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  1. You can do vector h = point(1, "P", @ptnum); f@height = h.y; or with opinput f@height = v@opinput1_P.y;
  2. Flip

    by default, the flip solver has age off so you have to turn it on by checking this box. viscous_flip.hipnc
  3. is because the find shortest path is killing the attributes needed by the attrib interpolate so just use the attrib transfer them after the find shortest path node.
  4. Pathdeform issue when scatter on surface

    you were overcomplicating the setup. Don't need to ctp, etc the path deform takes care of that. Pathdeform.hip
  5. Not sure exactly what you mean, you have a screenshot here showing some track footage and an image plane. You can move the image plane in space with the depth setting in Maya. Is that what you want? moving the image plane in Z?
  6. delete the @pscale attrib coming from vellum
  7. You can use the emission attrib for that. Or you could scatter pts and use the density attrib and then just emit from those. Different ways to accomplish the same
  8. Exporting Houdini Particles to Maya

    Do not need anything of that anymore btw. Just use Bifrost Graph and export them as pts from H. It will bring all attributes, etc.
  9. Working fine here .589. Try this package 00_Redshift.json
  10. Play with the settings to get what you need
  11. Not sure what you mean exactly by influencing the vertices? something like this? curvemask.hip
  12. Need help for a smooth POP emission

    I highly recommend watching this so you understand and he shares some nice tricks.