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  1. I had the feeling that a solver would have to be involved, or the almighty for loop thanks a lot j00ey!
  2. hi everybody, it's my first question here and i'm all out of noobish solutions. I'm trying to recreate this (see attached) using vex only, as an excercise. Now i managed to create the circles, and i want to select random points from where i can influence the radius of the neighbours. In order to do so I created an array of all the points, created an attribute that stores the ptnum of a random one and refreshes every 30 frames. The problem is now i want to store these values in a new array over time, but the append function only refreshes the current number. Is there a way to append a new value to an array every "x" frames? Hope I explained my situation clearly enough, and thanks to anyone who wastes a little bit of his/her time answering optical_with_circles.hipnc