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  1. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    I'm user from some months to now and i've just one feature request for now: I'd like to see a VDB based pyrofx simulation workflow, so that the unnecessary space won't be calculated I don't know if this is an already available feature, so tell me if i'm wrong and this already exists.
  2. Wrong Volume Visualization

    Do you mean HDR reflections?
  3. Wrong Volume Visualization

    Yes but in the previous version everything was looking more sharp, now i've gor this, so can i solve this maybe from the viewport preferences or i must live with that?
  4. Hi to all, i was preparing my source for a pyro simulation and i incurred in a weird artifact As you can see in the images i uploaded in the edge of the geo there is this weird blur, the problem is that even if i turn up the density or the division size i get this, it occours also in the pyro sims making everything look srange It couldn't be neither my video card drivers or houdini, i already tried reinstalling it without obtaining anything Any advice? I leave you the scene file Thanks in advance Volume_Vis_Problem.hipnc
  5. Type of Constrains

    Hi to all, i'm a starter in houdini and i'd like to know what are the main types of constrains and the strenghts of each one, i'll really appreciate every possible help. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi guys, i was doing a test render and when i looked at the alpha and at the Zdepth pass i was wondering why the edges were so sharp and "artifact looking". Here's the result whit and without the subpixel sampling enabled in Mantra with PBR and 3/3 sampling. In the firs attachment there is the one without the subpixel checkbox enabled, in the second there is the subpixel enabled and strangely the alpha is hasa got some artifacts , why should it happen ieven if it slow down a lot the render time and get as result ultra large images? Thanks in advance Alpha_NO_Subpixel.tiff Alpha_Subpixel.tiff
  7. Animate along a Surface

    Hi guys, i have this sphere where i have a geo displacement driven by color, to animate the color attribute i thought i could use another sphere that i can animate on the surface, the problem is that i don't know how i can do it. Anyone have some suggestions?
  8. Particle Artifact Problem

    It worked, thanks man!!
  9. Particle Artifact Problem

    Hi guys, i was playing around with the popnet and when i changed the emission type to scatter onto surfaces (in the particle source object), and i got a kind of artifact, that has assigned black sprites to the particles. Here is the screen: