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  1. rendering uv texture in redshift

    You want the picture that the UV quick shade produce to render in RS? if that is the case, save the img as .jpg because .pic will not render properly from $HFS/houdini/pic/ which is located in C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 17.0.506\houdini\pic if you are in windows. then just apply as a texture in your material.
  2. Thistle One

    Awesome! Great Job! Btw change your location, you confused me ; ) Nevermind about this ^.
  3. Redshift Proxy Workflow in Houdini

    you can add them and then override them as well, so is pretty flexible.
  4. normal point center

    There is a better way, I'm sure of it but this works. center_fix.hiplc
  5. Typo

    Check you transform, you have a typo. $CEX, $CEY, $CEZ
  6. Volumetric Light Fog with Redshift

    Apply a material to the tint shader, connect the rs noise into the volume port. Then just hit render, make sure that your light is contributing to the Volume fog. See below.
  7. Learning redshift

    You have a shelf tool, where you can add the obj properties, and btw now as soon as you add a geo it gets added by default.
  8. You can do it pretty much the same way as Mantra, but you need to make sure to uncheck "non-blocking current frame rendering" in the Rop main tab
  9. Redshift crash (log attached)

    you might be running out of RAM, also what version of RS are you using? Also, go to the Redshift Menu > PLugins options > Debug and check Verbose so you can see what exactly is going on. One more question what drivers are you using and system Specs? But yes if you put you post in RS forum Juanjo will help for sure with the log.
  10. mix vellum and bullet

    Vellum + Bullet do not work together yet as far as I know unless they added support for in one of the latest builds.
  11. Normal wrong direction

    you mean instead of going to the positive Z you want them to go negative? if so just drop a point wrangle and add. Btw I wouldn't use the point sop is deprecated. @N = {0,0,-1}; Depending on what you want. @N = {0,0,1};
  12. the add and if statement ... if(@density == 0) removepoint(0, @ptnum); or you could save img and use in the density texture.
  13. use the density attrb instead in the scatter and put Cd or density
  14. Dont need a foreach, just add a resample, dont need to resample anything just make sure to check the curveu attrb. Then in a wrangle. f@width = chramp("myRamp", @curveu); add a polywire and use the attrb @width. You can add a fuse as well if you wish to.
  15. Trouble with fracturing an object

    import to Houdini Alembic ROP or Alembic archive > unpack > Convert Then scatter points and use the fracture tool.
  16. Redshift ramp does not work..

    Not sure about your setup, but here is working RS_.hipnc
  17. Warning after Houdini launch

  18. add some noise to cables/ropes?

    Here is one way, You can control the ramp so you can affect where you want to add the noise, etc noiseWires.hipnc
  19. how to duplicate vertices / points?

    point replicate, copy and transform or use a transform and merge it back?
  20. Liquid collision

    if you check your collision geo you will see why, anyway here is a fix. OKP_waterPour_v03_fix.hipnc
  21. Extrude by colour

    You need to bring your attrb into Vops here is a fix version, if you need a reverse add a fit range. color_extrude0_fix.hipnc
  22. Take a look at this thread
  23. not in my computer right now, so I cant have a look but I'll point you out to this https://www.motionoperators.com mograph tools for H
  24. in short, you gotta use a for each make an attrb to the pts that you want select then on the switch just use the point function. Also you should check this out