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  1. HOUDINI_PATHMAP problem on Mantra node

    We are having similar problem. We are using a mixed environment with Win10 workstations and a linux rendernode. It seems like the HOUDINI_PATHMAP doesn't pick up all paths even when using fullpaths instead of $JOB or $HIP Thinkbox Deadline support even suggested never using $JOB, according to them its not affected by HOUDINI_PATHMAP. It would be great to know how to work with pathmapping in mixed environments in a streamlined way. Using fullpaths on all nodes isn't really a clean thing. Do we need a pre-submission script to get this to run?
  2. Smoke dissipates when collide with object

    Awesome, i just came over this today, and finally my stuff isn't bleeding throught he collision volume anymore. Is there anything to watch out for when using this microsolver? cheers This was before adding the microsolver: and with the ms (and some tweaks on the visualisation):