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  1. Using mattes in redshift?

    It does work in RS but you have to do an extra step in RS. When you add objects to the force parameter it will enable the `Matte Params From` what I usually do is create a NULL then add the Obj properties in there and enable the Matte and do whatever you need to do there.
  2. Initial particles orientation

    Do the same that you are doing with the scatter, randomize the global seed of the orient attrib @Frame*2244 or something like that.
  3. it works for me in a prim wrangle as you can see I also use the attrib randomize. I use the 2 values distribution so I just get 1 or 0 but you can do whatever you want.
  4. create a prim attrib like `@frizzampscale = rand(@primnum);` before the frizz and then use it where it says `no override` pick the `guide attribute` in the amplitude dropdown. And just reading your question again, you can do this in any of the dropdowns btw.
  5. You do not need to do that. Think in pts. f@pscale (uniform scale) is the attribute that you use to affect the torus that way, and delete the point function in the torus. There is a lot of different attributes that you can give to your pts before the copy to points, which reads these attributes. I would recommend going through this. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/model/attributes.html
  6. I really do not know what you are trying to do looking at your file. Do you want to do something like this?
  7. Environment Variables issue

    is probably an error probably `&` that guy you have somewhere repeated twice or isn't in the right place, etc, just guessing here. The best thing to do is if you post you .env file here.
  8. I wouldn't use copy stamp but if you add attrib randomize you can use distribution `custom discrete` which can give you weight for each pt
  9. that is what is happening, look at the spreadsheet and you can also just put a pop color in ramp mode and do `ramp = @age;` and you will see it another representation or outside of the popnet as well, use a visualization node.
  10. if I understood correctly what you want - in your wrangle inside the pop network just add if (@active == 0){ @mass=0; @age = 0;` }
  11. Houdini to Maya RBD Fracture

    Try to soften/harden normals or set to face.
  12. FLIP: Reference bound position to container fluid

    What do you mean with `at frame`? There's no problem with redimensioning the container, that just focuses on where you want the sim to happens.
  13. FLIP: Reference bound position to container fluid

    You can use channel reference or use the bbox() hscript function for the box size and the centroid function for the Box center.
  14. ACES for Attribute from map

    You have to convert all jpgs, pngs, etc into ACES CG not matter what you used it for, the same goes with your HDRs, linear EXR, etc. If you want to work in ACES. Also, it depends on your render of choice if fully works in ACES. There is a lot to it. This is the best resource out there, explains everything in detail, it is long but I would highly recommend it. https://chrisbrejon.com/cg-cinematography/chapter-1-5-academy-color-encoding-system-aces/ If you want something shorter, Check this one from Toad. https://www.toadstorm.com/blog/?p=694