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  1. I have hickups when creating hair and will get often error that because not sufficient ammount memory Houdini crash. When i import my OBJ model in to houdini and do following: 1. Go to Grooming tab 2. Select my model 3. Click on adds fur (this will take about 1-3 minutes to load) 4. I click on "Initialize Guides" and system crashes. As i understand it is because 16 gigs of ram is no good for this job. But as i am trying only to add facial hair (so not many hair strings but more like some scattered along the face) Like you see on this model face https://i.imgur.com/7vy2w6p.jpg The model i have is this one: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/RvGdm Is there a way to add sting less of those hairs so system wont crash. (as has to calculate less) What method would you suggest? fiber-mesh in Zbrush and then somehow to convert it in Houdini to facial hair? (how?) I am trying to find a ways to do facial hair without buyng more ram (as i cant afford it at the moment)
  2. You are missing the point here, When i texture in mari i can visualize PBR rendering in Mari but when i take textures to Houdini i need to build shader from scratch. Tho when i looked at Substance plugin you youst create that substance material node and apply that to model. Thus means you do not need to build shader in Houdini
  3. Hello, I know there exists such thing as plugin between Houdini and Substance painter. https://forum.allegorithmic.com/index.php?topic=15420.0 [video]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sU0B7sBvWAQ[/video] I have few questions. 1. Using this plugin can i texture in Substance and take textures to Houdini and build VFX effect on top of the model while having those textures? 2. Is there a plugin also for Houdni and Substance Designer 3. Is there similar plugin for Mari and Houdini? Best regards Tanel.V
  4. Hello, I have a zbrush model. Model has different elements 1. Blade part 2. Root part (blade has growing roots) 3. Bone part (blade has bone / fang similar element) As i understand in order to texture it correctly i have to have different pollygroups for those parts as i cant have same shader that has glossyness on roots part as roost are not shiny but i am afraid that it will make those shader connections too sharp like instantly shiny part ends and non shiny part (root part) starts. Is there a way in houdini to blend those edges somehow? Here is also a video where i try to explain this
  5. Hello, I have a question regarding Houdini shaders. I am painting my textures in Mari (Never go pass the texture paintings to look dev phase as my previous PC was not so good and caused my PC to crash EVERY time i tried to assign shader to model) Now i have stronger PC and i am able to work with shaders as i study on my own many questions arise. For example: 1. I sculpted dagger in zbrush 2. I retopo for model is done 3. UV-s for model are done Here for example is dagger handle where you can see UV-s 2. I retopo for model is done 3. UV-s for model are done Here for example is dagger handle where you can see UV-s
  6. Houdini 16.5 fire shape question (Campfire)

    Never mind i got it solved. Instead making flat plate below the logs to emit the fire and making logs static object i created 2 sets of logs and converted one set in to flame. If i need burning coal below it i make small blob-s in zbrush and add those there same way. 2 sets and convert one set to flame and tune flame down. As in real world high flame never comes from coal that is under the unburned logs but actually from the logs that are set on the camp fire in specific way.
  7. Hello, I am atm trying to create a camp fire based on tutorial but i have problem as my fire goes directly up no matter how i change "Shredding" but i need it to follow bit more the logs Here is also sample video rendered. Anyone can help me with this? CampFire.hip
  8. I do not know what happened but now it works fine and can`t re-produce the issue again- But thank you anyhow:)
  9. Hello, I am trying to figure out what causes this view tilting in Houdini. For example> If you hold down Alt and press mouse left button and rotate. Mine tries to tilt the view all the time. If i go "Edit" >> "Preferences" >> "3D Viewports" my settings are like this at the moment: https://imgur.com/GI9ls5Z If i change it to 90-s style i get less tilting but i still have a bit of it. Can anyone add image of default settings?
  10. For some reason cant see move, scale and translate handles inside node
  11. How would you cut holes in to the mesh?

    I was trying to create a Swarm host model: http://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Swarm_Host_(Legacy_of_the_Void) Take base mesh in to zbrush (as it gives me more accurate shape) and then sculpt it. I will later retopo it. I have started to use modeling in many cases to get base shape and then take it to zbrush for full modeling Here is what i have created so far. https://tanel.artstation.com/
  12. Here is what i have: Idea is tho have rounded edges with sharper tips. Goal is to make base shake in houdini and later take it to zbrush. I did not want to take it instantly to zbrush as zbrush is not so accurate but modeling is. Later was thinking to extrude he surface so model has some thickness to it. And those sharp edges on botom (wave tips) they cant jave yust one vertex as it will cause problems later but needs to be sharper like a fat or blunt knife. How would you model this? Would you just add divisions on the model and then start bringing those verts down or would you use this method?
  13. Best way to slide verts along the existing path?

    Thank you i will take a look at it on evening when I get home from work. What i was trying to do was to create a half sphere cover like a mushroom. And then adjust edges and then make poly extrude from it to make it more "fatter"
  14. Best way to slide verts along the existing path?

    My hip file as attachment. How would you connect those? Can you make fast example? Sample.hiplc
  15. Hello, I have started to model one element (Picture attached). I am trying to model it and atm need to move specific points but maintain the over all the shape. Is there a simple way to move those points or i need to manually move those points?