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  1. Render Smoke Question

    Sorry to keep pushing. I looked into the density setting. First I am not sure which of the many density attributes to work with. Next Im not sure if it is the density because I changed some shading attributes and the viewport looks more dense, but the render remains the same. Thank you for you help.
  2. Render Smoke Question

    Sorry for the long time to reply. Thank you for the reply. Here are pictures of what I am talking about in the first post. Thanks for the help.
  3. Render Smoke Question

    This might be a strange question. I have been learning about rendering the smoke. I went through some basic tutorials to get a final render in mantra. The main one I followed was about transferring the attributes from the viewport shader settings to a mantra shader. I managed to get a good result in one file as far as a good opacity and subtlety. The problem is that if I try to recreate the look in another file I can't find the key attribute or setting I tweaked. Here is the file I had luck with. Maybe someone with a little more experience might be able to help? Thanks, renderBase.hip
  4. Pyro microsolvers question

    I am trying to create an effect that changes the color of some geometry when the pyro smoke hits it. I have been looking into microsolvers like gas collision detect and gas impact to attribute. I would like to learn how to hook those into the network. I would also appreciate suggestions if I am headed in the wrong direction. Thank you
  5. Constraint Grains to Animation (targetP ?)

    I found this post very helpful in figuring out the grain dancer question. I just needed some help finding where to apply animation to have force go to the grains. I think I understand the use of the point deform node, but I'm putting it in the wrong place. Here is what I have been working on. Please help Thank you, grainExp3.hip
  6. Wind Tunnel

    Thanks for the response. I am in the process of checking it out. Having some problems with the file. What version did you make it in?
  7. Wind Tunnel

    I am on a project to make a wind tunnel. I have the pyro stream pretty good. What I am trying to add is some measurements from the simulation. Is there a way to measure the velocity at certain points in the simulation? Or something that I have no idea about is that if there is a good way to measure it, how do I display it? Thank you for some help
  8. I've been looking all over the place to find a way to make my particles have an up vector perpendicular to the normal it is on. I have the particles flowing around a sphere. I have seen many solutions for this type of thing, but I'm too new to implement this for my situation. Thank you for the help. particlesFlow.hip