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  1. Hey magicians, got couple questions regarding Vellum: First one, how can I inflate stuff via an attribute? I tried making a color attribute and doing a shitty vex (i dont know nothing about it so is normal that isnt working), I also tried making groups outside and putting that into the properties with no luck. Im trying to inflate only the hands when I slide the restscale, here's a image to ilustrate: Second doubt: Right now I made the arms just fall and collide with the body, but how can I create constraints by having points of 2 different meshes? here's a pic to guide: Should I blast points of inner arm, blast points of the tshirt, connect adjascent pieces and use that as constraints? Any help will be super useful Thanks!
  2. Select inner edges for pipe generation

    Hey guys, thanks a ton for all of these! @anim now thats a use of groups, love that you made a setup without VEX (i know only couple lines of it so I would be struggling to modify if needed), I added a dissolve and a bevel on the spline instead of resample and works like charm, then I booled the roof, windows and pilars. THANKS! @Aizatulin thanks for the hips and explanation, those setups gave me a cool result too, but my knowledge of VEX is limited at the moment, hope I can make something like that someday! @librarian thanks for the youtube and thread link buddy! super cool info there! Cheers!
  3. Hey magicians, im wraping my head trying to figure out how to add pipes in these walls, made an image to ilustrate my idea: Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Select inner edges for pipe generation

    Thanks guys for the help! I was getting crazy the other day, this was my best attemp: Then I was having a hard time to make the first and last point of the curve a little longer so it fits better, I tried a for each and resample with curveu but couldnt find a way to properly make the first and last point longer on each axis (tried normals by tangent too), any ideas for this? @Noobini I was watching some cool houdini gamedev videos yesterday and saw that "straight_skeleton" node, then I saw your post, just tested it, played a bit with parameters, and used a poly bevel, had to isolate only 1 face by normals to make it work and is looking good, only thing would be again, making the outer points longer @Librarian Thanks for the info buddy! couldn't find that talk by Kim Goss on youtube, do you have the link? Cheers!
  5. Select inner edges for pipe generation

  6. UVs on copy sop geo?

    Oh shit, my bad i readed wrong, @Atom made the hip with some box method from F1, so... THANKS @Atom!
  7. Hey magicians, I'm building a procedural house wich I want some UVs, walls are based on copy to point cubes, I'm having issues to have all the cubes in 1 UV, will post some refs to explain: I tried playing with fuse to merge the boxes, using the autouv on the box before copying, after copying, also tried to make a vdb convert, UVs and transfer back with no luck Any thoughts on how I can get a general UV layout from these boxes? Thanks!
  8. UVs on copy sop geo?

    Found a mega fantastic hip by master @f1480187 on this thread that works incredible awesome, thanks @f1480187 for saving my life once more, legend!
  9. UVs on copy sop geo?

    Not sure if made a progress but worth the shot, made 3 udim islands based on normals
  10. UVs on copy sop geo?

    Applied a voxel mesh and autouv wich kinda works, uv size is big so it doesnt keep detail, but at least is working. Just got an idea from the latest help from @anim , I will try to group the geo walls, add a udim value, and make uvs in udims from there, not sure if will work but lets see Cheers
  11. UDIMS

    Master! this works beautifully, digging the wrangle solution you did. Thanks a lot for the quick reply and the time making the hip, appreciate it! time to keep making some procedural signages, cheers!
  12. UDIMS

    Hey magicians, I'm fighting to get proper UVs to substance, I made a signage with multiple elements, each one got their UVs working. Now I'm trying to export each uv organized and in separated UV islands, tryed uv layout but make's the UVs weird, if I change scale to "Fixed" they look good, but they dont have layout per island in the UV viewport. Any advice will be super helpful Thanks!
  13. UDIMS

    Hey @anim, when I plug uv layout as default I get this: Then i tried setting UDIM and making an attribute (saw this on a tutorial) but it doesnt work, not sure if im missing something: I did another method that i saw on youtube that let you create udim on HQ meshes by separating it in colors, i believe this shows proper udim islands, so I'm trying to get something like this but with my geo that already has UVs So my goal is to have a udim or uv island set per element something like this: Thanks!
  14. Procedural Robots

    Hey guys, Wanted to share a setup I made generate procedural robots, here are some renders: Will post some more tomorrow, drops automatic geo from one shape and obj model as silohuette Cheers!
  15. Hello everybody, I'm trying to figure out an effect done by Simon Homedal, here are pics of the process, seems to be a subdivided triangular mesh that animates into infinite fractal, could be this done subdivisions, extrusions, blend, for each loops and solver? if so, how can you manage so houdini doesn't crash when getting smaller? putting a end value on the for each node? I watched Entagma video on fractal and for each divisions, now I'm trying to figure out how to combine all this stuff. Reference pictures: Here is the video (second 0:28) Also Simon kinda explain the method on IAMAG 2016 Class at min 32:20 He said that he uses a polygon, subdivided, and then animate with a blend shape, then build all the stuff from there, the screen record is available at u$d 100 but he only shows 2 quick houdini screens so its kinda expensive for that amount of info in my opinion (althoug the overall talk is great) . At 34:20 is a similar effect again with a sphere Any info will be great, in mean time will keep thinking and playing with houdini. Thanks!
  16. Procedural Robots

    Thanks guys! @Howitzer99 @Noobini @Atom @6ril @6ril what do you mean? "makes you wanna break that static constraint and see a couple of moves ! Are you considering it ?" like animating the character with some cloth? @Atom diggin that dolphin! @Noobini i always have a hard time interpreting your jokes
  17. Portfolio update

    Thanks Thomas! appreciate it!
  18. Portfolio update

    Hey magicians, Finally updated my portfolio, mostly motion stuff and some vfx. www.caskaldesign.com Cheers!
  19. well you are a pro to me! helped me a lot, thanks for that!
  20. Hey guys, Been doing some procedural robots by projecting some shapes onto a human mesh. I like the results so far, but I'm wondering if there's any method to project shapes ib each primitive without intersection here are some pics to show my idea: and what I'm trying to get: Maybe foreach with ray might be the solution but i tried some stuff without luck. Here are some renders from the setup I had right now, just trying to improve a bit: Tagging some masters to see if they know a solution: @f1480187 @petz @Noobini @konstantin magnus @mestela Thanks!
  21. Procedural Robots

    Some more procedural duderinos:
  22. Procedural Robots

    thanks guys! appreciate it @flcc @6ril @momposina I spoke about the setup here:
  23. hey buddy @Librarian thanks! saw that file the other day, I was looking on all over Akira twitter to get some of his magic crazy dude and big inspiration, btw following your work on insta cnc_verkstad love it! @konstantin magnus LEGEND! exactly what I was looking for, studying all the types of work to do this, also the post from @f1480187 on that thread got useful info, new ways to explore the robots, thanks!!
  24. Thanks @Noobini just checked the thread, installing qLib right now since seems to be much faster, thank you!!
  25. Hey guys, I have a vellum setup in dops where I'm dropping gummies. So far, to replace vellum geo, I used a point deform, that worked when I had same mesh as input in vellum and point deform, but on Dops I'm emitting 1 gummie after 10 frames, so not sure how to approach this. I tried using this expression $FF%10==1 in the timeshift for the point deform, but isn't working since doesn't take all the other dop meshes. I also tried some stuff in a sop solver within Dops with no luck Any tip to get a original uv mesh in this kind of setup will be super helpful Thanks!