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  1. Procedural Robots

    Hey guys, Wanted to share a setup I made generate procedural robots, here are some renders: Will post some more tomorrow, drops automatic geo from one shape and obj model as silohuette Cheers!
  2. Thanks @Noobini just checked the thread, installing qLib right now since seems to be much faster, thank you!!
  3. Hey guys, I have a vellum setup in dops where I'm dropping gummies. So far, to replace vellum geo, I used a point deform, that worked when I had same mesh as input in vellum and point deform, but on Dops I'm emitting 1 gummie after 10 frames, so not sure how to approach this. I tried using this expression $FF%10==1 in the timeshift for the point deform, but isn't working since doesn't take all the other dop meshes. I also tried some stuff in a sop solver within Dops with no luck Any tip to get a original uv mesh in this kind of setup will be super helpful Thanks!
  4. Hey @ThomasPara thanks for sharing, checking the hip now to see how you made that swirly avoidance I'be been trying to figure out. @Atom those new setups look even cooler, thanks man! @Noobini had to read twice to get the joke , not my first language
  5. Hey @Librarian no worries, thanks for the help! @Atom these look great! will analize your hips now, thanks a lot for all the info! Cheers
  6. Hey guys, Thanks for the tips! @Librarian what version of houdini are you using? im on 17.5 and the pop network reads like a merge node (so cant see the anim), any thoughts? @vinyvince indeed! that was the plan B if I can get there, so draving some curves will be the best option for art directing, thanks! Cheers
  7. Hey magicians, I'm trying to figure out the best approach to make something like this, idea is having some lines that came from back and try to catch the airplane flowing around it with a nice flowy motion: So far I tried having some pop emitter at the back, and using attractor / collider to get the particles flow in that direction, with no luck. I also did some manual curves to use with curveforce but i'm trying to make it more procedural, avoiding manual curves. I also played a bit with find shortest path, wich is the closest, but wanted to make something in pops to get more flowy movement. Here are some frames of what I get with shortest path: Any thoughts or ideas will be super helpful, feeling stuck here. Thanks!
  8. Ring pyro burst

    Hey @3dome Thanks a lot for the tips! I was getting crazy playing with the density source and tweaking the custom velocity with no luck. Playing with these parameters now seem to fix that density artifact. Thanks guys!
  9. Ring pyro burst

    Hey @Atom Attaching hip file, would be super helpful if you take a look, been struggling with this for 2 hours. For the velocity, I did a curve, polyframe N > vel. Didn't use gas curve force. I tried some stuff like: Using negative sink as velocity with no luck. Adding more dissipation affects the overall smoke but not that density artifact Checked all fields separatedly to see if some weird stuff was staying there Adding more res to both container and vel particles with no luck, also tried taking off the gasresize Deleting particle source, playing with velocty modes and stopping density Thanks! ring_density_issue.hip
  10. Ring pyro burst

    Hey @Feather thanks for the advice, did that and i think is getting closer. Now I'm trying to figure out some weird density that doesnt follow the curve after the explosion Any thoughts on what can be causing this? @Atom thanks for the good ol' wiki help, gonna check that now. Cheers!
  11. Ring pyro burst

    Another idea was using a cross product on volume gradient to get the motion: But again not there, maybe a pop curve force with orbit? is this the proper way to go for an explosion like this? Cheers
  12. Ring pyro burst

    Hey guys, I have to make a pyro sim of a ring turning into a burst, and then follow a curve and get sucked. First thing I'm trying to discover is how to get the explosion following this reference: My first thought is having particles rotating and use that as density source with some disturbance and dissipation, on my first RD I used some particles exploding outwards but the result isnt there: Any ideas to get to the explosion on the reference? and if there are ideas for the next step > follow curve and dissolve on left, more than welcome. Thanks!
  13. Hey guys, I'm having some headaches with the new rig. Worked fine for the first 3 weeks but now I'm getting random errors (I asume are memory related). I'm working with 112gb ram because 1 slot is broken, I've heard having 7 in use and not all might cause performance issues, that I better work with the half slots at 64gb. Will run memtest86 and windows diagnostic (wich I ran before with success), but wanted to hear opinions about best way to troubleshot this. Thanks!
  14. Hey guys, I'm having some issues with a FLIP collision, seems my VDB collider boundaries are affecting the sim, anyone knows what can be causing this? I'm using static object + static solver with a proxy volume as collider. Thanks!