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  1. RBD does not fracture ?

    Pack your geometry, put an assemble at the end. IntroScene.hipnc
  2. house collapsing

    need to upload the building as well or whatever assets you are using
  3. is working just fine here with texture and without. 2.6.42
  4. you didn't post the texture so I can't test it but if you add a UV Texture SOP, probably will solve your issue.
  5. Delete grains from existing hole ?

    Just use a @P.y threshold as Martin said before, is more straight forward.
  6. Do you have any UVs on the mesh? did you add the material to the mesh? if you post a .hip will be faster to help you out.
  7. Redshift motion blur issue

    is working just fine here 2.6.42
  8. Redshift motion blur issue

    can you post .hip
  9. rendering uv texture in redshift

    You want the picture that the UV quick shade produce to render in RS? if that is the case, save the img as .jpg because .pic will not render properly from $HFS/houdini/pic/ which is located in C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 17.0.506\houdini\pic if you are in windows. then just apply as a texture in your material.
  10. Thistle One

    Awesome! Great Job! Btw change your location, you confused me ; ) Nevermind about this ^.
  11. Redshift Proxy Workflow in Houdini

    you can add them and then override them as well, so is pretty flexible.
  12. normal point center

    There is a better way, I'm sure of it but this works. center_fix.hiplc
  13. Typo

    Check you transform, you have a typo. $CEX, $CEY, $CEZ
  14. Volumetric Light Fog with Redshift

    Apply a material to the tint shader, connect the rs noise into the volume port. Then just hit render, make sure that your light is contributing to the Volume fog. See below.
  15. Learning redshift

    You have a shelf tool, where you can add the obj properties, and btw now as soon as you add a geo it gets added by default.