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  1. Bro recien leo esto, si mal no recuerdo al final lo hice en marvelous xD
  2. Kinda figured out by placing 3 geometries with different vel directions and transfering that (points), then vol rasterize attribs. I know is not ideal, would love to known the "proper" or the more "vdb analysis" way to make it work Thanks!
  3. Hey magicians, I'm trying to build a velocity field to advect some VDBs from a shape to another, main Issue im having is that on the center, the velocity is too light, tried multiplying but stills cuts at some point, here are some images to illustrate: Any help would be great! Thank you!
  4. Thanks for the tips guys! @madebygeoff @ryew Will try to get some additional tags as well as take off the fragile components. I tried putting in the carry on but the case didn't fit, that would be ideal. Preparing the PC today, bought a lot of foam / bubble wrap / instapak and stuff, crossing fingers! Thanks!!
  5. Hey guys, I'm moving to LA (from Argentina) in 10 days. Idea is to ship the entire PC in the luggare, I know they throw everything without carrying, but I have a few ideas to protect it. PC SPECS: Case itself ended up being a bit small, but my brother did some magic to make everything work, been working with this for 3 years and works perfectly. Thats one of the reasons I don't want to ship everything separatedly (also I know 0 about doing this stuff myself from scratch). My initial thoughts were: Taking of from the case: RAM GPUs SSD AND REGULAR DISKS POWER SUPPLY (mostly to win weight on the luggage) But since the 2080Ti Hybrid come with integrated cooler, and it was a bit of a nightmare to make it work, he recommended flying with them within the case, taking off from the mother slot and seal it so it doesnt move to avoid breaking any hose from the coolers. Here's a pic of my PC (ignore the dust ) And here are some protective elements: These bags in the middle "Instapak" acts like a airbag, you activate some chemicals and expands, idea is to put inside the CASE to make everything stick firm. Lastly, here's the CPU in the luggage: Any thoughts, tips or recommendations are more than welcome! Thank you!
  6. Hey guys, I'm trying to create some interesting water patterns, found an thread here on odforce: I was able to generate the curve forces, but I'm failing on getting it work, here are some pics / videos: Tried using the top as emiter: As well as a base volume with the curves as velocity: What I'm specifically trying to achieve is this: https://www.instagram.com/p/CYhbUD4vQ6F/ I think this helicopter field is a good starting point to then advect either flip or particles Thanks! 2jjMavtRwT.mp4 oZHHP24oEc.mp4
  7. Thanks for the tips guys! I'll remove the important parts and take with me, then cover the case with foam/bubble plastic and clothes, crossing fingers!
  8. Hey guys, I'm moving to US in a couple months, and I'm wondering what would be the best way to take my computer, first thing I thought is using some styrofoam / cloth to cover th case, and drop it in a suitcase, probably taking off the GPUs, processor and RAM to be safer. Idea is to travel every 3 or 6 months, so trying to figure out the best way to handle my machine, any thoughts? I also thought about getting a good laptop, but never worked with laptops before and I know they will never be as potent as a desktop machine. My pc specs (gonna change soon, but want to take it to US for the first months) AMD Threadripper 2990wx 128 GB Ram 2 GeForce GTX 2080Ti Hybrid Also got a 34 curved monitor, but probably better to leave this at my country and buy a new one there. Any tips / thoughts will be super helpful Thank you!
  9. Hey @Atom thanks for the help. I ended up using the seed from the noise to drop a cluster and I was able to color some of the noise faces. Now I'm trying to split this for generating UVs (i think the blue lines on the first gifs are uv seams), any thoughts on how to get UV islands from color? Thanks!
  10. Slowly getting there, now trying to figure out how to color each face of the noise, any thoughts? Tried group by normals but doesnt work perfectly Thanks!
  11. Hey magicians, I'm burning my head trying to figure out the process to do this conversion: I asume VEX is a must? any thoughts would be helpful Thanks!
  12. hey @Librarian any chance to get the hip from your gif? one question, is the inner part of each shape with good geometry? hard to tell with flat colors. Would love to check that hip if possible, studying master Akira file right now Thanks!
  13. Thanks bro! I thought this was already online but coudln't find on Akira's twitter, thank you!!!
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