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  1. Bitmap Voxel 3D Printing

    Thank you! @konstantin magnus @Librarian i just wanted to share this app and extension which i found yesterday and can be useful for you both maybe. Here you go: https://download.slicer.org and https://github.com/SlicerFab/SlicerFab Will post some results asap, cheers! F
  2. Bitmap Voxel 3D Printing

    @konstantin magnus @Librarian One last thingy for now; any creative ideas on how to turn your greyscale bitmap images into multicolour files? I guess UV's right? Thx! Fred
  3. Bitmap Voxel 3D Printing

    @Librarian yeah, sure just gimme some time. Will do! @konstantin magnus that's a great link and file. Will explore and thanks a million for getting me started with this!! Thx! F
  4. Hi guys, Does anybody here on the forum can point me out towards voxel-printing topic related threads on the forum, if any? Secundo; are there any folks out here with some experience on the subject? For those unfamiliar yet interested in the subject; https://www.media.mit.edu/projects/making-data-matter/overview/ A few noob questions regarding voxel-printing in houdini: can you import a stack of png/bmp files in Houdini and create a voxel geometry? can you import, let's say an stl file, and export it as stack of png/bmp files? Final question; Is there anybody out there interested to collaborate on such a Houdini setup? Thanks for looking into it, cheers! Fred
  5. meshing fractals

    Amazing work! Congrats! Just starting with Houdini. Any chance you have a Hipnc lingering around that noobs could reverse engineer for learning purposes? Thanks for the consideration, cheers! Fred