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  1. Nothing that they appear to be willing to share (at least, not with non-commercial users and enthusiasts). If anyone knows of a non-SESI archive, or backed up many Houdini releases over the years: Please, let me know. I'd greatly appreciate it. There was someone who had one or more IA-64 versions. But, he moved to Australia for work and he realized he left his data at home in the USA.
  2. I'm still looking for it. Did anything show up in the meantime? Besides a maxed out rx2600 I've also acquired two rx2620s. Both with very recent dual dual-core, multi-threaded (hyperthreading), “Montecito” processors and with 24 GB RAM, two 10 Gbit ethernet adapters, 15K and 10K Ultra320 SCSI disks. One with a AMD/ATi Radeon HD5450 (PCI), so, a pretty interesting system for Houdini. (Both systems are normally used for VMS and, to a lesser degree, also a bit of HP-UX.)
  3. Recently I've acquired an Itanium 2 (IA-64) based HP system. I've installed Windows XP 64-bit edition on it, just to see how it works. I was wondering, is Houdini for IA-64 still archived somewhere? I'd love to try it out. Thanks in advance.
  4. MG

    I fear your private messages inbox is full! I can't reply my PM to you.

  5. That's great. I have an IBM-branded SpaceBall (RS-232) and a SpaceNavigator (USB). I've been asking for ages if 3Dconnexion could perhaps get support for Houdini, but each time I got very dissatisfying answers. I wanted to try to write my own support, via the HDK, but I never found the time to do so. I see this was done with Python, it's quite amazing what you can do with it. I'll try it out as soon as possible!
  6. I'm personally not a huge fan of the anim
  7. Looks nice, good job, but hardly original though (reminds me of Transformers).
  8. Sorry for the late answer! For some reason I didn't receive any e-mail notifcation. Believe it or not, it became my main 'workstation' if you will. I use it all the time. I've also gotten a fibre channel disk array with it, it's amazing and I've pledged to never use Windoze again unless I'm forced to. Unfortunately, I am forced to for university work, for that I use my Win.XP64 laptop (which is unfortunate enough not to be able to run Linux effectively, due to a lack of several very important kernel drivers; like for the LAN and WLAN adapters). As for actual purposes, I'm into a lot of compositing and editing (for which SGI is
  9. No problem, I've been very busy myself during these last few years. I've been working with Houdini all that time, only not very intensively (not as much as I'd like to). It's nice to see this forum still alive and well, and familiar people like yourself. The reason I asked you about IRIX is because not all too long ago I got my hands on a Tezro, and I definitely don't want to 'move on' and away from it yet! With a FC HDD-array and all, it's really nice. The kind of quality you will rarely find nowadays, even if the CPU speed isn't on par with the nowadays' faster/fastest x86 systems (the throughput is amazing). I'd say, the reason why Linux is so good and so successful is probably because it can look a lot like IRIX. But then, Linux only if you have a system that is hand-picked to work with the configuration (and drivers available for it). By the way, what kind of SGI system do/did you have? It's such a shame SGI gave up on its MIPS-powered IRIX line. Well till in 2007, studios have been using SGIs. It has only decreased since then, except for some fields (medical/scientific research [for MRI scanning, even O2s are still doing that nicely I heard recently], some post-production studios still have SGI-powered IFFFS suites to name a few things).
  10. Very nice DaJuice! By the way, still an IRIX user?
  11. MG


    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I'll try to contact SESI about it, I'll also post what I posted here on the SESI forum. I'm not sure if I should also ask for it on the mailing list, that might perhaps just be a bit overdoing it... I guess I'm quite eager (or rather desperate).
  12. That would be great! Thanks a ton for the offer, I really appreciate it. Once again, I can't stress it enough, what a fantastic community Houdini has. For a while I was afraid I was never going to see those versions again... Could you turn it into a torrent perhaps? Either way, whatever suits you best (whatever is the least trouble for you).
  13. Dear odforcians, It has been a while since I've dropped by. What a great forum this is, and has always been. I'll definitely try to become more active again, and make up for my idleness. I have a rather awkward sounding request, but it means a lot to me. Well, here goes: I've lost a HDD not awfully long ago, I kept all my Houdini installation packages on it. I maintained a database more or less. As for my request, does anyone still have Houdini 5.x and 5.5.x installers backed up somewhere? Perhaps to be uploaded or P2P'ed/torrent'ed somehow. Since I'd like to use some older versions. And, are IRIX versions also available? As I've purchased a SGI Tezro workstation not long ago and unfortunately there are no IRIX versions of Houdini up in the archive of SESI anymore... Thanks in advance!
  14. MG


    Is there any way to get Prisms? I've checked all over the net, on countless sites, including eBay. No luck whatsoever. For years I've been dying to try it out. Not long ago I've purchased a SGI Tezro workstation, and it'd be great if I could get a hold of it. I'd be willing to pay a good price for it too. I'm also intending to make a few tutorial DVDs, perhaps even a 'documentary' about SESI and their software and achievements. I've made an extensive tutorial DVD as a college assignment in the past, and they became very interested. It'd be great to show how early on Houdini had what a lot of software packages, like SOFTIMAGE|XSI only had since recent times. In the light of the whole Autodesk acquiring SOFTIMAGE, it'd be nice to extra boost Houdini's image and reputation, or rather to boost awareness.
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