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  1. Attach geo to alembic walking

    thanks for all the tips Anim, tried all of them, and the one that worked the best was an extract transform with some back points on the man itself instead of the cloth + a filter chop to smooth the walk, will post the short when I finish Thank you!!
  2. Attach geo to alembic walking

    Here's an example of the wiggle with extracttransform + transform pieces Y4aLvu4q2N.mp4
  3. Hey magicians, Been fighting with this for 2 days, I have a person + suit I did on Marvelous, and I want to attach some tubes on the back. Some people on facebook group suggested Rivet sop, as well as a tutorial with extracttransform + transformpieces, but I don't have luck. I also tried point deform but the geo distorts. When I tried Rivet on the cloth itself, it wiggles, I guess because of the folds moving, so I tried directly with the person inside, and works better, but still not good. I'm attaching some examples: This was the best result so far: T6a4mNQqS0.mp4 But gets fucked at the end: 2IwfUr3sMm.mp4 Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Connecting vellum wires to rbd (carousel)

    thanks for the tips @Librarian I would try that! I was using vellum because the wires on my ref got a slight bending:
  5. Hey magicians, I'm trying to attach vellum wires to an rbd but i'm having some issues, I can't get proper feedback on rotation and stuff, tried searching on the internet and seems more complicated than I thought. Attached is an example, any ideas or tutorials will be super helpful. Thanks! wGrZ5uUdX4.mp4
  6. Hey guys, Got an issue that's driving me crazy. I have a scene on my machine, that looks in a certain size, but when I try to send to an online farm or client machine, seems that the size/scale changed. My scene: When I send to the client / farm they see this: I got an fbx camera, I thought it was that, so I tried to using an alembic cam instead, same issue. I also tried converting the scaled geo (0.01) to 1, and issue is still there, not sure what can be causing this, if anybody got a idea of what can I try, will be super appreciated. Thanks
  7. Instances following curl noise?

    Where bro?
  8. Instances following curl noise?

    Hey magicians, Anybody got a clue on how to achieve something like this? first thought is some flip with curl and instance geo, but did some tests with no luck. 4WEj4HDysF.mp4 Thanks!
  9. Paint splash via heightfields?

    Thanks guys! @Atom @Librarian I saw that post by konstantin, love the result, but I was wondering more about that splatter animation he has, like brushes of paint falling, I tried with heightfield + projecting shapes + mask by features + blur within a solver, but didn't get there. Maybe doing some particle + copy shapes falling and converting that into vdb will do the trick. Cheers!
  10. Paint splash via heightfields?

    Hey guys, Been trying to wrap my head to do this cool effect by Fernando Magalhães for Future Deluxe, asked him thinking it was flip, but he told me it was heightfields, any thoughts? Here are some failed attemps I did: Any info would be great! Thanks!
  11. Caskal Learning Thread

    Thanks dude! That A was made with some curl noise on a spline triangled mesh, then I merged frames in a sop solver to get the steps. Cheers!
  12. Vellum hair issue on moving geo

    Hey @Noobini thanks for the hip! didn't know that usefull group expression for pin, will come in handy to avoid that foreach trick. After some research, found that guidedeform did the trick, otherwise hairs went crazy. Cheers!
  13. Vellum hair issue on moving geo

    Hey magicians, I'm having some issues adding vellum hair to a moving geo. I tried using hair generate, and a for each loop to pin point 0, but for any reason the hairs go crazy. Simulated mesh also has static points (used point deform), so not sure what is causing this. I also tried scattering points on the animated mesh, but hairgen doesn't work when I select "per point", is this a bug in 18.0.416? I have normals on the points, but nothing appear. I believe I solved similar before using hairgen on scattered points. I also selected "match animation", when is not selected, hairs fall correctly, but when I try to make follow the moving points, constraints seems to go crazy: Any thoughts? Thanks!
  14. thanks guys @Librarian @konstantin magnus that oil effect looks great! checking the hip now, thanks for the help!
  15. Hey guys, I'm watching this talk by Will McNeil, he created a great oil painting setup that I'm trying to study it. He made clusters from a image, then traced and made lines inside, I'm struggling in this step, to get the trails inside the contour: Here's his talk if anyone want to checkout: Any help to get these contour lines inside will be super helpful Thanks!