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  1. pscale

    Hi Shantanu, Drop this into the wrangle @pscale = fit01(@nage,chf("start_size"),0); Then clock the little icon under the arrow drop down on the right of code and you can set you start size and the rest will work as you expect. Particles start with the size and then they scale down to 0 at the end of their life
  2. Flip particles get stuck on collision

    Can you upload the hip file?
  3. Measuring distance between two points

    Drop down an attribute wrangle and pipe the first cuboid into the first input and the second cuboid into the second input and type the following into the wrangle: f@dist = distance(@P, @opinput1_P); That will give you a distance attribute on each point distance_between_points.hiplc
  4. Flip sim sliding //SOLVED

    Is it possible to send the abc of the character and the hip file to try problem solve my side?
  5. Redshift IOR Glass issue

    I have found that you actually need to have the inner liquid penetrating the glass. You say the glass is double sided and the liquid inside isn't penetrating. Try use a Peak sop on the liquid and expand it a bit so that it penetrates the inside glass mesh.
  6. Vellum string that does not stretch

    Can you send the hip - would be happy to take a look
  7. On the Point Velocity SOP, you can compute the velocity of the incoming points using various Velocity Approximations, and below that you can tick Compute Acceleration. Does that work in your current situation?
  8. Sorting in order

    That's a handy bit of VEX, thanks!
  9. Sorting in order

    Can you post the scene file? I am able to sort random points on a grid like that using the sort sop on my side, so I would be interested in taking a look at your file to see why it's not working. But using a sort sop and Point Sorting by Z should work
  10. Independent surface tension

    The geo that is supposed to hold it's shape, why don't you just do the ripple's on SOP level. Don't run a fluid sim for that. Then run a fluid sim to get the drips and merge those with the geo that has the ripples on. With the same shader, when rendered, you should be able to achieve the result you are looking for
  11. Return position of pivot point

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for. But by just using Transform SOPs you can get the centroid of one object and then use that to drive the scale of another object. I'm sure there are better ways to do this, but if it's something simple, this might work scale_by_object_position.hiplc
  12. Houdini 3d Camera Solver / Tracker

    We use 3DEqualizer at work. Although it's doesn't have the best UI, it apparently is the best tracking software. I've done some 3D tracks using Blender and the 3D solves have been pretty good and the tracking is pretty darn quick!
  13. FLIP tank shape other than cube?

    The fluid domain will always be a cube/rectangle
  14. Have you tried bringing up the cache manager and clearing all cache? Worth a try..
  15. After the flip sim, before meshing, ray the points back onto the collision geo using a Ray Sop, with the settings - Direction from: Vector (0,-1,0) and Scale: 0.9 I would be interested in other options but just tested the Ray Sop and it kind of works.