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  1. RTX3090 / Houdini / Windows 10

    Hi OD, I posted this on the Redshift forum, but thought I would also post here in case someone might have some insights I’m recently installed a RTX3090 (Zotac) card and I’m getting constant crashes with RS inside Houdini, but also C4D. I have successfully rendered the benchmark scene once only but this also crashes with further attempts. Houdini hard crashes with no error message. I’ve attached the Log and Bin file for information. I’ve tried these RS versions: 3.035 3.032 Nvidia drivers: 460.89 457.30 456.71 Thank you for any assistance. Michael log_rtx.html dump_0.bin
  2. Hallo all. I'm getting stuck into the terrain tools and having some good success with it, but I want to texture my terrain with textures from a COP network. After following Alex Dracott's GDC presentation. When I reference the COP network with 'op:/obj/masks/flow_cop' the texture does not appear. Tried lots of things, any ideas why it wouldn't show up? HIP attached. Thanks! hf_01.hiplc
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some advice to make an animation of a glass of cola soft drink with ice in it. I've been using Houdini only for one year or so, so still fairly new to it If you can point me to how get started, which approach would be most logical or a tutorial that would be appreciated. Here is a reference attached
  4. Soda in a glass with ICE

    Thank you Konstain for taking the time for this! Great help