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  1. Increase FLIP viscosity with particle age?

  2. Custom AOV with V-Ray ?

    That's something that I believe they will implement very soon, but right now you can try op:/ path to the extra tex.
  3. copy different pieces to different point issue

    I can see a couple of things wrong with your setup. Not sure why you have a for each there that you aren't using that is not why isn't working but not needed. Also, your objects that you want to copy they all should be at {0,0,0}. You are using a deprecated technique. I think it will be better if you post .hip Check out MOPs https://www.motionoperators.com/ This as well https://www.toadstorm.com/blog/?p=493 Or have a look at, you are missing some fundamentals
  4. Custom AOV with V-Ray ?

    You need the Extra Channel node and hook up whatever you want in the textmap for a custom AOV
  5. PointWrangle x PopWrangle

    You need make sure in the pop wrangle you use the right input. On the input tab.
  6. Particle Material Assignment Problem - Redshift

    Not a bug is just how RS works if you are using the particle tech. So you best bet split them out in 3 different geos and obj merge each individual grp particle that you want to look different.
  7. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Coming soon
  8. As Clear mentioned not out the box. However, you can do it yourself with python states https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/python_states.html or try this method from youtube
  9. you are using hscript which the group expression doesn't support. you need to use vex. it should be @Cd.x > 2
  10. Maya not reading alembic UVs

    Without seeing a .hip or some screenshots, a better explanation is difficult to guess. We go back and forth without issues.
  11. Pop forces falloff options

    If you want something more visual you could always use the Mops Fall-offs or I believe in 17.5 H also add it a falloff node, which in my opinion isn't that great or you also have Lynx by Luca https://www.motionoperators.com/
  12. imported geometry pivot

    Should be able to open the pivot transformation tab in the transform and add $CEX and $CEZ.
  13. RBD does not fracture ?

    Pack your geometry, put an assemble at the end. IntroScene.hipnc
  14. house collapsing

    need to upload the building as well or whatever assets you are using
  15. is working just fine here with texture and without. 2.6.42
  16. you didn't post the texture so I can't test it but if you add a UV Texture SOP, probably will solve your issue.
  17. Delete grains from existing hole ?

    Just use a @P.y threshold as Martin said before, is more straight forward.
  18. Do you have any UVs on the mesh? did you add the material to the mesh? if you post a .hip will be faster to help you out.
  19. Redshift motion blur issue

    is working just fine here 2.6.42
  20. Redshift motion blur issue

    can you post .hip
  21. rendering uv texture in redshift

    You want the picture that the UV quick shade produce to render in RS? if that is the case, save the img as .jpg because .pic will not render properly from $HFS/houdini/pic/ which is located in C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 17.0.506\houdini\pic if you are in windows. then just apply as a texture in your material.
  22. Thistle One

    Awesome! Great Job! Btw change your location, you confused me ; ) Nevermind about this ^.
  23. Redshift Proxy Workflow in Houdini

    you can add them and then override them as well, so is pretty flexible.
  24. normal point center

    There is a better way, I'm sure of it but this works. center_fix.hiplc
  25. Typo

    Check you transform, you have a typo. $CEX, $CEY, $CEZ