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  1. Hello, Waterproof Studios is looking for a few good Houdini FX Artists/TDs for a full CG (photo-realistic) feature focusing on heavy destruction and pyro. Please have a look at the jobs board here: http://waterproofstudios.com/jobs.html or just send your resume and demo reel to: jobs@waterproofstudios.com Thanks, --Carlos
  2. enjoying one of those cool/gloomy summers ;)

  3. my new clip

    Hey Chang, Do you have these up anywhere? They are no longer loading up. Would like to check them out
  4. Sparks Check it out and please dont laugh at me...

    Hey Ashraf The link does not work anymore to this... can you repost? I'd like to check it out --Carlos
  5. Interface Colors

    Hi There, VisualParadigms will defenately be back up after new years I've got plenty of vacation coming up - in which I plan to chill at home in Vancouver and work on getting the site back up with some goodies Meanwhile, here is the DiscreetDark theme. It's not updated for 7.0 so you may get some errors (ignore those), will fix that in the next version. Cheers, --Carlos HoudiniDiscreetDark.zip
  6. l-system question

    It's a monday Thanks guys ... will work on this
  7. l-system question

    Well, it's cool that you can overide.. but what is the syntax? I mean, "F(i=0.1)" or something like that.... ie, "F" is full length forward, "H" is half the length forward... what if I want 1/3 of th length forward? ... or maybe even control the precise length with one of the sliders ie "( b )" etc..
  8. l-system question

    Can length be sepecified as to how far "F"orward you want to go?
  9. Proximity Goodness

    How about killing particles (slowly) that stray too far on their own?
  10. hmmm....

    not if I can help it! Or can I? :|
  11. How to use a downloaded VEX

    Hi Brain, I've put together a mini step by step written tutorial on this: http://www.visualparadigms.com/houdini/for...wtopic.php?t=10 It's actually been up there for a while now --Carlos
  12. Digital Domain is hiring!

    Before anyone jumps on you and strangles you.... This would depend on your experience, and field. And this is probably NOT the first question you want to ask. Though I am not sure how DD works in this regard. Most likely DD works in this manner as well. Cheers, --Carlos
  13. Who misses PRISMS?

    Yes, I knew about this one and you're right, it is better then nothing I like VIM Very very useful and once you get the hang of it, it's actually quite a really powerful editor. True, I didn't about this.... but it does bring me to another point however... Spline curves.... more functionality in these would be really welcomed. For example: -being able to fuse splines together (boolean/cookie) -better point control : Bezier, Bezier Corner, Smooth, Corner I've used Max for working with splines and I do miss that functionality in Houdini very much. --Carlos
  14. Who misses PRISMS?

    It would be nice if we could use something other then creating actual geometry and then converting those to icons! Like a vector drawing program. Icon smith looks horrible to use! And I would probably use it since there is nothing else that will make houdini icons (besides making actual geometry and then converting it) but it's only available on Irix. If there is a windows or linux based drawing program I would be happy to give it a shot making some new icons Oh, I've put up 5 houdini UI themes for download. Before Marco made his PRISMS theme, I had no idea that Houdini could be customized this way besides making desktops! (though they could always allow for even more customization).... SOOO.... I went a little crazy and made a few Again, thanks for the inspiration Marco Anyhow, they are available over here If anyone is interested Cheers, --Carlos
  15. Newest LOTR Character

    NOW THIS..., I cracks me up!! Whahahaha Cheers, --Carlos