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  1. houdini feather tool test

    looks fantastic!
  2. The Beauty

    Looks nice! Great job!
  3. Randomly choose between 4 options

    i like this way like you said rand, but with floor function @choose=floor((rand(@ptnum)*4)+1);
  4. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Mantra GPU
  5. Forest campfire rendering in Houidini Mantra

    Hi! Thanks for reply! Just ended up rendering with new setting to test this out. Ended up with nothing - it give no result. So, there's what i did: for testing i turned off campfire, to make test faster, and i render 10 frames of two sequences - one with default 512 vm_sample_cachesize and second with 512*10, and result was the same. i think the main problem in this setup, "the bottleneck", as they say - is the campfire. I mean i render flames obviously separately - and it's no problem very fast. But, i'm talking about light from flames - volumelight, which create light from flames on plants and trees around. I use simple area light, in witch i set flames sop path as geometry object and material (just like volumelight shelf tool can give). A little bet higher up sample quality(1.2) and increase a point cloud setting, from default 16 to 32. Else little bet increased shading quality to 0.75. Attached file - this is the tiff from testing, without light from flames and without compositing, straight from Houdini and it having a great render time - 1 hour 45 mins
  6. Forest campfire rendering in Houidini Mantra

    Yes, everything is cached out, to not waste time on this during the render. When you using instancefile attribute you setting path to files on disk using string attribute I will test out with this setting and compare how it change rendertime, hope it helps
  7. Forest campfire rendering in Houidini Mantra

    Yes, that's what i'm doing - having a lot separate aov's to use them in compositing later. About texturing, i think that's you right. There can be a problem, wich i didn't covered. I have a lot 4k/8k textures. Maybe this is a case, I think i can easily decrease resolution of textures down to 1/2k and it will go faster with no loss in result. And rat - yes i converted all textures in .rat to not do it during the rendering. with memory i have no problem - it far from filling up all ram, i think it even not getting a half of my 32gigs, so there is everythink fine. First setup was created using simple instances (not instancefile, just instance attribute) and it was very very slow - i mean before even start to render frame it spend 2 hrs to evaluate everything before render. But i recreated all using instancefile attribute and it setups all in some seconds. About sample_data_cache limit i didn't knew, will test this setting in my free time, big thanks! i think it can really help in optimisation process.
  8. Forest campfire rendering in Houidini Mantra

    Yes, that's what i did - box with uniform volume and stochastic samples. Can you say a little bet of optimisation, if you can? i just researched it to make my render faster, tested out many different rendering setting and 5to6 hours is the best i can get from it. Maybe i'm missing something? Ended up with this mantra settings: pixel samples 4x4; min 1; max 10; noise level 0.006; allow motion blur; all limits at zeroes; Five lights in scene - 3 area lights(sampling quality1), 1 enviroment(dome light - sampling 2.4 with sky enviroment map enabled) and 1 volumelight for light from fireplace(sampling quality 1.2, Point samples 32 and shading quality 0.75) all geo instanced using instancefile to make it more efficent, shaders simple principled shaders with maps on it.
  9. Forest campfire rendering in Houidini Mantra

    Thanks! Totaly agreed, later noticed that spec on grass/plants looks not so good, will try to keep up a better shading in next project! When i gathered all together i had around 10 hrs\frame, 720p, on single old i7. BAD. But after optimisations, i was able to decrease rendertime to 5-6hrs/frame. In first setup i had volumetric fog at distance, wich was creating a sort of great atmosphere, but it significatly increased rendertime, so decided to fake it on compositing, using z pass, little bit cheaper but much faster result. Else turned of SSS on plants, plased less detailed instances on far distances from camera, turned off additional bounces (checked out with and without them - they had a very low influence on final image (almoust none), but were taking a lot of additional rendertime). And after tweaking a mantra settings in final got out with something around 5-6 hrs/frame. But it still a little bet noisy. The same, but 1080p on test frames was going around 10 hrs(+\-).
  10. Megascan animated vegetation

    If it's now supercloseup and wind not like hurricane, just to make sequence more alive, you can do it with simple animated noises
  11. Hello everyone! I have some problem, during the rendering of forest - i have lot's of trees (instances, using instancefile), which have bark displacement(sharedisplacement enabled), and i have volumelight from bonfire (pyrosim with edited flames shader, volumelight simply created from shelf tool, it has flames material and pyro volume as geo, i only increased amount of points in pointcloud of volumelight to have less noise in render). In all of this camera slowly flying into the bonfire. So, during the rendering of volumelight, it have this artefacts (black squares on screenshot), which i can't find the way to fix them. This "squares" are blinking, during the batch render - one frame they exist, the other - don't. Is someone meet this problem before? There's any way to fix this? Other lights don't have this bug, it's coming only from volumelight.
  12. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Thank's for sharing! Look's great!
  13. Canary Surge V2

    Looks fantastic! Great job!
  14. Flip fluid collapsing in on itself, how can I prevent this?

    Have you tried "Apply Particle separation" inside FLIP solver -> Particle Motion -> Separation?