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  1. Thank you, LaidlawFX! I'l try to find someone to recompile it)
  2. Is the anyone who uses Houdini Engine with 3Ds Max? I tried to use it with Houdini 16.0.557 and 3Ds Max 16 SP3 and SP4, but there was an error message "HoudiniEngineFor3dsMax2016.dlo> failed to initialize." Error code 127 - The specified procedure could not be found ". I reinstalled Houdini few times, checked PATH environment variable - there was no results. After there I installed Houdini 15.0 and Houdini 15.5 - and error disappeared (and in Plug-in Manager appeared HoudiniEngineFor3dsMax2016), but when I tried to create HoudiniEngine Mesh Plugin 3ds Max just crashes. Could you help me please?
  3. Hi everyone! I created custom parameters in my SOP (rand_size, rand_rotate etc), and also I added a toggle switcher for these group of parameters. I can hide my parameters by adding {toggle ==1} into Disable When space. But if I switched on the toggle, my parameters still work. Is it possible to disable parameter so it will use default parameter?
  4. Thank you, Holycause! This is exactly what I searched!
  5. I badly explained what I want,sory( Here is what I meant: I have vectors variable which have numbers in theirs names (x1,x2,x3 etc). And I have an integer variable/variables (i = 1,2,3 etc.). So my goal is to call the vector variable in a loop: for (int i =1; i<4; i++){ vector y = set(x`i`) - here I want Houdini commits this expression like "set(x1)" and value of x1 should assained to y.
  6. Hello! In Attribute Wrangle I did: vector x = {1,2,3}; int i = 1; vector y = set(x1); // this makes @y={1,2,3} Can I did it in other way to get the same result?: vector y = set(x); // here x should became x1
  7. Thank you, Sepu! But I didn't find (or my English didn't allow me to catch it) how to get access to earlier created points.
  8. Hello! Sory for my English I'm trying create geometry with AttribWrangle node in Detail mode. I use addpoint, addvertex and addprim nodes. When I created some points how could I get access to them into the node? For example, I created point pnt0 = {0,0,0,}. And now I want to create point pnt1 which is close to pnt0: int X = 3; int pnt0 = addpoint(0, set(0,0,0)); int pnt1 = addpoint(0, set()); - and here I want to get position of the first point and add X to each coordinates. Is it possible?
  9. Hello! I've faced a problem with fur and alembic mesh. I made pack of fur nodes to alembic animation (mammoth walking). Then I tryed to change my alembic file to second one which uses the same mesh (mammoth idle). But my fur had broken( How can I fix it?
  10. Hello! When I added image to history in Render View and then restarted Houdini or my file, my images history are disappearing. Is it possible in Houdini to save image history?
  11. Thank you! Haven't noticed the checkbox)
  12. Hello! When I used textures Houdini had replaced numbers in the texture's name to something like ${F}. So my texture map depends on the frame) That exactly isn't what I want. Could you help me?
  13. Thank you! It is what I'm looking for!
  14. Hello! How could I set a parameter as a link of another node local variable? I need to set a length of my line equal to a sphere's $YMIN. Maybe there is a better way to do it?
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