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  1. Pyro microsolvers question

    I am trying to create an effect that changes the color of some geometry when the pyro smoke hits it. I have been looking into microsolvers like gas collision detect and gas impact to attribute. I would like to learn how to hook those into the network. I would also appreciate suggestions if I am headed in the wrong direction. Thank you
  2. Constraint Grains to Animation (targetP ?)

    I found this post very helpful in figuring out the grain dancer question. I just needed some help finding where to apply animation to have force go to the grains. I think I understand the use of the point deform node, but I'm putting it in the wrong place. Here is what I have been working on. Please help Thank you, grainExp3.hip
  3. Wind Tunnel

    Thanks for the response. I am in the process of checking it out. Having some problems with the file. What version did you make it in?
  4. Wind Tunnel

    I am on a project to make a wind tunnel. I have the pyro stream pretty good. What I am trying to add is some measurements from the simulation. Is there a way to measure the velocity at certain points in the simulation? Or something that I have no idea about is that if there is a good way to measure it, how do I display it? Thank you for some help
  5. I've been looking all over the place to find a way to make my particles have an up vector perpendicular to the normal it is on. I have the particles flowing around a sphere. I have seen many solutions for this type of thing, but I'm too new to implement this for my situation. Thank you for the help. particlesFlow.hip