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  1. Check flip_transfer_color-2018-08-14_13.34.22.mp4 transfer_color_to_FLIP.hipnc
  2. Supposing this frame is representative of what you need, I don't think you need anything fancy. ray_curved.hip
  3. Vray for Houdini

    If anyone happens to have an issue with the IPR not working when using the houdini.env setup, the following fixed it for me: Instead of : PATH="${PATH};${VFH_PATH}" As suggested, expand everything. So: PATH="${VRAY_APPSDK}\bin;${VFH_ROOT}\vfh_home\bin;$PATH;${VRAY_FOR_HOUDINI_AURA_LOADERS}"
  4. Script callback on a button

    Do you need to make it hscript? If not, the python equivalent would be something like On PythonModule define a function: def displayMessage(kwargs): hou.ui.displayMessage("Are you sure?", ("Delete", "Cancel")) And then on the Callback Script field you can write `hou.phm().displayMessage(kwargs)` and that's it.
  5. how this "show surface" system work?

    It's a two steps functionality. First, if you go the type properties under Node you'll the "Guide Geometry" points to the GUIDE null. Second, the switch1 inside the whitewater source node is connected to the Show Surface parameter of the HDA. It's a bit unclear because in the actual HDA parameter interface there's no mention of where it's referenced
  6. setDeleteScript method does not work?

    >>> n.setDeleteScript("aaa", hou.scriptLanguage.Hscript) >>> n.setDeleteScript('setenv x = "hello"', hou.scriptLanguage.Hscript) >>> hou.getenv('x') 'hello' This works. You can also take a look at this Particularly the Script Variables section. You can set a script that will trigger whenever any node or a specific node is triggered
  7. Copy to points multiple geometry

    Here's a way to do it in sops But if you want to do this with a big amount geo, you should take a look at instancing it by changing the intrinsic path of packed geo, which will be much faster and allow your to have much more geo for the same memory footprint switch_scatter_compiled_odf.hip
  8. Volume sourcing with reoriented simulation container

    Sourcing assumes world space, you need to change that to get the correct orientation Here's one way to do it orient_pyro_container_odf.hiplc
  9. Debris source

    Many nodes in Houdini are just collections of other nodes. The debris source is one of them. Which means you can simply dive in and change the behavior however you want Example: odf_debris_id.hip
  10. It should be something like this HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH = $AELIB/otls;$QOTL/base;$QOTL/future;$QOTL/experimental;&

    I don't think you want to change your PREFs folder. That one is a important one What I think you want is what the Game Development Tools or QLib does and append your library paths to the default ones. If you read the documentation it'll say most tools search the HOUDINI_PATH in order to grab the relevant stuff. So, in theory, if you define the HOUDINI_PATH in your houdini.env as something like HOUDINI_PATH = " C:/users/garf/Documents/MyExtraToolSet;&" It should work, as long as you have an HDA, a script etc folders inside that path Personally I prefer to define the paths specifically, so it would be something like HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH = "C:/users/garf/Documents/MyExtraToolSet/hda;&" HOUDINI_SCRIPT_PATH = "C:/users/garf/Documents/MyExtraToolSet/scripts;&" etc
  12. Sticky Fluid Setup (pressed F1)

    Is there a reason you're not using the stick options in the solver? Why do you need a custom force? sticky_fluid_setup_001_odf.hip
  13. Offset Carve SOP Growth

    Courtesy of the groom library per_prim_carve_groom_odf.hip https://i.imgur.com/YpPCZuH.gifv
  14. For just the four spheres I think it's better to simply create a switch and change it with a Ordered Menu type parameter. Similar to this If you want to create an arbitrary number of spheres I suggest you take a look at the Draw Curve SOP, specifically in the Stroke -> Number of Strokes section of its Type Properties. It's an example of a MultiParm Block type of parameter.
  15. Dynamically scaling pieces?

    You can get random colors with a assemble + color node However, I couldn't make your transform method there works. But you can use an expression like this to access the attribute, "s" in this case, in the primitive. This hinges on the fact all primitives have the same attribute