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  1. reflection and diffuse from bg geo using PBR

    Hi Jumper, 'constant' doesn't work the way they used to in PBR. Try 'emission' in surface model for your BG.
  2. constant shader for PBR ?

    Many thanks, Jason_slab. You just solved my mystery.
  3. constant shader for PBR ?

    I assumed the output of BSDF of "constant" lighting model would simply build a constant shader for PBR. And a connection of BSDFs between lighting model and shader output just didn't work for me. Is there any trick I should follow? Thanks in advance. meantToBeConstant.hipnc
  4. OMG. You just enlightened me. Thanks a bunch. You are my personel hero. It worked perfectly.
  5. Hi guys. The image below is clay materials on standard mantra metal with (reflect: 0.3 diffuse:0.2) You can see the disappearing black reflection. I understand it's quite natural since the calculation would be, ( diffuse value : above zero ) + ( reflective, raytrace or trace value : zero ) I wanna build my own reflective shader to resolve this additive process. Any suggestion? or clue? Thanks in advance. & Happy new year.
  6. A total noob particle question

    how about these.. 1. On pop network, there's MAX # OF PARTICLES. Put 13 on it. It won't produce no more than 13. or 2. On location pop, CONSTANT BIRTH RATE: 13*30/100 (30 is FPS. 100 is your frame range.) (it will generate 13 pops on frame 99.)
  7. Hi guys I guess the 'motion asset otl' in houdiniExchange is broken. link to motion asset page All 3 versions are only 1k length. It should be 133.6 K Does any body have stable otl ?
  8. Where Are You Now?

    I'm from Seoul, Korea
  9. Hi, I've got hundreds of nurbs curves to carve. I wanted to carve them by their primitive numbers or any other primitive attribute values. Like this, (in domainu1) $PR/100 or (in domainu1) $MYATTR And houdini gives me an red flag. -- So I had to use CopySop to delete and carve by stamp values. CopySop solves the problem but, I wonder why carve doesn't allow variable. Thanks !
  10. my new clip

    ok. i will. but it's in a maze of my hard disk. i have to look for it. old tricks can be obsolete, that we have dops now.
  11. my new clip

    here is a new link wind flow (and i edited the link of original post) i don't quite recall what the second mov was. (liquid test) so temporaly omitted.
  12. my new clip

    hm, it must be somewhere in my cd-backups. i'll post again
  13. Thanks Edward, i'll try that.
  14. I guess I can't assign a "string-typed" attribute to a pop. What i want to do is assign different image (by frame number, or by rand(id)) to sprite shader. so i wish i can pass file-name-parameter to sprite shader like this, ( filename a`padzero(3, $F)`.tga ) Is there any way that I can do this in pop? ------- If that can't be an option, can i assign sprite shop on sop like i do point instancing with attributeCreate sop? Thanks in advance
  15. looking for a sample hip

    Thank you, guys. Arctor, I remember that hip. It was multi-pass render, right ? What I'm looking for is something different. Please look at the picture I uploaded. In this case, point 25, 37, 47 is controlling point. All the other points are affected by these three. The closer one have more influence, farther one have little. In that hip, this distance calculation was done by chop.