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  1. Hi, I've managed to make vellum hair interact or at least collide with an RBD Object. But it does not work with an RBD Packed Object. Can vellum not read the geometry? Is this a lost cause? Thanks, Cecilia
  2. Hello, I have been trying to add a point to a vellum hair in DOPS using a SOP Solver so I can than later break it. I have not found a solution to this problem. Has anyone had this issue and solved it? Also I have been trying to remove points from a vellum hair. I t works well, but not when I use a Vellum Source Instance on points. Thankx delete_points.hip
  3. Hi, I have a simple rbd setup where a ball hits the ground, I 've created a low res version to sim, using polyreduce and would like to transfer the information to the hi res pieces. I've tryed copying the primintrinsic 'pivot' and 'transform' and 'P' attribute. The hi res geo moves to the pivot of the low res witch is slightly different. Any one knows how to fix this issue? I've attached the file. Thanks so much, Ceci copy_position_to_hi_res.hipnc
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