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  1. Hi i have a question regarding narrow band in fluid sims: I am using an ocean source for my flip tank as source but how do I calculate the layer size in oceansource (thought its particleseperation*gridscale*narrowbandwidth) - because my fluid keeps dropping down when sim is running
  2. hotkey combined with ctrl

    hmm ok - then other way around: can I assign 2 different hotkeys for 2 different actions within one script? - and how? thank you
  3. hotkey combined with ctrl

    hi - while writing a python script i run into a problem: with kwargs['shiftclick'] I can recognize if a shelf tool was activated by clicking in combination with the ctrl key - so by clicking on it in the shelf tool but is there a way to recognize if the script was activated by ctrl and its HOTKEY? thank you for any information about that!
  4. Hi, i'm using an api whitch uses async and awake calls (i'm not that familiar with threading) - the problem is that these calls are stopping/blocking my whole houdini interface from working I'm connecting houdini with discord by import discord token = "xxxxxxxxxx" client = discord.Client() @client.event async def on_message(message): print(message.content) messages = await channel.history(limit=123).flatten() if message.content.find("hello") != -1: await message.channel.send("hi back") client.run(token) but this blocks my whole houdini application - the python script is running smoothly in the background (and works) Hope you can help me! - really desperate at the moment that this is not working if it i helps: discord api is using asyncio to work with threads
  5. ok this was simple - didnt know that the fbx export or unreal are fine if there is just a different shop path.... @davpe thanks for your help - helped me to ask the right question
  6. Hi i want to create/assign different (quick) materials in a for each loop - somehow it doesn't work out as expected -> each loop I create an object, in the labs quick material I name the material based on "iteration" of the meta tag but at the end the shop_materialpath is the same for every element - I guess that each loop the material gets assigned and in the next loop overwritten -> and this way all elements update their material path. What is the best way to handle this problem - the goal is to create procedural many materials for unreal ps: I also tried the same thing with copy stamp sop Thanks for help
  7. As i mentioned - the only goal is that unreal realizes that every grid created in the foreach loop uses a different material so... ... thats the reason this solution doesnt work too so the question is what parameters does unreal need to know that an object has a different material
  8. Hi, i checked all older threads but i still dont find a way to link houdinis python to my anaconda python environment in the houdini.env file I tried LD_PRELOAD ="/Users/userX/anaconda2/lib;&" LD_LIBRARY_PATH PATH didnt find the (in one thread mentioned) libpython2.7.so either using python 2.7.16 on mac os Thank you for your help!
  9. Hi i really have no clue whats going on - why does world transformation behave so differently -> file attached (actually my plan was to set a point to the position of a bone - by getting worldtransformation of the bone node - i pasted it on my world node - that worked but i have no idea why it didnt work out on a single point in a sop node) - file attached pointwtf.hiplc
  10. Hi i want to assign a global variable as path for a rop node with python - but the thing is that python translates $F to the current frame, and every other parameter... node_rop.parm('sopoutput').set("$JOB/render/$HIPNAME.$F.bgeo.sc") gets translatet to /Users/xxxx/Project/render/path.12.bgeo.sc in the rop network so how can i assign a $F to a textinput field with python thank you for help!
  11. Assign global variables with python

    still cant figure out the solution pythonRop.hiplc
  12. Assign global variables with python

    so node.parm('$F').rawValue() ? - looks strange cause its no parm of node - yes i mean in the UI of the rop
  13. Hi, i want to convert a polygonal line (created for test by scatter and add node) into a bezier curve with the freehand method -> all points are connected but the path in between is interpolated. (like if you draw a curve with the curve sop + bezier+freehand option) Is it possible to convert it? - i tried to add it into the curve soptoo but it doesnt change anything. Thank you for help, Phil
  14. Import keyframes from text file

    if the format is like this save the file as csv - and import it with the table import sop -> now you got these points as attributes, then i would check out this page http://wordpress.discretization.de/houdini/home/intermidiate/animation2/ + and merge the object with the keyframes with the object to animate
  15. For-Each Numbers Node Houdini 17

    if you want to stick to her workflow you can stick to her implementation - also of the vex code - just use detail() instead of stamping and the new setup in the foreach nodes - the major part stays the same
  16. For-Each Numbers Node Houdini 17

    I guess you are talking about the lake house tutorial. There are two things to consider when you setting up the foreach number node to get the same result: first you have to set the method in the foreach_begin node to fetch feedback - to get the last result as input. Second: Instead of the stamp expression you have to use detail expression to access the iteration attribute in ur metadata node: detail("../foreach_count", "iteration", 0) -> this way you get the "id" of every iteration Hope this helps
  17. skin mirrored polygons

    so simple - oh
  18. skin mirrored polygons

    Hi, there is maybe a simple solution for that but after google and houdini forum i found no solution: I mirrored polygons , gave them points ids and connected them in the add sop by attribute (why does the add node create just lines and no polygons - in the polygon tab?! ) - and when i want to skin them - to create a connected mesh i get crossed polygons instead of "caps" on the side. Where is the problem - or the right approach? - Thank You for your help!
  19. FBX export

    The only thing that comes to my mind is to export a json or txt file from houdini with all the points+rotations - and import via script in unity - this way you can add all kinds of attributes - but i guess there is a better option
  20. CloudFX to Pyro

    Hi i created an animated cloud with cloudfx and cloudnoise node. At a specific frame i want to switch to a pyro sim and use the exact same volume as a starting point/and source - to initiate an evolving cloud. (I applied on both the cloud material) Is it possible to append to the cloud the same resolution as the pyro sim and to have no glitches when playing the change from pure cloud sim to pyro sim. What do i have to consider - or what would be the workflow? Thank you for ur help testhip.hiplc
  21. Pop Attractor

    Hi, i want to use the pop attractor so that particles follow along a curve - but somehow they just start at the beginning at the source and go directly to the end of the curve - i resampled the curve and adjusted point attributes but it doesnt change anything. In the attachments you can find the file. Hope you can help me - Thank You attractCurve.hip ps: furthermore in the attractor of the old pop network i had much more possibilities of adjusting attributes: roughness, turublence frequency - where did these options go - or do i have to use a vop pop instead
  22. Pop Attractor

    thank you very much for ur answer!