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  1. Still not UVs but getting closer!
  2. Hey @Atom thanks for the help. I ended up using the seed from the noise to drop a cluster and I was able to color some of the noise faces. Now I'm trying to split this for generating UVs (i think the blue lines on the first gifs are uv seams), any thoughts on how to get UV islands from color? Thanks!
  3. Slowly getting there, now trying to figure out how to color each face of the noise, any thoughts? Tried group by normals but doesnt work perfectly Thanks!
  4. Hey magicians, I'm burning my head trying to figure out the process to do this conversion: I asume VEX is a must? any thoughts would be helpful Thanks!
  5. Delete edges (Akira Saito)

    hey @Librarian any chance to get the hip from your gif? one question, is the inner part of each shape with good geometry? hard to tell with flat colors. Would love to check that hip if possible, studying master Akira file right now Thanks!
  6. Delete edges (Akira Saito)

    Thanks bro! I thought this was already online but coudln't find on Akira's twitter, thank you!!!
  7. Hi magicians, I'm having issues with TOPs on a client machine, and he asked me if we can have each TOP output (green dot) per frame, this will solve the issue and they will also set Deadline easily. That would be something like 1 green dot = frame 1 2 green dot = frame 2 What I tried so far is having a rop geometry cache for every OBJ, that gives me the geo itself per frame, but there are certain things like the HDRI dome that I'm controling per CSV TOP attribute to change .jpg background, that I can't set per frame There's any way to read each TOP result per frame? only way I can switch is clicking each green dot: and I need the variables changing per frame: Thanks!
  8. Hey magicians, I'm watching a presentation by master Akira Saito where he uses: 1) a sphere 2) mountain noise 3) vdb 4) remesh 5) clip and mirror but cant figure out how he delete edges and flatten (he uses his own tool) Here's the part of the presentation: Any thoughts? Thanks!
  9. After some more debugging I think is an issue between TOPs and redshift proxy load. When I send the render via "save to disk" works fine, but when I send via TOPs > ROP FETCH > WAIT FOR ALL it gives the error. When I have other geometry without the RS PROXY it sends fine from TOPs Any thoughts? Thanks!
  10. Hey magicians, anybody experienced this error with TOPs? "Work item ... as an expected output file, but it wasn't found when the item cooked". It works fine on my machine, but when I pack the scene (via archiveproject node) and run on my client farm, it shows this error. I did some troubleshooting and when the redshift proxy is off, it renders properly, any thoughts? Thanks!
  11. Hey magicians, Anybody used TOPs + Redshift + Deadline? is there any magic to do on the process, or should work like a regular houdini task on deadline? Haven't set up deadline in a while, but the client is rendering a TOPs + Redshift scene I made with 10.000 outputs, is there any specific thing to keep in mind? Thanks!
  12. Last question @Atom Got the extended CSV from your script working on tableimport. How can I drop those values in a switch? or use them to pick different geo? Thanks!
  13. Ah stupid me, works now, million thanks sensei @Atom!
  14. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!