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  1. Hi everyone, Can anyone figure out how to do this stuff? I have tried many different ways but cant get it achieve the similar result. Down below are my approach, didnt really get colliding and sort of stacking effect.
  2. wodH

    vex deform wave

    Hi there, Trying to deform a wave geo with a hand, it works on a sphere (sort of) but doesnt work with any other geo. what I am basically trying to do is to have hand coming out from a wave with one very same piece of geo, that is it. Thanks wave_hand_deform_help_v001.hipnc
  3. Thanks for the input guys! I am personally gona start trying some test with a simple geo, meanwhile it would be nice to see what you guys can share or come up with! Cheers, wodH
  4. Hi, Would like to know how this effect was being done, please throw some ideas or simple set up. this is the link: test_wave.hipnc
  5. I guess you can do it in a volume wrangle
  6. Hey Malf, Thanks for the reply, yeh.. if I find out what the purpose of using those I will let you know.
  7. Can someone tell me why often in time people will like to separate out density, temp, vel and merge it back in the smoke object in pyro ( under the initial data as: density SOP path, temp SOP path...ect) instead of that, we can put multiple source volume node to input different channel as well. What is the main different here? All I know is putting those SOP path makes it last longer in the sim, thinking like as if you want to have a shape of a box being evaporate then we will use that and if we are using any of the initial data we will most likely not wanting to put down the Source volume node where this is constantly pumping stuff into the sim. In addition, to do any of explosion sim, is the best not to put fuel data as any initial SOP path since those will stay quiet a while if you are sourcing the fuel on your Source Volume already. In render you will have a constant light area where is being burn even your explosion has already occured and about to finish. Please correct me if im wrong.
  8. Thanks for the reply, I will dig into that and play with some settings. Once again if I figured something out later on, I will post the result with explanation of it. thank you
  9. thank you for the reply, I will check those videos out right the way. Main concern was why those particles got pushed to one direction when my fluids wasnt going to that axis. If I figure out later on I will post the result with explanation. Thanks
  10. Hi there, First time trying to advect particle to my fluid source, however the particle seems to be pushed to certain direction. I have checked my velocity on my particle, dont seem to have any velocity pointing anywhere towards to where its going. Im pretty sure there are many other ways to advect it, this is the only way I come up with since I just started to use houdini, I have attached the file down below please sim a few frame of this pyro and to be able to check the particles. I have tried to name everything as clear as possible at the same time. Thank you guys in advance! particleAdvectionProblem.hip
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