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  1. Randomly scale down particles with a linear field

  2. You need to do that inside a sop solver in Dops. So your "box" can be read in Dops.
  3. Depending what kind of attribute you are trying to pass to RS, use one of these nodes, (vector, float, etc)
  4. Installing RedShift?

    You need to update The Labs from Sidefx https://www.sidefx.com/products/sidefx-labs/sidefx-labs-tools/
  5. use the bridge sop to connect the 2 polys properly then bevel so is one piece or you can also convert them to Vdbs and back to polys
  6. Installing RedShift?

    Download 3.024 and install the plugin for 532 https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/32053/
  7. Installing RedShift?

    There is not an official version for 532 yet out. It should come in the next version - 3.0.25 plus other goodies like OSL Closures. Sidefx changes HDK all the time so they have compiled the plugin because it breaks. However, Juanjo released a version for .532 if you are eager to test. Need to go to the website and download the update.
  8. setting attributes that stick

    You need a sop solver for that.
  9. random rotate top face of polygon?

    You are missing / 2 ch("../tube3/height")/2
  10. scale towards the center of the geometry

    You can use the primitive sop or the transform sop and in there use either centroid function or `$CEX, $CEY, $CEZ`
  11. Mixing animations from Mixamo.com

    Have a look at this from Adam, might help. https://gumroad.com/adamswaab#hsluC
  12. redshift ambient occlusion

    You need to put a name on the custom Aov and it needs to match the name on the ROP.
  13. too slow redshift rendering

    Changed the menu in the task manager from 3D to Cuda and you will see what your card is doing when rendering with RS. RS uses CPU to extract geo plus other things for example like when rendering some Aovs like Crypto.
  14. Mops and Rbd Car

    Another way to do this which it will be faster than deforming since bullet has to compute on every frame. You can use the new extract transform sop, which will give you all the transformations and the output of that is just the pts of your geo. Then you can use the transform pieces to apply the data to your pack geo. You probably won't notice the difference with such a small amount of pieces but when you have a bunch of more data (geo) I would recommend going this route.
  15. Houdini Redshift build advice

    I also would add to get at least 2 graphics cards. 8GB of vram is kind of on the limit but again it depends of what you do. I will get 2 though since 1 on them will eating resources when connected to your monitor.