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  1. Hi Magicians, I'm trying to solve an issue, need to get Yeti grooming on Houdini, but seems Yeti only export guides as curves, not the full grooming. Tried with the curves as input for houdini grooming guides, but I can't get the exact result so far, so wondering if anybody knows a pipeline for this. Saw Vray for houdini got a node for importing yeti caches, but I'm on redshift. Thank you!
  2. Hey buddy! @vinyvince Thanks for the match function, will give that a go! Regarding the background color I ended making a if/else on a wrangle and "I think" I got it, gotta test it on the setup xD Of course! feel free to drop me a line with any questions, this particular project is for a client, but I'll do mine after this, like you, for a break of clients! All those hard surface experiments on your linked in look AMAZING! already told you, love your progress and all those stuff you are working on! keep going my friend Cheers!
  3. Hey @eikonoklastes! Thanks a lot for taking the time to make this file, appreciate it a lot! I'm downloading now for some studying, interesting to have this for loops option. I also been learning about TOPs and gotta say I love it! so I have 2 of 3 questions solved, last one I'm trying to figure out is "avoid black hat with black background", a friend told me about using ids or strings to compare, im not good at vex but will read about, if any good soul can post a example of this I will be super helpful. Thank you!
  4. Hey @Fenolis thanks for the tips! 1. I was doing something similar with the modulo, but started to learn PDG/TOPS and I think it will be much easier! 2. Haven't thought about the "has hat" parameter, that might be handy, I think splitting the TOP in 100 + 9900 is the easiest way to go, thanks! 3. A friend told me about conditioners with id or strings to compare, don't know too much about VEX but will dig around that. If somebody knows a way to solve point 3 in PDG would love to hear it! Thanks!
  5. Hi magicians, I'm developing a system that needs to output 10.000 different characters. I will have some different character poses as imputs, as well as some assets (hats, glasses, etc). I made a quick setup to test it, where I mainly use switchs and expressions: This kinda works for small amounts, but I need to figure certain things that would love to hear any thoughts on how to achieve them: 1) With my switch/expression setup, I have random outputs, but how can I define that none of them will be equal? 2) How can I set the setup, to be able to export "only 100 over 10.000 of them with hats" 3) How can I avoid (I guess if/else but im not good at vex) for example: If we have a brown hat, don't output a brown background. Thank you! Cheers
  6. Point deform did the trick!
  7. Hey magicians, Is there any way to adapt external fur guides to another geometry? attached is a pic explaining what I need to do. One method that could work is animate the 2 shapes with blend shapes? but I'm trying to avoid animation since I need to generate thousands of these. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  8. Organic shape

    Hey dude, gave you access, let me know if that worked. ahaha you made me laugh buddy! your latest stuff is looking great! keep going!!
  9. Organic shape

    Whoaaaaa @vinyvince those look AMAZING! reminds me of master Akira Saito stuff, love it! @crispr_boi @vinyvince here are 2 setups I made on the robots: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12yuO8erudQjuRiMnjUVN4hGl8aBrDKOy/view https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YhByn2_jndpXJ3fNd9pgVo7Zkb_MSCtU/view?usp=sharing (this is older than above) Regarding the status, haven't play with it for a while, been burnt out with client stuff This is the latest stuff I did (quite old xD): Keep pushing that bot setup, love it! Cheers
  10. Organic shape

    Hey dude! sure thing, drop me your mail and I'll send you the hip! @Librarian always loved your stuff bro! @vinyvince great trick on those lines, love the result!
  11. Organic shape

    Hey @konstantin magnus these look amazing! Studying the hips now, thanks for all the help here as well as in your youtube channel, really appreciate it! Cheers
  12. Organic shape

    Hey Vicent! this looks super cool! I will give a shot (and ask for help if I struggle ) thanks for the tips! love that geo!
  13. Organic shape

    Perfect, will play with this method. Thank you Aizatulin!
  14. Organic shape

    Hey magicians, I'm trying to do this kind of shape, it was originally made with Gravity in VR so I assume it started as splines and then connected. My first approaches were remesh > poly reduce to get some triangle silohuette and then extruding > vdb But I cant get the defined lines, here are some of my tests: Any tips will be super helpful Thanks!
  15. Paper falling and curlying

    Hey @mestela this looks great! i was trying to work directly on a vellum sheet, and then I tried doing a 1 point wave with gravity in pops > add line > extrude, but it was lacking some organic paper feel. This is super helpful, you wizard! Thank you!