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  1. You do not need to use an attrib transfer btw. You can use a pop collision inside DOPs and you can output a grp for the hit the collision for you to color post sim. Flip is just pts so you can use any of the pop nodes. Here is the scene fixed. ap_flip_colorize_collision.hiplc
  2. is because you are using a new OTL 2.0 of the guide groom, you can go back to use version 1.0 if you go to Assets > Asset Manager > Configuration and change asset definition to show always then you can change the OTL version. However, you should be able to do the same with the newest OTL.
  3. Viewport display issue

    Did your Nvidia update drivers by any chance? I would try either updating your drivers. Use the studio drivers if you aren't already.
  4. Dotted Points in Viewport

    I'll point you up to this thread Tomas explains this pretty well here. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/70013/#post-297385 Anyway, if you want a to create a line from edge with one node, use the Labs_edge_Group_to Curve node from the Labs
  5. That is indeed a problem and that's is almost inevitable, basically, you gotta paint weight, drop a capture layer paint, and have fun. Then you can add some delta mush in the mix as well.
  6. Redshift instancing issue

    can you share the .hip or repro scene where this is happening?
  7. It does here 19.0.455 Rig_figure.hiplc
  8. uncheck preserve input geo since is keeping the polygons as well. You can also use tet embed node.
  9. use a retime node in a shift range mode to change the seq to start from 301 then you can create a timeshift and clamp both and just add your start and end frame.
  10. Not sure what you are doing without looking at your .hip but if you have a grp you can use that so it just applies the scale to those pts in the grp. Most of the sops like the transform, attrib randomize, wrangles, etc can be used with a grp.
  11. Viewport Reticle

    Have a look at this one. Works great.
  12. rest length to color range

    Here you go Baloon_issue.hip
  13. rest length to color range

    you probably want to put @rest attrib in your before sim then post sim use a wrangle and calculate the distance between @P and @rest. using the distance function, then use the float attrib for masking your transparency. You can use a ramp for more control as well in your shading network.
  14. show trajectory

    Another trick is to use to motion clip from kinefx. Pack your geo so Assemble > motionclip > motionclipextractkeyposes then lower the key poses threshold and that should give your key poses or close to it, then merge that with the trail sop