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  1. (SOLVED)POP: Rotating instanced geometry help

    Oh, haha ignore that chop! At first, I tried randomizing them a different way, but that chop isn't being used. All the work is now being done easily with that pop drag spin.
  2. (SOLVED)POP: Rotating instanced geometry help

    Wrangling angular velocity should work with pops. Here's a slight modification to your file. I've given each particle an initial random direction in SOPS then used the POP drag spin node to do the random spinning in DOPs. geoinstance_rotationv00-jt.hip
  3. Any ideas on how to get a cratered moon-like surface?

    hey smbell, here's a simple approach thats quick and might do what you want (not sure) cratered_terrain_12.hiplc
  4. Mixing animations from Mixamo.com

    Delve into Agent Transition Graphs. Its pretty complicated to set up but worth it because of the sophisticated blending between characters with the same underlying rig it allows. Ive done it with mixamo animated rigs and it works well!
  5. ÖBST

    beautiful! such a nice concept, simulation and texturing.
  6. Houdini For The Artist - Quick Tips

    Thanks for making these!
  7. Packing circles of different radius

    Here's another approach. imperfect, but quick, works on any surface, and is only a few nodes. circle packing.hip
  8. constraint_issues

    Well, your glue strength was set at zero, so all the constraints break nearly instantly. Also your regenerating the constraint network on each frame, which is not good. Here's a hip with your setup working: house_JT_v011.hip
  9. houdini non-circular gear (no teeth)

    How do you get the non-circular gear to rotate like you've shown in your example? Mine is stationary. Thanks for the share.
  10. Differential Erosion

    There's a lot more going on in that area contraction video. My guess is they're taking a base torus, filling it with particles, giving the particles a varying density attribute driven by voronoi noise, fading the density over time, converting those particles into a volume, smoothing the volume, and finally converting that volume into poly's. You can also use the vdb reshape sdf node to erode your volume and get a similar effect.
  11. image sequence as texture but then some

    Any way to do this in 2017? I would like to texture an array of planes each with a different still image. The images can be pulled from an image sequence or folder of images. Is this possible without building a separate shader for each plane?
  12. Best NPR ever

    Thank you tim, I spent most of the day yesterday trying to accomplish those few lines of VEX.
  13. Best NPR ever

    I built this simple outline effect which works pretty well. Better than I would have expected. However its slow to update in the viewport. Can any of you show me how to rewrite the point sop normal expressions (origin("","../../cam1", "TX")-$TX) into VEX code? That's where the normals are oriented toward the camera. VEX would speed this up a ton but I can't figure out the right vex. I also can't figure out how to delete only primitives who's normals are oriented towards the camera. quick outline5.hip
  14. Mr.

    Thanks Edward, you provided the key I needed to fix it. When I had the capturing in the same subnet as the rig everything got scrambled. Fixing was as simple as moving the nodes where the capturing occurred and pasting them outside of that subnet. It makes sense now that its fixed: I never want capturing to be moved or scaled once its set, particularly if the capture weights are based on distance from the bones, like it is here. Only the rig should be moved. Painted capture weights might not have this problem.
  15. Mr.

    No-one knows how to scale a rigged character in houdini?