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  1. I tried increasing the scatter points but it does not work.
  2. HI guys, I am having problem packing geometry after using vornoi fracture. On one side i am using vdb to sphere using for-loop to create accuracy in sim for concave geometry on the other side i am using pack primitive to transfer the points for high resolution geo simulation. The problem is that the total number of points on side is different. if anyone could help would be great. thanks
  3. I have question, is there away i can only render zdepth pass in mantra render?
  4. I have a distruction scene where i have cached the sim but i am between of adding texture on the geomtry but i am not sure how to add texture after caching the sim?
  5. Apparently my material shader builder is not working in Houdini FX 15.5? anyone have any idea please let me know. I am in middle of the project right now.
  6. Sopsolver-timestep

    thank you very much for all your effort man. I really appreciate it. I feel really great how people are willing to help student like me. Btw, you are an FX artist. right? how long do you have been in this industry? Would you liek to give me any direction, since i have 6 month for graduation and hopefully i am trying get enough knowledge as possible once i am out of school.
  7. Sopsolver-timestep

    Hi Andrea, I understood the differennce between version 1 and version 2 sopsolver. But since i am new to houdini. I am really struggling to understand the syntax issues. Here is my file once again. Could you please help me to setup the node according to your description. flocking_system.hipnc
  8. Sopsolver-timestep

    hi I was trying to use Sopsolver expression to output the previous timestep, but i am not getting the result. this is the expression i use inside sopnetwork using object merge node. stamps("../OUT", "DATAPATH", "../../.:agents/Geometry") flocking_system.hipnc