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  1. Flip fluid morphing from animated characters

    Maybe you could make simple example? I can't atchive good result with blend position morphing.
  2. Flip fluid morphing from animated characters

    Thanks, that's right, but you mean typical position morphing. I need morph through simulation with flip solver, thats why position blending cant give me good result (it looks strange, maybe im doing somthing wrong). Also I'm tried to do this with suction force and field force, it works, but agan not so accurate like in video.
  3. Hi guys! Maybe someone know how to achieve this kind of effect? Im trying to morph two animated characters like in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGb68uKaaV4 I tried to do this with sop solver by controlling velocity field, but I can't make it more controllable and accurate as i need. FLIP_TO_Character.hip