the identical Texture map in 256, 1K or 4K size, is there any reason you wouldn't ALWAYS use the 4k size?
  8. Hi Purchased some assets off Evermotion.org and after importing FBX files I see the materials only have a Diffuse texture. What 3rd party or online utility is recommended for creating my Normal map from the Diffuse?
  9. Grid with round corners?

    Thanks guys. Certainly no shortage of options! Also discovered a round cornered rec SOP in the qLib library!
  10. I'm sure I will kick myself once figured out but puzzled how to simply get rounded edges on a grid. Polybevel doesn't seem to work Anyone?
  11. Trying to use Polywire SOP with a line and a Carve SOP so that the radius of the line is different along its length. However any changes to the Wire Radius in Polywire always affect the entire line length. Is there any way to accomplish this?
  12. Polywire SOP.. non uniform line radius possible?

    Hey thanks!!
  13. Fusion vs Nuke

    Like many others want to be comfortable using 3rd party apps for basic comp work, zdepth passes etc. Yes Nuke is the standard and there is a free NC version but its incredibly crippled! Only useful for learning which I think is The Foundry's goal. Considering purchasing Fusion Studio since I would need plugin support. For under $400 still seems like a great deal and I hate the idea of renting software (bought Modo just before Foundry went subscription based...arrrghh). Has anyone used both Nuke and Fusion and can share the pros and cons of each? How transferable is Fusion knowledge to Nuke? Thanks
  14. Natron vs...

    A Houdini novice I'm just getting started exploring the world of compositing. Have any Houdini users reading this tried Natron? Other than being free, was wondering what advantages it has, besides cost, over Maya and Houdini for compositing?
  15. Hi Trying to get up to speed in basic color workflows in going from Houdini to Nuke. When outputting AOV's and .exr sequences from Houdini, how is color space and gamma handled? My understanding is limited to the understanding that you always want to work in linear space when comping or creating VFX. And most footage is supplied in log format. Beyond that, I'm clueless. Can anyone point me to some straightforward articles or tutorials? Thanks.
  16. Natron vs...

    Revisiting an old thread. Kind of surprised there isn't more mentions of Natron. Deep compositing is coming in next release but the greatest feature for me is price. Yes Nuke NC is free, but SO crippled as to make it useful only for learning. And learning Natron is essentially learning Nuke.
  17. ACEs color space

    Can anyone recommend some good resources for understanding ACEs and color space in regards to workflows with Houdini?
  18. Fusion vs Nuke

    Op. amm thanks for bringing natron to my attention. Haven't looked at it for a while. Its a no brainer for me now. #1 reason investment of time to fully master any new software. Although seriously considering Fusion (a huge fan of Davinci Resolve) learning Natron is essentially learning Nuke. Like many others wonder how they can essentially make a Nuke clone?
  19. Fusion vs Nuke

    Thanks. But what if you want to use Open FX plugins like Frishluft Lenscare?
  20. Understanding VEXpression

    Thanks! Certainly seems convoluted if all we need to do is randomly switch between 1 & 2 ?
  21. Understanding VEXpression

    Can any VEXpression experts help me understand the following used in an Attribute Create node. Its from a .hip that demos light instancing. What exactly does the following return? /obj/light`int(fit01(rand($PT+1541)*2,1,2))`
  22. Simply converting Point attributes

  23. Simply converting Point attributes

    How would you simply convert 1 Point attribute to another? I have a float Point attribute called mask in a wire object. I simply want pscale to equal this mask value. I'm using VOPs but guessing some type of VEX or VEXpression is necessary?
  24. Hi For a personal project I want to simulate tiny glowing neon or led lights.(think christmas lights) Another way of asking the same question, how would you make a light visible? Although using Redshift, the actual technique I imagine would be render agnostic.
  25. Get, set, length of wire via VEX

    Trying to simulate a field of grass with wind. Using wires for each blade of grass. Problem is they elongate slightly when bending. How would you get, set the length of an individual wire via VEX?