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  1. Pyro to Maya

    Hey magicians, What's the best pipeline to export pyro to maya? I'm working at houdini scale and I think maya scene is x1000 so I'm worried that the smoke probably will look bad. Any tips will be really appreciated Thanks!
  2. No worries, I added a facet with post compute normals and seems thats doing the trick, thanks!
  3. Thanks @fencer. I did a clean and unpacked before exporting. I set up the scene so the client runs the sim, and he's bringing the bgeo to .ass and sending to Maya. This is how is looking in houdini viewport And this is how is looking in Maya viewport Seems like a normal issue, I'll try to invert the normals to see if this fixes it, I'm not familiar with maya or Arnold, client just send me these screenshots Thanks
  4. Hey magicians, I have an RBD sim that when I export as bgeo looks fine, but when I export as alembic it goes crazy, the geo flies everywhere, anyone know what can be causing this? P.S: Also sometimes don't show in Arnold, I tried deleting "name" attribute and works, but not sure what is causing this, maybe because I have lots of dop networks? Thanks!
  5. Art directing fractures

    Damn Matt always saving me thanks for the info @fencer!
  6. Art directing fractures

    You are right! I remember watching a video tut from varomix explaining this i@active to control fractures, checking the hip now, thanks again! @Atom
  7. Art directing fractures

    Hey magicians, I'm wondering what will be the best way to art direct a fracturing for this shot? I'm thinking about getting Applied Houdini IV wich seems perfect, but meanwhile here are some thoughts: Separate the bridge in 2 parts, one for the foot hits and keyframe manually, and other for the rest shattered with dynamics, might look fake tho Using colliders/forces in certain zones to push the breaks towards the character Manually shatter with curves for the desired parts, add rbd and pray to god to match playing with seed Any thoughts? Thanks!
  8. Glue constraints, help please!

    Thanks @fencer! that example from the good old matt is great! Will check that, those static pieces were driving me nuts, thanks dude!
  9. Glue constraints, help please!

    Hey magicians, I'm getting crazy with rbd. I was requested to break a statue having "hits" like this gifs from independence day. I follow a tutorial from Applied Houdini, made constraints and stuff, but I can't get the parameters to work right, I got some better control results with voronoi fracture, but with booleans I'm having a hard time. I'm new to fracturing, I tried messing with the connect adjacent pieces, as well as glue amount. Anyone can give me some tips or direction to achieve this? Thanks!
  10. Hey @ejr32123 thanks for the tip! I ended up solving by adding a polyfill + polydoctor + boolean in union mode + boolean shatter Thanks dude!
  11. Hey magicians, I'm trying to do some shattering with booleans but I get the parts like paper, I played with facet, polycap, polydoctor nodes, as well as boolean shatter operation types with no luck. Only way I found to fill the mesh is going to zbrush and doing some stuff there, I've also tried converting to VDB, but ideally I would like to use the model as it is, since is provided by the client with all the UVs and stuff. Any ideas to solve this? Thanks!
  12. @ejr32123 good to know, thanks for the tip and the help! cheers!
  13. I think you are right, now I checked the source is super small, I was trying to match the client scene scale wich was a pain in the ass, I'm doing some tests making the stuff following a normal houdini scale, thanks for the help!!
  14. @ejr32123 that would be awesome, this thing is driving me crazy I'm about to resign and find another way to create the powder burst and advect it, what the client needs is that pyro sim I did but made of a bunch of particles. I deleted all the innecesary stuff on the scene and orgainzed a bit to avoid headaches, the sim starts at frame 258 P.S: Thanks for the advice on the dopnet, I tried that without luck haha don't know what else to try. Attached is the hip, will keep digging around this, thanks! powder_explode.hip
  15. @ejr32123 thanks for the help! I tried that without luck. I also did a test with a setup that always seems to work but for some reason (maybe the particles that drive the pyro are too fast), the emitter doesn't seem to follow the pyro, instead it goes in any direction all the sphere this is the setup