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  1. Redshift hair rendering (for Feathers)

    I cant look at the file right now, but have a look at this https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/22890/
  2. Houdini 18 Wishlist

  3. Reverse ptnum on a prim

    are you trying to reverse because of the skinning sop not working correctly right? if so both options should work.
  4. Reverse ptnum on a prim

    or just use a reverse node and in "source group" add your prim 1
  5. [SOLVED] vex groups question

    Use the partition Sop.
  6. nothing much the intersection analysis is just the default and the add is to make a line from the pts (which are coming from the intersection analysys)
  7. Is this what you want? Im kind of confused what you are asking.
  8. Look for the intersection analysis node.
  9. Help/F1 now just pulls up Google

    Try this, in your env. HOUDINI_EXTERNAL_HELP_BROWSER = 1 is a faster way to get the help to pop up.
  10. @pscale for vellum grain?

    You can always overwrite @pscale after the vellum grain source. Add a wrangle after such as f@pscale = fit01(rand(@ptnum), .05, .1); or whatever and it should work.
  11. you are pointing out your NULL "CONSTRAINTS" to the wrong wrangle and that wrangle still as vicvvsh mentioned need to be change to run over primitives.
  12. texturing test geometry with redshift

    Yes, you can grab the textures from the test geo if you right click and "allow editing of contents" then go to the shopnet and you'll see all the textures for example the pig head diffuse is opdef:/Sop/testgeometry_pighead?lowres.jpg You can use the same in the RS texture. Make sure to turn off "add shader" in the test geo.
  13. Constraints for Wire Solver Simulation

    Is this what you want? if so the attrb is pintoanimation not pin_to_anim
  14. Mesh Reveal

    You need to accumulate your color from the previous frame, so use a solver. Again look at https://www.motionoperators.com Rnd_Hand.hipnc
  15. Download the game dev tools which they come with Houdini and use the path deform, there is not need for the wire deform in this case at all. pathdeform.hipnc