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  1. Hey guys, Been working in front of a PC for 15 years and recently I started having pain on the hand wrist, wich is horrible, it extends to the arm. I talked with a few colleages (they are mostly motion designers) and some of them told me they switched to Wacom, wich I use for Zbrush sculpting, but I don't imagine using Wacom all day as mouse, specially to plug nodes in Houdini. Anybody has experience or any tips/solutions for this? I also saw Logitech has some Ergonomic mouses: Would love to hear some experiences and tips Thanks in advance Cheers
  2. Hey guys, I'm having some issues with a FLIP collision, seems my VDB collider boundaries are affecting the sim, anyone knows what can be causing this? I'm using static object + static solver with a proxy volume as collider. Thanks!
  3. Holed tunnel (shape substract?)

    Damn @srletak I knew I was drowning in a glass of water, just did some search on this, looks perfect, thanks! Hey @Atom thanks for the help (once more), that cave thread is a beauty, im reading all the info there now, your example looks great!, thank you! Cheers!
  4. Hi guys, I have been wraping my head around trying to figure how to create shapes like this. My first thought was using vdb and subtracting for example a torus but i couldnt get there. I also tried some voronoi inside wires with different width. Lastly i made a circle spline in a solver and transform in + rotate and then skin the mesh but result isnt there. Any insight to achieve these forms? Tagging the máster @f1480187 Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, I never went into COPs, but I saw a talk of Simon Homeldal, and get inspired. So, in this talk, he's doing some manhattan noise and use as displacement, he also does some operations to get mirrored effects and masking/sharping stuff. My main goal is to, for example if I have a triangle UV island, how can I select the border, extrude inwards to create that border, add some detail (ie substracting manhattan noise) and use that as displacement? Any good tutorial or read on COPs will be useful, did some research but there is not much information on that subject. If anybody want to see the talk (amazing one) here's the link: Cheers!
  6. Thoughts about this rig?

    Hey guys, I'm traveling to NY in june, mostly to buy new hardware. Did some research and spoke with some friends and this is what I have so far, wanted to give a last check, my main uses are Houdini sims / motion graphics, redshift/octane, zbrush. MOTHER Gigabyte x399 Aorus Xtreme PROCESSOR Threadripper 2950x RAM G Skill TridentZ 3200mhz CL14 (128 gb) GPU 4 x EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Questions: Does this mother support 4 gpu? a friend told me to be careful about the space with the power supply and stuff. This threadripper is good? or should I go for another? I want the sims to be quickest as possible For GPU, should I pick the Ti or the normals? there's a 300usd difference between each. P.D: I'm thinking about buying via Amazon, but I'd prefer to go with cash, amazon has AmazonCash but with a 500usd limit, so if anybody knows a nice place to buy this type of hardware at good price in NY will be super helpful. Thanks!
  7. Thoughts about this rig?

    Hey @DaJuice thanks for the tips. I also asked on Houdini group at facebook, and overall, heating will be a pain in the ass, as you said. Heard I'd need to watercool the cards, so I can open them and make that (no way, I have 0 hardware) or buy the ones with the imput already, that are more expensive. I'd probably go with just 2 of 11gb to be safe. Thank you!
  8. @f1480187 the master has spoken! thanks once more man, really appreciate it. Just finished analizing your setup, always learning some new nodes from you, will read more about these: vertexsplit, falloff, polypath. That wrangle is gold to me, will study that one too. Beautiful setup as always. I'll tag you once I finish this study, but basically I'm making some hard surface helmets in movement, I asked that corner stuff to add some detail, now I'll dig a little into COPs. Thanks again, legend. Cheers!
  9. Hey guys, how can i go to add points in those yellow parts? i tried by having only the lines (wanted to take the corners) but they got a lot of points and resampling kill the shape, any ideas? tagging the master @f1480187 Cheers!
  10. Whitewater jitter/explodes

    Thanks @cudarsjanis i found the issues, i was working at wrong scale, did some tweak and works, cheers! 2019-05-16_12-58-53.mp4 2019-05-16_11-33-59.mp4
  11. Hey magicians, I got a flip of a hand going underwater, but the whitewater is exploding/jittering in some parts, anybody knows what can be causing this? Also what will be the best way to mesh this? right now i made a group to delete the borders of the containers, is this correct? Thanks!
  12. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    Master! thank you!
  13. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    Thanks guys, been using wacom so far and is great, only thing I hate is I can't scroll on the Houdini number fields like I did with middle wheel button, any advice on this? trying to get used to the interface with wacom mostly, so any tips regarding to that is more than welcome. I'm also using "F" to frame the node wich I didn't before, and spacebar to move, pencil click to zoom (defaults), using more shortcuts is also great tho. @kleer001 I used to do yoga but stoped (dumb decition) but I try to strech every 2 hours and do some quick asanas, as for gym I go 6 days a week (my ground wire after 12 hours marathon on the pc), I started doing some tendons training on the gym too wich I didn't before, thanks for the advice on that. So any wacom users, tips on shortcuts or configs are more than welcome, got some advice on facebook using "tab + click" but isn't doing anything, also switching from wacom mouse mode, not sure if my drivers are fucked or old but I don't see that option, got an intuos 4 mid Thanks!
  14. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    Thanks everybody for the help! here are some stuff I did to tackle this so far: 1) Started kinesiologist 2) Trying to get used to the wacom right now, pain has reduced and I'm getting used, still some stuff I can't pick but is a matter of practice I guess 3) Bought a anti-stress ball i'm picking from time to time 4) Putting ice on my wrist at night for 20 min 5) Also bought a vertical mouse (Anker) to test 6) When I'm tired of the wacom (until I get used), I switch to the mouse but placing all the arm over the desktop Hope this evolves in a correct way, can't make a living without the computer, thanks again
  15. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    Hey guys, Thanks a lot for the recommendations. @Noobini I put a cloth with cilinder shape over the weekend on my wrist and helped quite a lot. @McNistor I wish I had some custom furniture company here to make something like that, but for now I followed your advice about having the forearm at the same level as mouse desk and is also helping. As for Wacom recommendations, I think is time to give a shot, I was holding that because I'm pretty old school, but tons of people (apart from here) already told me to switch, and I know is probably a matter of weeks (maybe less because I used mine for 8 years with zbrush), so I'll give my Intuos 4 mid a shot as mouse. @Thomas Helzle thanks for the tip on the Windows Ink driver, will definetly come in handy Cheers!
  16. Hey magicians, I'm doing some procedural vehicle setups inspired by Maciej Kuciara. I'm trying to make these type of tanks and what it comes to my mind is create differents blocks / modules, for the front, middle and back, and give each one some randomness on bevel edges / points and stuff. My question is: how can I setup the modules so, for example, they rotate in 90 degrees, and they plug on the right side, for example the front one goes always connected by the back axis. I think this can be done with if / else stuff? and expressions for the 90° rotation? any tips will be super handy. Thanks!
  17. YES! thanks Tomas!! Quick update gif, this is so beautiful
  18. Hey magicians, I'm creating a setup to make vehicles, where you have different options for each part: - For example to create the main base body, you can 1) use noise / 2) use a spline / 3) use a box So far I have been using switch and sliders, but is getting more complex and I would like to do it the proper way, so anytime I pick a mode on dropdown (instead of slider), then the correct submenu appears. Made an image to explain: And here's a quick gif with the options: Any tutorial suggestions for this, or tips on better organization, will be super useful. Thanks in advance Cheers!
  19. I'm stuck with a toggle: I have a switch from Normal geo to VDB. I want to use a toggle to switch this both methods, so when is ON is VDB, when is OFF is normal geo. Any thoughts?
  20. Slowly getting there, dropdown and hide working:
  21. Carve Contour Lines In Car Body

    Damn @konstantin magnus these are the moments I wish I knew more vex, this is beautiful, even with that displace slider. Trying to get around and understand this: - You group the edges create an interger pt_near and a vector pos_near Calculate the distance between those? I totally get lost on the distance lol Will read more about nearpoint function since I saw everywhere, in case I want to visualize stuff like "pt_near", what can I do? tried @Cd = @pt_near with no luck, will check with a visualize node. So in terms of sop land, is like having a point on the center of each cluster and displace that inwards? P.S: Never heard about the DeltaMush node, reading the help doc on that right now. Thanks a lot!
  22. Carve Contour Lines In Car Body

    Thanks @konstantin magnus, i was also playing with procedural cars and spent 2 days trying to figure out that step. How would you make those panels more acentuated? Tried increasing the smooth but seems to have a limit, any tips on make these panels more prominent? Thanks again Cheers!
  23. Carve Contour Lines In Car Body

    Thanks @konstantin magnus, i was also playing with procedural cars and spent 2 days trying to figure out that step. How would you make those panels more acentuated? Tried increasing the smooth but seems to have a limit, any tips on make these panels more prominent? Thanks again Cheers!