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  1. Morphing Geometry

    Look at "vdb morph sdf" That should work.
  2. kill by velocity

    You can kill them based on the speed of the particles which based of the length of the velocity vector. if(length(v@v) < chf("threshold")) removepoint(0, i@id);
  3. random particle detach from surface

    Have a look at this is basically the same. You can attrib transfer or just noise that goes from black to white, there are many different ways to do the same thing. The important thing is to have the pop wrangle getting the attribute into DOPs.
  4. Vellum - updating wind per frame

    The wrangle that you have in the sop version needs to be "first context geometry" instead of myself since you are updating the attrib every timestep. Also, make sure that you are using the same cloth constraint in both solvers.
  5. Rendering Deep AOV with Redshift

    Just in case Deep only support objID, depth, and volumes for now, for volumes you need 3.0.32 and up.
  6. Object is not showed up

    You need to delete the material that comes with the new pyro solver. SmokeBlock.hipnc
  7. Exporting Fur from Houdini to Maya (Redshift)

    Sure here you go Guy_v001.ma
  8. Exporting Fur from Houdini to Maya (Redshift)

    Here you go this loading the alembic in BF and render it or as I mentioned before, from this output you can create RS proxy. Download BF, the rebel pack, and MJCG Compounds https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/bifrost-forum/bifrost-2-2-released/td-p/9924847 https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/bifrost-forum/rebel-pack-0-4-0-for-bifrost-2-2-released/td-p/9931158 https://area.autodesk.com/downloads/mjcg-compounds-132/
  9. Exporting Fur from Houdini to Maya (Redshift)

    So is redshift working now? if so go the proxy route. If not do the alembic curves from Houdini load them in Bifrost convert them to poly and render or just read the data in, output it, and do redshift proxy in Maya. Again if you can share the .hip that would be better, it doesn't have to be the whole thing just give me something to work with.
  10. Now you can use Bifrost, you can also read all kinds of attributes back and forth between the 2.
  11. Pyro through collision

    I'm guessing you do not want any of the smoke coming out of the collision then use a static obj and choose a volume collision. Mode > volume sample. HDQ_FB_Fx_fireBall_v003.010_ODForce.hip
  12. Exporting Fur from Houdini to Maya (Redshift)

    can you share the .hip? or at least a sample scene of the hair. A redshift proxy from Houdini to Maya should work. Also, the alembic route should work as well.
  13. Randomly scale down particles with a linear field

  14. You need to do that inside a sop solver in Dops. So your "box" can be read in Dops.
  15. Depending what kind of attribute you are trying to pass to RS, use one of these nodes, (vector, float, etc)