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  1. Megascan animated vegetation

    If it's now supercloseup and wind not like hurricane, just to make sequence more alive, you can do it with simple animated noises
  2. Hello everyone! I have some problem, during the rendering of forest - i have lot's of trees (instances, using instancefile), which have bark displacement(sharedisplacement enabled), and i have volumelight from bonfire (pyrosim with edited flames shader, volumelight simply created from shelf tool, it has flames material and pyro volume as geo, i only increased amount of points in pointcloud of volumelight to have less noise in render). In all of this camera slowly flying into the bonfire. So, during the rendering of volumelight, it have this artefacts (black squares on screenshot), which i can't find the way to fix them. This "squares" are blinking, during the batch render - one frame they exist, the other - don't. Is someone meet this problem before? There's any way to fix this? Other lights don't have this bug, it's coming only from volumelight.
  3. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Thank's for sharing! Look's great!
  4. Canary Surge V2

    Looks fantastic! Great job!
  5. Flip fluid collapsing in on itself, how can I prevent this?

    Have you tried "Apply Particle separation" inside FLIP solver -> Particle Motion -> Separation?