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  1. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Yeah sure! Been trying to do some actual work for a few days
  2. Hi, I'm trying to export an Alembic to C4D with UV'd points. Not having much luck so far. It seems to work fine for mesh, just not the points. Any idea of what to do? Thank you! uv.hip
  3. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    BooleanSphere 1950x @ 3.8GHz, DDR4 @ 2133MHz - 17:46min RAM frequency obviously does a lot on this one
  4. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Cinebench, single core 1950x @ 3.8GHz, DDR4 @ 2133MHz - 138 Could probably beef that number up by using 'game mode' but it's a pain in the butt to activate and a pretty useless mode overall. Don't think a lot of TR users will use it.
  5. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    @Diorn I think you missed your Cinebench scores?
  6. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Feel free to make a new HIP we can test. Preferably not too long though because I'm already benchmarking 24/7 here instead of working
  7. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    OpenCL CPU gave me pretty bad results. I'm trying lower ram speeds as you can see because Cinebench for some reason gives me way better scores when my ram is at 2133MHz. Houdini works better when it is set to 3000MHz. Strange. Grain 1950x @ 3.8GHz, DDR4 @ 3000MHz - 1:48min 1950x @ 3.8GHz, DDR4 @ 2133MHz - 2:00min 1950x @ 3.8GHz, DDR4 @ 2133MHz (OpenCL CPU) - 2:31min Pyro 1950x @ 3.8GHz, DDR4 @ 3000MHz - 6:32min 1950x @ 3.8GHz, DDR4 @ 2133MHz (OpenCL CPU) - 10:26min Fluid 1950x @ 3.8GHz, DDR4 @ 3000MHz - 0:30min 1950x @ 3.8GHz, DDR4 @ 2133MHz (OpenCL CPU) - 0:34min Cinebench scores 1950x @ 3.4GHz, 2133Mhz ram - 2931pt 1950x @ 3.8GHz, 2133Mhz ram - 3164pt 1950x @ 3.8GHz, 2800Mhz ram (manual) - 2939pt 1950x @ 3.8GHz, 3000Mhz ram (XMP2) - 2972pt 1950x @ 3.8GHz, 3066Mhz ram (XMP1) - 2948pt
  8. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    I couldn't download your file either. .. strange. I uploaded them here: https://we.tl/hM5a98frZk
  9. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Okey, so now counting the cache time and with OpenCL set. Not a very big gain with OC, how do I know if I'm using CPU or GPU? Grain 1950x (old) - 2:21min 1950x - 1:51min 1950x @ 3.8GHz - 1:48min Pyro 1950x (old) - 7:37min 1950x - 6:35min 1950x @ 3.8GHz - 6:32min Fluid 1950x (old) - 2:07min 1950x - 0:32min 1950x @ 3.8GHz - 0:30min
  10. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    I'll do another test with caching and OpenCL tomorrow when I wake up. Feel free to post a different test if you want me to run it
  11. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Super simple scenes really. Wish I had planned it out better but I figured TR will blow my socks off and then I won't care too much about the benchmarks anyway. I've received complaints that I should have cached the sim first and use OpenCL CPU etc. Too late now. But if you have a HIP you want me to test, send one over. All scenes exported to Alembic (fram 1-240). Fluid.hip Grain.hip Pyro.hip
  12. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    A very good choice, I don't think you'll be disappointed. I've had some time to test TR in Houdini today and pyro is the only thing it is good at. It falls short at pretty much everything else. I'm sure 7900x will crush TR in Houdini by a margin in single & multi threaded operations.
  13. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Yeah it worked!! I'm so relieved! Still not happy about simulation times though. Most of my benchmarks score lower (by a lot) than my 5820K so thats quite disappointing considering I bought the TR just for Houdini. Pyro is the one that seems fastest.
  14. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Oh boy am I glad I found this thread. Thank you! I recieved my Threadripper 1950X and MSI X399 motherboard yesterday and everything works fine except Houdini. I've been going nuts about it. I'll try disabling the Core Performance Boost too. But what also helped me a bit was to use the AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan. Sometimes the simulations will work with no crash, but I still see crashes sometimes. Of the few tests I've done so far performance with the TR is really bad compared to my old 5820K. Maybe it will be solved now. I'll get back to u on this.