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  1. Hey paul, i'm actually using the default setting in which sprites are being displayed. Going back to the question, is it possible to reduce the viewport particle count like in Krakatoa?
  2. Hey Houdini wizards! 1) As the title implies, how do i reduce the number of particles visible in the viewport. When i upres wet sand particles and with a low particle seperation, even after caching it, it literally uses 64GB of ram at 15M particles and crashes my pc?! So, how do i reduce it in the viewport? 2) Is there an easier way to view the number of particles or points in the scene apart from middle mouse clicking the various nodes? Thanks
  3. flip fluid vortex

    Hey guys, in regards to this video, he uses the "spline blend" node. Where is that in Houdini 15, 16?? When i press tab, spline blend does not come up.
  4. He doesn't go through the exact problem i'm having and the hip files set up is different
  5. Hey Chris, thanks for your help again! I don't want to derail this thread. Maybe you can reply directly on my thread Anyways, It's just a very simple scene. In H16, inside the small Ocean "ocean_surface" geometry node, i simply un-linked the the "grid" geo, and plugged in my mesh.bgeo. I just don't know how to output or save out the displacement map with this version because the nodes are different! I had no problems with H15 as i exported it using the "ocean_render" node. It would be awesome if you posted a simple HIP file with the basic settings. It's been racking my head for more than a week now. Sorry for being a noob Cheers
  6. Thanks for your reply. In houdini 16, i still cant seem to "bake" out the displacement maps as the nodes are different from the older version. I've tried all sorts of combinations to bake it out but to no avail. If you check out the other thread i started earlier, maybe you got a tip or two for me? http://forums.odforce.net/topic/32077-houdini-16-no-ocean-render-node-how-to-render-displacement/
  7. Hey, i'm also having displacement problems with H16. What's the purpose of save_spectra if you are going to bake the displacement map with the ocean preview node? And what about the fetch node? Do i source it from the ocean preview displacement node instead of spectra? It's giving me a blank render.
  8. Hello, Houdini wizards! In Houdini 16, I'm trying to merge my FLIP sim with the ocean surface, but i'm stuck with the workflow. It seems like in the newer version of houdini 16+, save_spectra has "replaced" "ocean render". With houdini 15, all you had to do was connect the core fluid to ocean preview AND ocean render, and then use the fetch node and point to the ocean render displacement location. However, in Houdini 16, due to the different nodes for the "small wave", i am experiencing lots of problems creating the displacement maps. My viewport which shows the FLIP sim and the ocean waves is completely different to my render window! 1) What i did was that i saved the output file in "Save spectra" node. 2) The fetch export node is already sourcing from save_spectra. 3) Mantra node connected to fetch export spectra. 4) Created and locked the camera to perspective view. Now when i render, its only rendering the small ocean waves, and completely ignores my FLIP sim. What am i doing wrong?? Can someone save me? Thanks!
  9. Skyscraper Destruction

    Thanks! But what's with the file? I keep receiving warnings and the scene is blank?
  10. Sorry, i'm new to houdini. In the "3ak packed" scene file, is it in the DOP network settings?
  11. Sorry, if i'm grave digging an old thread. I've been trying to figure out for the past hour or so. But, where exactly is that point attribute "active" on the packed object? I can't find it anywhere.