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  1. Houdini 17 Launch Event

    Sneak Peak!
  2. New to houdini

    There is a lot of material for learning Houdini now days, here is a few links Matt has a great site with a bunch of snippets and great examples as well on how to get started http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=Main_Page Side FX has a foundations book as well, Pretty well done. https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/houdini-foundations-book/ Henry also has some great thing on his blog. Also he and Moritz are the creators of MOPs https://www.motionoperators.com/ http://www.toadstorm.com/blog/ Rohan has a series of introduction to Houdini. Which are pretty easy to understand. Cg Circuit just release a series as well https://www.cgcircuit.com/course/houdini-for-the-new-artist
  3. This is one way to do it in the resample Sop you could also use a UV Texture Sop and put in rows and columns as well and make sure attribute class is points and instead of using the @curveu you will use @uv.x Anyway here you go. scaleAlongCurve.hipnc
  4. Volume color rendering in Redshift

    Check out this topic on the forums https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/13007/P15/#103643
  5. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Now Im guessing you can post this. All the presentations from Siggraph are available! https://vimeo.com/goprocedural and talking about H17
  6. Scatter Piece attribute ?

    Nop it just creates a voronoi fracture from the model tab shelf.
  7. Scatter Piece attribute ?

    Shatter not scatter.
  8. Scatter Piece attribute ?

    Are you talking the scatter SOP? in the help card doesnt say anything about it. Post a link.
  9. Scatter Piece attribute ?

    Can you explain what you are looking for a little better? what do you mean the scatter SOP create a piece attrb?
  10. Check out this tutorial, it goes over the new way of doing things with copy to points, attributes, etc.
  11. random strength attribute

    you can use a fit function i@strength = int(fit01(rand(@primnum + chf("seed")), 1, 10));
  12. Export/Import issue

    Yes it will, just unpack and convert after you import into Houdini.
  13. Export/Import issue

    I would say go with Alembic instead.