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  1. Large scale FLIP workflows

    You rock! digging into those threads now, btw just learned about whitewater, that stuff really increases the render thanks again dude! Cheers!
  2. Large scale FLIP workflows

    Hey @younglegend , thanks a lot for your tips! I agree, the more I dig into the shot, the more issues I found, its a tricky one, specially with the camera movement that is super close to the water/terrain. As for time, all the project is about 2 months, but there are 5 main scenes, this is one of them. Didn't thought about pumping vel from the waterfall into the river, that would be awesome, it should work the same as I have now in terms of results?, how should I import it? this are my thoughts, never did that before: 1) Load the sim cache 2) Made a sop solver within dops and use an attribute transfer there with vel? or inside the sop solver in dops, make a point vop to import vel from the other sim? will dig around that, I think I saw a tutorial about using custom velocities, sorry for the noobness Thanks for the thread too, checking now Cheers!
  3. Hello magicians, I'm working on a large scale FLIP scene and need some tips regarding to workflow. The main scene has 2 FLIP sims, 1 for a waterfall, and 1 for a river. On my current setup I made the river using narrow band, and the waterfall using a emitter, not sure if this is the best workflow in terms of speed and direction, the current setup looks like this (blue = waterfall / red = river) And here is a viewport sample Questions: 1) Is this the best approach for mixing a waterfall with a river? emitter + narrow band? 2) I saw in other post that some people breaks the geometry in equal modules and then put them together, should I break the river within 3 equal parts to save time and quality? 3) I readed that when you export particles, is useful to delete attributes that won't be used, I did a quick test with all attributes and 1 frame was 800mb, deleted some and took it to 200mb, is this a right approach? 4) For final meshing, should I create VDB / polygon soup and export passes in order to make detail stuff like foam? 5) Should I export particles in wedges? 6) There is a dop workflow to upres particle/flip mesh like "gasupres" within pyro? Would love to hear any tips regarding to large scale flip, will keep reading on the forum in the meantime Thanks!
  4. Flip river question

    Mas claro que el agua! me quedo tranquilo sabiendo que no era tan sencillo de resolver al menos para mi que primera vez que uso este metodo. Ahora entiendo porque los metodos que intente funcionaban tan mal. Gracias de nuevo, me salvaste en el trabajo hoy. Saludos!
  5. Flip river question

    Hey Alexandro! Thanks a ton for the hip, works like a charm, you just saved my delivery today. I went inside the flip, took my a while to find the pop group and sop solver Quick question, whats the "noSeed" pop group for? is that for transfering Cd only on first frame? like using a switch with $F == 1? Also, is this different than adding a sop solver on post solve (input4) fromflipsolver? Gracias de nuevo compadre Cheers!
  6. Hey magicians, I'm working on a flip river wich I need to have color attribute, followed H16 Flip Masterclass and get there, but then I tried to add color in several ways but I can't get it working. I tried adding a sop solver to dops with attribute transfer, but the color didnt worked on the motion. Also tried making source volume with points from volume with uv texture but velocity gets weird. Working river without CD Cd particles with weird velocity Any tips on how to fix this? attaching a hip. Thanks in advance flip_issue.hip
  7. Stairs between two floors?

    @konstantin magnus master! I've tried the polyframe N trick, but didn't know about the N.y to 0, handy new trick learned, thanks a lot dude!
  8. Stairs between two floors?

    Hey magicians, I'm getting crazy with this, I'm trying to create some stairs between 2 floors on this house Some stuff I tried: - Creating stairs with a duplicate node transformed 45 degrees from a point and with a expression to rotate 90 degrees, issue is that some of them appear going to any direction and the floors dont connect because of distance - Connect adjacent pieces gave me some lines wich I resampled and created copy boxes around then, but looked weird too - Add sop between some points, but also looked weird I think I have to measure floor distances and generate a 45 degrees line from there and make the stairs go between certain directions, thing is I don't know how, my vex knowledge is pretty limited @f1480187 if you are around would love to hear your opinion. Thanks in advance
  9. Hey magicians, quick question about parameter interface. How can I make a submenu appear when I select something? right now is pretty rough, I made a switch (roof type) and then subfolders, would like to show each sub-folder when the type is selected, any tips? Or even better, in Roof Type have a Dropdown menu with roof names and when you select one, the settings appear, is too complex? Thanks!
  10. Vdb grups?

    Hey @catchyid thanks for your reply, I tried both, making one mesh and making them individual with different names. Dave Stewart on facebook group was kind enough to provide 2 sample files that works, I'll drop them here in case is useful for anyone. Credits to Dave Stewart for the help! Cheers! growth_hip_for_offset_DStewart_ByVolAttrib.hiplc growth_hip_for_offset_DStewart.hiplc
  11. Vdb grups?

    Hey magicians, I have a setup that make some blobs growth, but I need them to growth in a different speed each one, I tried making groups out of vdbs to control each one by time offset with no luck, also tried playing with different vdb names. Any tip on how can I affect the speed of each blob separatedly? Plan B will be making each vdb growth separatedly and then play with vdb combine, not sure if I'll get the same effect but will give a shot. Here is a sample gif and file to illustrate my issue Thanks in advance! growth_hip_for_offset.hip
  12. Hair effect? (flow/er)

    No clues on how to approach this?
  13. Hair effect? (flow/er)

    Hey magicians, I'm trying to study an effect I saw on flow/er by Lukas Vojir: Here are my thoughts about it: 1) Make curl trails and convert them to hair somehow to get that movement? or wires? 2) Create simple flip with curl noise and advect trails? So far I run some tests, I can get a similar result in static, but I cant give that movement, it is possible to convert advected trails to hair/wires to get that? or there is another better approach? Thanks in advance Cheers!
  14. Hey leroy, This tutorial might come in handy Cheers!
  15. Bevel limit?

    Hey magicians, I wonder if there's a bevel limit function inside Houdini? Thank you!