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  1. Pyro spawn cycle

    Hey magicians, I've been struggling with this for almost 3 weeks. I'm trying to achieve a pyro advected spawn effect, I got some decent results but can't get there. I already learned about chops to drive music, what I can't figure out is what I have to animate to get spawn > dissapear > spawn, my thought is Fuel, but I've tried everything, from velocity, temperature, fuel, wind forces. Any tips will be more than welcome, this is driving me nuts. Here are some of my tests: Thanks
  2. Hey magicians, I'm having crashes (houdini directly closes without any message) when rendering. This happens in random frames, and in some of the setups. I checked the log and seems to be a GPU issue, I have 3 Geforce 980 Ti. I will contact their support, but posting here just in case anybody knows a solution. Cheers
  3. Simple VEX points push

    Got it working! thanks to Simon Fiedler for the help
  4. Hey magicians, excuse my VEXnorance but: How can I push the green colors while keeping red ones in original position? also tried to add a distance slider but it moves all the points. Lastly im thinking about how to add more density points on the green part, depending on z distance Thanks!
  5. Color drops (flip)

    Hey @Three65 thank you! I will post some pics and maybe a making of once the show is done and I get approval for sharing. Thanks for the good vibes! Cheers
  6. Thanks for the tips @anim. It makes sense now will keep playing with this and post a hip once I figure it out. Cheers!
  7. Hey @Andrea thanks for the tips! I found this tutorial of Rohan about using attribute transfer to control vellum (around 13:18) but I'm still struggling I also readed the doc for attributes, so far only thing I could do is freeze a group within a sop solver with i@stopped = 1 and animated that with a ch to make it work again. Not sure why I can't control ie: restlenght within a sop solver wrangler, or for example, why if I move the group that has the i@stopped it doesnt unfreeze. Will keep playing Here's my hip in case is useful for anyone: of_vel.hiplc Cheers!
  8. Hey magicians, I'm playing with vellum and pressure, and I want to have more control by using color to control attributes. Lets say I have in red the zone I want to get "stretchstifness", my process was: Color with attribute transfer Attribute create "stretchstiffness" with value $CR Point vop > bind import "stretchstifness" > fit range > bind export Plug that into vellum but doesn't seem to work, also, what if I have several constraints (like cloth, pressure) how can I tell that the "stretchstiffness" is the one in Cloth and not pressure? Lastly, inside "Vellumsolver" I have vellumconstraintproperty with animated restlenght in group @type=pressure to make the stuff inflate, how can I make the red color control the "restlength" attribute that is inside Vellumsolver? Thanks!
  9. Color drops (flip)

    Indeed! quite a production, yes it will be a mix of mapping, leds and some lights that create shapes (not sure how to explain but they are like arrays that make a lot of long lasers wich create some sort of hologram) Here are some tests from today, first ones are super crapy but I want to give some options to the client with chops (still trying to figure out how to chop your setup ), I also tried some grains on the particles, flip modules, and optical flow (client asked me if we can drive the animations with a texture from AE, maybe they will be making stuff ritm with sound keys or something) AG_011_Drops_RD_02_Low.mp4 Sorry for the poor quality Cheers!
  10. Color drops (flip)

    Whoaa what a beauty @Atom @ThomasPara these look amazing! I did a bunch of R&D yesterday/today, im editing them to upload here, would love to hear your opinion, this is quite a big project for me (42 projectors on stage) Cheers!
  11. Color drops (flip)

    @ThomasPara thats looking much better, love the subtle ocean noise. Here's a prev of the R&D from today, tried different things, some basic CHOPs stuff with @Atom tutorial, another stuff playing with your setup, and some rainy POP test over the singer stage. AG_011_Drops_RD_01_Low.mp4 Hope the client like it, thanks again guys, really appreciate it.
  12. Color drops (flip)

    Master! thanks a lot for the help!
  13. Color drops (flip)

    Thanks @ThomasPara! Quick question, any tips on how to adapt the setup to music beats? been watching some CHOPs tutorials, I've got the overall idea, but the "Droplets_anim" wrangle node make's me difficult to see how/what parameter should I tweak to drive the drops to the ground at the beat time, will keep digging on it.
  14. Color drops (flip)

    WOW @ThomasPara thats quite a setup, wish I can make that beauty with those wrangles, my knowledge limits me to understand only certain parts of those (at least better than before wich I didn't get anything ) Love the organization of the interface too, super handy setup, thanks a lot! Btw, I found the original autor (https://www.instagram.com/wirginiaromanowska/) and asked her approach, she told me "it was ripple solver, with just a few particles (pop) for the splash." Thanks everybody for pointing me in the right direction! will keep working on it
  15. Color drops (flip)

    Dropped a super quick test of flip container + spheres falling down and looks better out of the box, but yeah, sim times might be a headache during the entire song Still gotta talk with the client about the asset delivery, so trying out different approaches. I'll try now to combine the beat to spawn each sphere falling, I think it will be tricky since I gotta have in mind the time that the sphere takes from the air to the water tank, but thats the beauty of houdini Would love to hear your thoughts Cheers!