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  1. Houdini fluid sim export to blender

    Thank you, I'll test this!
  2. Houdini fluid sim export to blender

    that's good to know... can you also run the sims in the background with TOPs? running them while houdini is running with the GUI doesn't sound ideal
  3. Houdini fluid sim export to blender

    Hey Doc, thanks for your reply! Yes that worked, yesterday I already found out and I was coming to share the info here! Moreover I think I was using the wrong ROP... I think the right one is ROPfetch, not ROPgeometry. Moreover, I think that maybe hqueue is better suited for what I need to do, since I don't need variations, and hqueue seems more complete when it comes to queuing jobs, as it gives info about the time for each job and houdini runs in the background. I also managed to understand how to delete the spray particles from the whitewater: I used a delete node, in expression mode with the expression "@spray>.1"
  4. Houdini fluid sim export to blender

    some update about the batch baking: I think what I need to look into is TOP networks as it seems to be a tool to execute several tasks automatically. I still need to figure out how it works exactly but I managed to take my first steps into it and I used a ROPgeomentry node to baked the flip simulation in the TOP network. Things worked as I got my sim files on the disk and those work correctly. The only problem is that baking this way seems to be incredibly slow compared to the normal file cache node in the fluid network: baking the same 120 frames, with the same settings took 2 minutes baking from the cache node, while it took over 40 in the top network. I think I am obviously doing something wrong... any help here please?
  5. Hi everyone! I am doing a fluid simulation in houdini that I then want to export in blender. I already achieved something, but I think I am in need of a couple of advices and I hope someone can help me here. This is the result so far after I exported all the elements in blender: VA_WaveTest_Houdini_002.mp4 Question1: how do I export whitewater separating spray from the foam and the bubbles? I am exporting whitewater using alembic to blender and it works great... However at the moment it's all in the same file, foam, bubbles and spray. While the former two I think can be rendered together, I would like to have the spray on a separate alembic or even better VDB so I can render it as a volume. How can I do so? Here you can see my current setup... I see that in the whitewater_IMPORT node group houdini extract some volume info from the whitewater particles so I tried to export those as a VDB but once I imported in blender I think that ALL the whitewater has been exported in the VDB not only the spray. I guess I would have to isolate some part of the whitewater based on some attribute, but I am a bit lost here... Can anyone give me a hand please? Question2: Is there a way to automate all the steps of the simulation caching process? So far I've been doing R&D but when the time for the final simulation come I would like to automate a bit the baking process. At the moment I cache in sequence: flip sim, whitewater sim, mesh and then I export the mesh and the white water to VDB. I would like to know if I can create some kind of BATCH of those actions so that I can leave the computer to crunch overnight and it will automatically start the next step after finishing baking the previous one. Thanks everyone for any help in advance!
  6. thank you for the superfast answer! that worked! I tried with a merge node, but it was actually the copy node I had to use. I managed to import spheres in blender, which is good. Problem is, they polycount is out of control. Is there a way to instance points instead of spheres, so that I can use them to instance spheres in blender later? THank you again!
  7. Hi! I am trying to export a flip simulation with white water to blender with alembic. The liquid mesh gets exported correctly, but the white water is not the same as in houdini. in Houdini I have whitewater source, sim and import. Only source and import are bridged to blender. Whitewater_import, which I believe is what I need, is just an empty with no geometry. The source is like in houdini, but it doesn't look like the final white water sim. So I was wondering if there's a way to import correctly the whitewater in blender. I thought that if I could convert the whitewater particles to points already in houdini, I could then export that geo to blender, but I am not very knowledgeable in houdini so I didn't manage to do it. Can someone help me with this, or maybe you have a better idea to deal with this problem? Thank you in advance!
  8. Object falling on water surface

    Ok... I am back already. Diving deeper in the retiming topic, I found some problem that I didn't notice while quickly testing your advice. The problem is that no matter the way I use to retime the simulations, the simulations dynamic change. Those methods are: changing frame rate, or using the time scale from the DopNetwork options. The simulations is in slowmotion, but it doesn't retain the dynamics of the real time sim. So I remembered davybrown telling me to try with substeps and then time retime the sim once re imported after baking. Now... I found different substeps settings. There is the DopNetwork substeps settings, but this will change also the simulation dynamics exactly like the frame rate or time scale does. I also notice that changing those substeps will alter the Time Step value above... so I am getting a bit lost here already. Then I also tried to change the time scale to compensate that, but the sim got even more messed up. Then there are the Flip Solver substeps. Here sim remain the same, but how do I "export" the additional substeps? Let's say I set min and max substeps at 5... does it mean I should be able to slower the sim down 5 times? I did a test exporting the baked particles, but I couldn't slow the sim down maintaining the fluid motion. So, is there a way to tell houdini to export all the 5 additional substeps? Maybe some option I missed in the Rop Output Driver? Thank you again for any help!
  9. Object falling on water surface

    Perfect, it worked! Thank you very much guys! See you soon with more question (it is not a threat, it's a fact )
  10. Object falling on water surface

    double post
  11. Object falling on water surface

    double post
  12. Object falling on water surface

    Ok for the more advanced stuff I am going to need some more time... but I will surely come back with questions as for the caching... I have the DopNetwork. Then I use a file node and inside that I add a Object Merge node. In the node I select just the torus from the dopnet, but I still see the ground plane as well. Here is a screenshot of the scene. Is that the right node or am I doing something wrong? The viewport is set to "Hide other objects" so what's in the viewport should be what's in the file node. Thank you!
  13. Object falling on water surface

    I also found this free asset. The downside is that I cannot see what is going inside the node, so I won't learn much from it, but I wanted to check it out anyway. http://vfxhomeland.com/freetools.php It looks really cool, but I think I need to bake the falling object motion in order to use it correctly... so here I have another question. I made a new scene where I only have the falling rigid body and a ground plane. Now I would like to bake ONLY the rigid body. I tried using a file node, and inside DOP import and Rop Geometry output. It bakes everything, also the ground plane which I don't want. How can I bake only the falling object? Thank you again for any help!
  14. Object falling on water surface

    Thank you very much dayvbrown! 1) found it and it works! Just one question: I see that by default he puts all this stuff after the filename. I know the $SF is for the frame numbers, but I wonder what the $0S and the final .sc are for... are they needed? Right now I just copied all that stuff in my file name and it worked fine. 2) Also got the idea, did a couple of tests and it works as well! 3) here I am bit more in high sea I did some test with the scatter as you suggested, but had not much success so far... I think I should bake the rigid body animation and work on a clean animated object, because I am seeing some problem while working directly on the rigid body... I also found this old topic and downloaded the example file. Something is coming out of it, still I am a bit crawling in the dark and I also have the feeling the file is outdated, since he is using the old POPnet
  15. Object falling on water surface

    Hello everyone! My name's Bernardo and I am just starting to study houdini. I am a 3d generalist and I mainly work with blender. Being a Houdini noob, I will do a lot of noob questions... so please forgive me Now... I am trying to create a slow motion animation of an object (size of strawberry) falling on a surface where lies a small amount of water. The object will bounce on that surface and create a small splash on the water. Additionally, I would like to add some droplet on the object surface (like on fresh fruit) that will react when the object hit the ground. I already set up the object to be a rigid body, a ground object and a flip container of the right height for the main fluid sim. So let's say the main simulation is there. 1)First really noobish question: how do I bake the particle sim to disk? When I crank the resolution of the container to a high value my ram won't be enough to cover the whole length of the animation. I looked quite a lot for this info on internet... It's strange but I couldn't find how to bake the sim to disk for good and then use the baked files from disk. 2)Second question: for the slow motion effect right now I am just changing the frame rate of the scene from the Global Animation Options. Is it ok or it would be be better to do it is some other way? 3)Third question: droplets on surface... could you give me some hint or point me to some tutorial on how to create such effect please? Thank you in advance for any help!