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  1. Noisy wireframe look

    Here is a quick setup. wire.hip
  2. Transfer Attribute to control Parameter

    You can use @pscale for the radius on the sweep so either you can just rename the falloff attribute from mops_falloff to pscale or in a wrangle do f@pscale = f@mops_falloff; before going to the sweep.
  3. if you want to render this postfx baked you have to add them postfx you need to have the first boxes checked by default they are not. However, I wouldn't recommend doing this but if you want that there go you.
  4. sharex https://getsharex.com/
  5. Animated Texture Redshift

    It should work fine in RS, it will give you a warning but you can ignore that, it will render the seq. You can promote the parameter as well (still will warn, just ignore) if you frame starting something other than 1 you should use `padzero` function.
  6. There are a few possibilities in H for Sops you have Mask from Geometry, attrb transfer, Mops, etc Vex, nearpoints, pcopen, etc
  7. Get input to DOP Network in POP wrangle

    if you do not post your .hip I'm not what you are doing but one way to do it is using the proximity pop node. Here you go. kill.hip
  8. you do not need to separate the materials like that you can use just one and since you, output groups you use the same material add more with the + btn then apply the material that you wish. Like this in gif
  9. edit a string (path from maya)

    Add this python code after you alembic (using the python sop) and it should strip out the "shape" from the abc and it should give you what you need. node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() for prim in geo.prims(): path = prim.attribValue("path") newpath = path[:path.rfind("/")] prim.setAttribValue("path",newpath)
  10. Limiting the area to be noised

    what version of H are you using? unless you are using a build older than 16.5 should work, Just try to drop a new node.
  11. Limiting the area to be noised

    there is plenty of ways of doing this. You can either use a "mask from geometry" sop node, attrib transfer, in vex, use MOPs, etc. Here is a quick one using the first method mask.hip
  12. prodedural motion graphic (text) animation

    cheating?? how so?
  13. use point deform instead
  14. prodedural motion graphic (text) animation

    If you are interested in motion graphics and you are coming from C4D or Maya (Mash) I highly recommend MOPs is a free open source project from Henry (great guy but do not tell him that) for more complex stuff I would also recommend MOP + but first get the hang of MOPs - below is a link on how to get started and use them. or Rohan as well