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  1. I do not use Houdini for long but I have feeling that very good knowledge of Math is important. I had highschool math and I do use Maya for 6 years. I know how to work with vectors and such but I do not know much about advanced mathematics as linear algebra. First I did think that my math knowlege is good enough for Houdini but sometimes I do not understand how solution works. In questions in OdForce Forum I got great help and solutions and I tried hard to understand it. I understand principle of method but not math in code. Is there website or online resourse where I can learn this? How long does it take to know enough math to understand advanced algorithms? Or is it overall not so important to know and should I not worry much about it? (Sorry for my English! I hope you do understand what I mean!?)
  2. Make Curve In VEX

    How can I make curve in VEX? In Documentation I found spline function but I do not understand how to use. I would like to make smooth blend-curve between many lines. Thanks!
  3. Find nearest point once

    Thank you all for reply! @petz This way works very good, thank you!
  4. I want connect points from one surface to points on second surface with line. I know I can use nearpoint in VEX to find point but what is best way to avoid find same point twice? Thank you in advance!
  5. Find nearest point once

    Thank you very much but I am not shure how this works. Can you maybe show example? Thanks!
  6. I have 3D scanned Model and need to measure distance between two points on Mesh. In Documentation I found suflen function but it is only for Nurbs. What ist best method to do same on polygon mesh? Thanks!
  7. Surface Curvature

    @petzThank you very much. File is work perfect!
  8. I have 3D scanned Model to work in Houdini. I use Meshlab for make smooth form and find Curvature. If I want do it only in Houdini I can use Smooth Sop but Curvature is problem because Measure Sop give very wrong result. If I use method from this post from Petz - http://forums.odforce.net/topic/26380-vdb-curvature-flow/?do=findComment&comment=152998 - it works good but only if surface is closed. It is not work right on open surface because it use VDB. Is there better way to find curvature direct for Surface as in Meshlab? Thanks!
  9. I have curve from external Software and I must cut it at very special position. Is there a method how I can find point that is 90 degrees to given plane? I did add Tangent to curve with polyframe SOP but how to find special position? Thank you in advance!
  10. Thank you Petz! This work perfect for me!
  11. Make Curve In VEX

    Thank you very much Konstantin and Petz! Your method work perfect!
  12. Thank you eetu! I think you are right but how to find exact Position?
  13. Hi everybody, I´m Igor a long time lurker but first time poster here on OdForce I´d like to ask what is best way to calculate curvature flow in volume. I searched the docs and found VDBAnalysis with curvature option but how can I calculate other curvature type like Vectorfield follows curvature? Thanks for any idea!
  14. How can I make wires in Node Graph Window make look like in old Houdini like in Picture? Is it possible in Houdini 16? Thanks!
  15. Wire in Node Graph

    Thank you Noobini, that was it!
  16. wrapping geo like Wrap3

    This is very very good File! Thank you Petz. I did not know it is possible with Houdini.
  17. Flow lines

    Is it possible to make something like Picture in Houdini? Must I use DOP or Particles for simulation? Thank you!
  18. Flow lines

    @petz Thank you very much! This is very great Method and exatly what I needed!
  19. Flow lines

    @Atom Thank you Atom! I will have look at your link. @Gavin Thank you Gavin! I think you are right. It is similar to magnetic vector field. Will look at blog you mentioned.
  20. Advanced Math for Houdini

    Thank you eetu and petz! @eetu I did search for Texture Synthesis and found it very informative but i do not know how to translate it to Houdini . Do you have good link or advice where to start? @petz I did first think it is possible to deform mesh as you did in example to get texture follow Vector field. I did not know how complex it is. To much Divergence, Curl, Poisson I do not understand. Thanks again!
  21. Advanced Math for Houdini

    Thank you! I do not understand method but it does sound very complex I try to understand after more reading in math book
  22. Advanced Math for Houdini

    Thank you for answer! What I want to ask is method to match direction of texture uv to direction of random vector field. Can we not deform surface with same method as contour line visualisation to set uv to follow vector?
  23. Advanced Math for Houdini

    @petz In your File you orient uv.y to direction of Gradient for visualisation. Can we orient uv and texture to Vectorfield? Thanks!
  24. Advanced Math for Houdini

    Thank you very much Petz! File is very good to help me understand Gradient better.
  25. Advanced Math for Houdini

    @petz Can you please check File because it has Problem with download! Thank you!