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  1. Asset Handler

    Update 1.13 Teaser Release Notes: https://www.enoni.de/wp/docs/asset-handler-changelog/version/version-1-13/
  2. Asset Handler

    Asset Handler 1.12 is out. With Shader Preset support for Redshift, Mantra, Arnold and Renderman. H19.x support, Bugfixes etc. Changelog Gumroad
  3. Asset Handler

    Supports now Py37 and Py27 for LINUX & Windows with Version 1.09. Changelog
  4. Asset Handler

    https://www.enoni.de/wp/asset-handler/ https://enoni.gumroad.com/l/enoni
  5. Asset Handler

    Hi, i released my first Tool for Houdini. Asset Handler is a Python Panel for SideFX Houdini that allows easy creation and access HDAs from a Library. 00:07 HDAs General Handling 01:57 HDRI 02:30 RS-Proxies 03:30 Aixterior Assets & Scattering 09:15 Megascans Assets 11:23 Examples https://www.enoni.de/wp/asset-handler/
  6. Workflow hda versioning

    it seems to be a update problem. when i choose the different hda version/defs over the tab menu i get my different parm values...
  7. hi, i have some trouble with hda's and versioning. especially with parm inputs on the hda itself (changes inside the hda will be stored/saved). but parm values on the hda will be setted for all versions. shared any nested version on a hda the same parm values? how can i "break" this? i generate new versions from a hda with python: would be really grateful for help. thx.
  8. Deadline ROP inherit Env Variables

    hi, my solution was to write out a .xml file( rop -> pre-render script) , where i store all variables. i modified some deadline scripts and read it back, so hython starts with the same environment. here is a little bit of description https://www.enoni.de/wp/ns_startup/. dont know if its the best way... you can also just write out archives/proxies and render standalone.
  9. resizable pyside widget

    for anyone who struggle with this. just put your qt designer widget (with correct layouts) in a extra boxlayout and houdini will resize your custom script stuff. example: class your_widget(QtWidgets.QWidget): def __init__(self, parent=None): QtWidgets.QWidget.__init__(self, parent) ui_file = QtCore.QFile("your_widget.ui") ui_file.open(QtCore.QFile.ReadOnly) self.your_widget = QtUiTools.QUiLoader().load(ui_file, parentWidget=self) layout = QtWidgets.QVBoxLayout() layout.setContentsMargins(0, 0, 0, 0) self.setLayout(layout) layout.addWidget(self.your_widget)
  10. resizable pyside widget

    hi, i need some help with resizable widgets. it seems the window wont redraw the window canvas. i tried to resize the window with a event(second picture), but nothing worked. the .ui comes from QtDesigner. do i have to set some flags? is it possible at all? i appreciate your help, thx. nic.
  11. HDA python get selected menu item

    i whould use this: projSelect = node.parm('project').evalAsString() http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/Parm.html
  12. access menu item

    some recap, for those who are interested in this. <labelExpression> just trigger python snippets/code/etc. @ startup. after that, they are fix. <scriptMenuStripDynamic> does the job dynamically when you trigger the menu. nic.
  13. access menu item

    that helps, thx stalkerx777!
  14. access menu item

    hi, is there a way to access the menu items with python to change dynamically the label name? or adding submenus etc.? in this case i want add a specific hipname beside the label. thx for help or hints. nic.