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  1. Water drops on surface

    Hi Steve, This looks great, but do you know why the viewport gets very slow when working?
  2. I've got a knitting pattern around a object. The color texture is transferred to points. That works fine. But now i want to use the uv map for projection. I want to use the UV map of the inputed object but i don't know how to do this. Can someone help me to get this working? Knit_v0300.hipnc
  3. HELP! Knit with strands

    AH Got it!
  4. HELP! Knit with strands

    I've done the tutorial of entagma, which is great. I also tried the setup of arjanM. I like his setup more. The only thing is i can't get the strands working after OUT_Knit. I've attached my file. In the file there are two setups: one of entagma and on the right side the alternative. Who can help me to get it working? Knit-alternative_v0100.hipnc
  5. houdini shadow catching?

    I know how to use it in Maya but i can't get it going in Houdini. I'v made a shader with a shadow matte and put this on the plane but i don't get the shadow seperate. Look at the hip. generic_studio_outdoor_v0100.hip
  6. houdini shadow catching?

    @haaranoos, i'm also curious how used the shadow matte in htoa?
  7. Knitting in Houdini

    Hi Alican, I've also a problem to render this. I attached a material (mantra surface) to the knitting obj. And switched on 'use point color'. in 'attribvop11' in map i put the correct path to the texture. But this is the result. What am i doing wrong?
  8. Knitting in Houdini

    Thanks for sharing!!!