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  1. Pin Table

    Can't you do it with second map file ?? one for displacement and one for transformation in Y.
  2. Pin Table

    That is so cool. The genius is in simlplicity
  3. Power of Illusion

    I've changed it form my virtual domain to real one. If you guys are interested read this http://persci.mit.edu/gaz/
  4. Power of Illusion

    Hi there, Check out that picture. This is amazing - they are really the same, I've checked that in Photoshop Image
  5. UT2003

    Count me in
  6. Houdini in Poland

    It's a figure of speech of course
  7. Houdini in Poland

    I'm very curios how your presentation will look like. Let's hope that it will kill the other packages :-) Will be there for 100% XSI is my wife but everyone has a mistress, and that's Houdni.
  8. from softie

    Yea - thats cool. It was posted on XSI list. Imagine the reply : - A huge applause
  9. Thanks for a quick response. That's right - I use .i3d for rolling clouds, and I have casting shadows on. I think i have to work with lighting up a bit more. But there's another question: I is a good idea to increase .i3d resolution to gain more detail or maybe increase particle count with smaller radius. As for sand storm - thanks for an idea - splitting scene into 3 layers: 1- main big cloudy sand background noise cloud. 2- a bit more detailed part - in-between layer. 3- for a front line - rolling point primitives. I should save rendering time and help to adjust the scene faster But that scene scares me, I think i will try to experiment with clouds a bit before i jump into quick sand
  10. Hi there - I'm very new to Houdini. So my questions are a basic type. I was wondering what is a best way to achieve effects like - rolling fluffy cloud that i can fly into. I've used particles, and put metaballs onto them with volume shader but the cluods looks so flat and without detaill. The second question - creating waves of bursting sand storm. My first idea is to create millions of particle and render them as points. Give me some hints - where to dig.
  11. Looks like it is a great enviroment to work within. Any dates when it will be out to the public ??
  12. When I first heard that Shake will go all the way for MAC i was so mad. I realy like the idea behind the whole Shake concept. I saw few screenshots of Nuke - it looks scary I mean - not so intuitive interface. Do u plan to make it more convenient for "not after MIT guys"