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  1. Voronoi Fracture in for loop

    you need to loop on the new pieces, not the initial pieces that you set up at the first voronoi. You need to take care of the name attribute as well. By the way, the material fracture does all this for you as well. VoronoiFractureLoop_FIX.hiplc
  2. bitmaps controlling glue strength in RBD

    You got a few things wrong with your setup. First of all the constraint attribute `strength` should be a primitive, not a point, so after the wrangle, I promote to primitive the attribute. Also, your wrangles were set up to some group that it didn't exist, also one of them was connected to the wrong path. One more thing in the `rbdconstraintproperties` you can set up the strength to 1 since is gonna be a multiplier to the wrangle above. I color the nodes in red that I fixed for you. color_to_glue_strength_attempt_FIX.hiplc
  3. Custom AOV with V-Ray ?

    What do you mean exactly? This works as expected if you have those channels they showed up in vray buffer as you can see.
  4. Attach Hair To Animated Geo

    You to tell the constraints which pts you want to atta ch to the geo. Create a grp of the pts that you need and add the grp the constraint. Here is a fix. Hair Fallout.hiplc
  5. RBD Material Fracture Constraints Setup

    Is your name attrib, all messed up. Either use a wrangle and add this line s@name = sprintf("piece%d", @ptnum); or after the assemble unpack your geo (Transfer the name attrib) > connectadjacentpieces
  6. No need for a for each there just use the pts. with an extract centroid sop use and an attrib wrangle to create an id. orientation in copy to point.hiplc
  7. Do it in SOPs in a wrangle or attrib create.
  8. VEX infection

    It is working fine here - you aren't seeing the color because you have the grp in the wrangle which isn't updating. You can see the attrib is getting updated, so you do not need the grp there.
  9. Slow motion pyro

    if you are in 17.5 why don't you use the retime node that comes with Houdini?
  10. Custom AOV with V-Ray ?

    The nightlies builds - if you are a customer you can get them at nightlies.chaosgroup.com - then just log in as normal and you should see this. If you don't send an email to support@chaosgroup.com
  11. Custom AOV with V-Ray ?

    are you getting them from the stable nightlies build? if you download it from the website you won't get any of that I don't think. This was released sometime in March/April this year, You are definitely in an old build - I can tell because of your icons
  12. Custom AOV with V-Ray ?

    If you check the vray Material output you will see the AOV tab.
  13. Removing Points on corners

    Not sure why isn't working with the ctp as it is, if you use a transform and move the sphere to the pt it works as well. Anyway, for now if you add a vdbfrompolys after the ctp it works. This might be a bug so it might good to report it.
  14. Emitt RBD from particles

    Use pop forces
  15. Houdini 18 is Out!

    New VEX functions and expressions https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini18.0/news/18/vex.html