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  1. I'm still a bit confused, I've tried to create the same desired effect with your scene and I still get the same issues. I don't understand why creating glue constraints between the two objects using rbdconstraintsfromrules disables the simulation. If you're able to show me a simpler setup I'd be so grateful, It seems using constraints on fractured or single objects is straightforward but anything outside of that never wants to work. I've got my head around most of this but its driving me crazy that I still haven't found a way to how to take this fractured sphere and glue it to the animated cube while maintaining the original constraint setup. geo-2.hipnc
  2. RBD And Glue - 17.5

    Still having a lot of trouble understanding the RBD / Constraints system fully. If anyone could help me out with this it'd be great. I've got a sphere set up with some soft constraints and a cube, one is inactive and one is active. I just want to be able to glue the sphere to the animated cube while still respecting the constraints all ready applied to the sphere. Nothing I'm trying seems to work. I've attached a quick scene file, if anyone could point me in the right direction with this it'd be hugely appreciated. RBD-Glue.hip
  3. This is sort of what I've tried but It doesn't seem to be working. I've attached a quick example hip file. I'm sure I'm probably just missing a few details or maybe doing something in the wrong order. Just can't figure out whats wrong, I'm trying to drag the fractured sphere using a glue constraint connected to the cube. geo-1.hipnc
  4. Really having trouble with this / understanding the new workflow. If I have a fractured sphere and a static box what is the correct way to create glue constraints between each object and have them work with the new sop level solver? Seems like I am only able to create constraints that work by breaking objects. What if I just want to glue two shapes together? Any help will be hugely appreciated.
  5. Distance between points on a line

    Thanks! Thats exactly what I needed.
  6. I'm currently trying to calculate distance between points along a line, I'm sure this is simple but I cant quite figure out how to do this. If I have two points, 0 and 1 I know that you can use this vex function to get the distance between them: vector p1 = point(0,'P',0); vector p2 = point(0,'P',1); @distance = distance(p1,p2); What I'm trying to figure out is how can I use this to get the distance between each point on a line of say 50 points. Is there a way I can iterate this function along all the points? Any other solutions welcome of course!