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  1. Organic shape

    Whoaaaaa @vinyvince those look AMAZING! reminds me of master Akira Saito stuff, love it! @crispr_boi @vinyvince here are 2 setups I made on the robots: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12yuO8erudQjuRiMnjUVN4hGl8aBrDKOy/view https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YhByn2_jndpXJ3fNd9pgVo7Zkb_MSCtU/view?usp=sharing (this is older than above) Regarding the status, haven't play with it for a while, been burnt out with client stuff This is the latest stuff I did (quite old xD): Keep pushing that bot setup, love it! Cheers
  2. Organic shape

    Hey dude! sure thing, drop me your mail and I'll send you the hip! @Librarian always loved your stuff bro! @vinyvince great trick on those lines, love the result!
  3. Organic shape

    Hey @konstantin magnus these look amazing! Studying the hips now, thanks for all the help here as well as in your youtube channel, really appreciate it! Cheers
  4. Organic shape

    Hey Vicent! this looks super cool! I will give a shot (and ask for help if I struggle ) thanks for the tips! love that geo!
  5. Organic shape

    Perfect, will play with this method. Thank you Aizatulin!
  6. Organic shape

    Hey magicians, I'm trying to do this kind of shape, it was originally made with Gravity in VR so I assume it started as splines and then connected. My first approaches were remesh > poly reduce to get some triangle silohuette and then extruding > vdb But I cant get the defined lines, here are some of my tests: Any tips will be super helpful Thanks!
  7. Paper falling and curlying

    Hey @mestela this looks great! i was trying to work directly on a vellum sheet, and then I tried doing a 1 point wave with gravity in pops > add line > extrude, but it was lacking some organic paper feel. This is super helpful, you wizard! Thank you!
  8. Paper falling and curlying

    Hey magicians Been trying to do this curl paper anim with no luck. I dont know if is a spline extruded, or maybe actual vellum? Maybe is advected by a flip with high viscosity? Here's the anim: https://www.instagram.com/p/BsvkfqKnThG/?igshid=2bvgyel89813 Any thoughts? Thanks!
  9. Attach geo to alembic walking

    thanks for all the tips Anim, tried all of them, and the one that worked the best was an extract transform with some back points on the man itself instead of the cloth + a filter chop to smooth the walk, will post the short when I finish Thank you!!
  10. Attach geo to alembic walking

    Here's an example of the wiggle with extracttransform + transform pieces Y4aLvu4q2N.mp4
  11. Hey magicians, Been fighting with this for 2 days, I have a person + suit I did on Marvelous, and I want to attach some tubes on the back. Some people on facebook group suggested Rivet sop, as well as a tutorial with extracttransform + transformpieces, but I don't have luck. I also tried point deform but the geo distorts. When I tried Rivet on the cloth itself, it wiggles, I guess because of the folds moving, so I tried directly with the person inside, and works better, but still not good. I'm attaching some examples: This was the best result so far: T6a4mNQqS0.mp4 But gets fucked at the end: 2IwfUr3sMm.mp4 Any thoughts? Thanks!
  12. Connecting vellum wires to rbd (carousel)

    thanks for the tips @Librarian I would try that! I was using vellum because the wires on my ref got a slight bending:
  13. Hey magicians, I'm trying to attach vellum wires to an rbd but i'm having some issues, I can't get proper feedback on rotation and stuff, tried searching on the internet and seems more complicated than I thought. Attached is an example, any ideas or tutorials will be super helpful. Thanks! wGrZ5uUdX4.mp4
  14. Hey guys, Got an issue that's driving me crazy. I have a scene on my machine, that looks in a certain size, but when I try to send to an online farm or client machine, seems that the size/scale changed. My scene: When I send to the client / farm they see this: I got an fbx camera, I thought it was that, so I tried to using an alembic cam instead, same issue. I also tried converting the scaled geo (0.01) to 1, and issue is still there, not sure what can be causing this, if anybody got a idea of what can I try, will be super appreciated. Thanks
  15. Instances following curl noise?

    Where bro?