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  1. How to Calculate @w to Aim RBD Object

    Thanks Tomas! I had actually tried that earlier, but it wasn't working for packed rbd objects. It seems the problem was that they don't respond to @torque like particles do. The solution I found was to convert @torque to @w after the fact. Does anyone know if there is a rotational force like @torque that work on rbd objects? Now I can dig into how POP Look At and see how the math works too. Thanks again!
  2. How to Calculate @w to Aim RBD Object

    I've made some progress since yesterday. Here is the code I'm using now: vector4 first_orient = @orient; vector4 second_orient = {0,0,0,1}; matrix3 transform = lookat(@v, 0, {0,1,0}); //second_orient = quaternion(transform); // Get the difference between the two quaternions // https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1755631/difference-between-two-quaternions vector4 transition = qmultiply(second_orient, qinvert(first_orient)); // Convert to Angle-Axis // http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=JoyOfVex17#Convert_back_to_matrix vector angle_axis = qconvert(transition); //@orient = transition; //@N = angle_axis; @w = angle_axis*chf("strength"); For now they're trying to orient themselves with their velocity. This is working quite a bit better, but I think there's still some funny flipping going on.
  3. How to Calculate @w to Aim RBD Object

    As I'm just starting to understand quaternions and orientation in Houdini, I'm not sure how complicated this is to achieve. I could be completely over thinking it. Ultimately I would like to create a force in dops to rotate the packed object to its current direction of motion, or it's velocity. Modifying @w seems to be the best way to do that. For a first step, I'm trying to make a setup that takes a rbd packed object and rotate it back to it's original orientation. While it technically does that, it doesn't do it logically. It flips around its axis in bizarre ways. As I understand, it's behaving erratically because it's trying to rotate around all of its axes at the same time. This is the code I'm using in a pop wrangle node: vector qToE(vector4 q_value){ float q_0 = q_value.w ; float q_1 = q_value.x ; float q_2 = q_value.y ; float q_3 = q_value.z ; vector out = {0,0,0} ; out.x = atan2(2*(q_0*q_1+q_2*q_3), (1-2*(q_1*q_1+q_2*q_2))) ; out.y = asin(2*(q_0*q_2-q_3*q_1)) ; out.z = atan2(2*(q_0*q_3+q_1*q_2), (1-2*(q_2*q_2+q_3*q_3))) ; return out ; } v@euler = qToE(@orient); @w = -v@euler*1*{1,1,1}; This is where I got the quaternion to euler function: I've attached my houdini file to this post. If anyone has any tips, I'd be very happy to hear them! Thanks! orient_rotate_v01.hip