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  1. Houdini to cad pipeline issues. Searching for solution. If you got an idea how to fix it let me know please. Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T08OZXxrCY&feature=youtu.be
  2. Hello, So how is new Zbrush. Question is cameras and how the system works now. In past zbrush main problem for me was that it did not have real world camera and lacking many basic camera parameters. As you may know in Zbrush when you have model loaded and sekect from TOP menubar option named "Draw" you can see there thing named as "Dynamic Persp" (Persp stands for perspective) There is also slider next to it named as "Angle of View" and by default it is 50 Now when you change that slider model you see in your Scene view changes dramatically. All is fine when you sculpt in zbrush. Yopu make your model look like you want it to look. And it is represented to you in Scene view. Problem starts when you export that same model out as OBJ and load it in to another 3D program (Modo, Blender, 3Dmax, Houdini, Maya etc) I for example use Modo and Houdini. That same model looks WAY different in any of those aplications then it does in Zbruhs. That is due camera and perspective. And it is pain in ... to make model look same as it was in zbrush. That is due the fact that Zbrush has (had?) fake cameras and view. View in zbrush seems to be distorted compared to any other 3d program. I have NO problem modeling for example in Maya and sending that model as OBJ file in to Modo or Houdini. Model looks same. But not with zbrush. My question is: Is it fixed now with new zbrush?
  3. I dropped it. Working with Houdini and redshift now.
  4. Arnold for Houdini 17. Anyone got it to work? I downloaded HtoA 3.2.0 from https://docs.arnoldrenderer.com/display/A5AFHUG/HtoA+3.2.0 Installed also license server from here: https://docs.arnoldrenderer.com/display/A5AILIC/Installing+RLM+on+Windows houdini env file was automatically edited by plugin installation. But i cant get it to work. In houdini there is no arnold shelf and cant add it as there is no such shelf.
  5. got it solved. I actually did not know that when i adjust geometry on object level it wont work as i was thinking. So when i modeled it in the Geometry level export worked fine. Thnx for assistance!!!
  6. Exporting OBJ files from Houdini end up with incorrect model. How to fix it or what might be the cause of this?
  7. Hello, I have a model from zbrush. Angle of view for model in zbrush was set to 30. Model was saved and imported to Houdini. Houdini camera was created. I need to match houdini camera to zbrush camera Need to change: FOV (horisontal) (degrees) to 41.1 FOV (vertical) (degrees) to 28.1 FOV (diagonal) (degrees) to 48.5 But i cant as option is grayed out and can`t even find diagonal one. Here you see model looks different in Houdini then it looks in Zbrush: Here is where they speak about camera differences https://sortadone.blogspot.com/p/zbrush-focal-angle-tutorial.html?fbclid=IwAR0iyAsEHxs9dkuTy7VAUIPI4AG5u_8qZic2xBojfruodUHAHMzfiq68fU8 I think same applies to houdini also. Under this section i was calculating angle http://www.tawbaware.com/maxlyons/calc.htm Could not find any option for changing those settings in Houdini I saw 2 options under redshift camera settings. Horisontal FOV and Vertical FOV (But not diagonal) All were grayed out. When i changed Camera Projection to Fisheye Projection it enabled only 2 options. But not all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nfb5jWYtU-A&feature=youtu.be Are you able to assist?
  8. Creating stitching in houdini top of model what method would you recommend?
  9. How to move 2 objects same time in Object level. Without moving both in to same geo folder / node Parenting does not work and no merge node on object level https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67_zxE990YA&feature=youtu.be
  10. Hello, I downloaded demo version of Octane. Installed stand alone version and now trying to install plugin. According to documentation they have: Installing Octane for Houdini The release archive contains everything you need to run OctaneRender™ for Houdini, including the Octane libraries, the plugin binaries, the menu shelf, HDAs, etc.. Compatible Houdini products The OctaneRender™ for Houdini build must match exactly your Houdini install to avoid problems. The OctaneRender™ for Houdini plugin requires Houdini Indie, Houdini FX or Houdini Education. While running in Houdini Indie, the plugin will limit the sequence rendering resolution to 1080p, and the scene export and cloud features will be disabled. Houdini Apprentice cannot run the Octane plugin as they lack support for third party renderers. Plugin Installation To install OctaneRender™ for Houdini, decompress the archive downloaded from the OctaneRender™ website and copy the resulting uncompressed files somewhere. Insert the OctaneRender™ plugin folder path to the houdini.env file. This file is created by Houdini after your first run. The location of this file vary per platform: Linux: ~/houdini15.5/ Windows: C:Documents and Settings<username>My Documentshoudini15.5 Mac OSX: ~/Library/Preferences/houdini/15.5/ On Linux and Mac OSX, append a single line to enable OctaneRender™ for the user: HOUDINI_PATH = /path/to/octane;& On Windows, you need to set the PATH to point to the scripts/bin as well: PATH = "C:/path/to/octane/bin;$PATH"HOUDINI_PATH = "C:/path/to/octane;&" You have to use forward slashes (“/”) on Windows instead of backslashes as path separators. And here is the question: My houdini is installed in path: C:\Users\Tann\Documents\houdini16.0 I placed the plugin i downloaded and extracted to this folder: C:\Users\Tann\Documents\Octane plugin\Octane_3.06.4.0_Houdini_16.0.633_demo_Win64 I have mine set like this. (the .env file) but it does not work.
  11. Houdini issue. Cant seem to be able to rotate ramp effect. If i use Uv texture projection to Z axis it will set my eye textures off and ramp right but when i set it Y axis it sets ramp right but textures off. Here is also scene file and texture file and also eye obj file I do not know do i approach this correct way but i have 1. inner eye obj file 2. outer eye obj file 1. texture set for inner eye 2. texture set for outer eye Wanted to use ramp so that part will be translusive (So you can see trho it) so you can see thro it and can see obj file inside it and textures on that obj file that is inner eye. Currently having issues that cant make ramp same ridection as textures for outer eye are (outer eye has veins and that white part of eye) OBJ eye file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ozws1za0nakws9u/1.obj?dl=0 Base color map for external eye: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nmvpsskw75i3e98/Base Color.1001.tif?dl=0 Houdini Scene file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/41om1fdy5h2m5uc/issue.hiplc?dl=0
  12. Redshift ramp does not work..

    Thnx i found a reason
  13. Created new UV-s but same issue. Does not ramp does not work. Note! i use redshift
  14. Houdini camera view sensitivity is too high. And rotation point seems not to be on selected object How to fix it?
  15. Anyone knows any good Redshift Houdini eye shader tutorial or guide?
  16. Good tutorials for skin shaders in houdini? How to see changes on shader in vieport whithout waiting for mplay render
  17. Reverse engineering is often used to study and learn stuff.
  18. I need to create a rolling plans / paper animation clip. What approach would you recommend? Paper should roll to table like rolling architectural plans or some sort of map. What nodes you would use? I was thinking bend node but may be there is some other more effective method? Some sort simulation?
  19. Do you know how to add extra turns to end and start or paper rolls? Getting weird issues when trying to add another bend. Here is video where i try to explain this. Hope it helps and you can assist. Or anyone in this matter. I am noob in Houdini day by day trying to learn more. Sirkel_Mall_Logo_Projekt.hiplc
  20. Thenx. How did you start it did you do the left pipeline before right one? 1. Grid 2. uvtexture 3. bend unroll left 4. bend unroll right can you explain the right bart. Curve Scroll Flat and Curve Scroll unfurled ?
  21. yeah that what i was thinking also. Trying to use it will see how it turns out. Need later to make 2d drawing occur to the paper also. Like lines that come to one and create a house.
  22. Houdini Arnold "Standard Surface" node. It has inputs for specular as follows: * Specular - Influences brightness of spec * Specular color - defines color of specularity * Specular roughness - controlls glosines / roughness of the mesh * Specular IOR * Specular Anistropy * Specular rotatation In my case i have one spec map that dictates over all object specularity (i use specular_roughness to dictate that specularity. But i now need to plug in also secondary specular map for lips and one for oili areas of model. So that is 2 extra specularity maps. But i have no clue how to connect the secondary map and have separate controls for roughness and specularity for it. Can someone assist what node to use? Also having other issue when trying to increase iterations. I get gray renders.
  23. Anyone here has experience importing OBJ file that is created i n Houdini to 3D max? As i cant find a way how to export my model out as DWG file (so i can load it in in Autocad) as i need to add measurements like wall height and how many square meters it has etc. I was trying to import it to 3D max and save out DWG fromat there. But model looks horrible in 3D max. And here is same model in Houdini