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  1. Anyone having Houdini launcher issues?

    down here as well. watching my hourly rate going down the drain
  2. Export Crowd Agent to FBX

    Hi Alain Indeed my setup is brute force python-showering al the 'bones' with constraints with proper settings. I also use a script to clean/strip those bones again, to avoid clutter. Can share, if interested. Yours is more procedural, nice to see. Would be more the way to go, especially for batching, indeed. What I send you is a lighter-weight version of a more complete setup, in which I actually was also able to re-animate. So a complete rigging system, where the animation can be send to controllers and edited/created. And exported again to agents or pointclouds or fbx-es. Next on my list is investigating agentfullbodyik-vex, for making this round-trip even more smooth. About your thing to put all constraints in one network: It is nicer for maintenance and clarity, of course. In terms of performance my hunch is it will not matter. These constraints get read once into memory and from there on they will evaluate, regardless of their location. And speaking about your 'manual' user case: Yes! Also I have flushed this through vellum. Very cool for secondary/dynamic character effects. The rigging bypass I just mentioned renormalizes the output again, so all animation fits nicely on the skeleton (aka no bone-stretching). Your unpacking-of-agents or my separate-rig-network might be completely obsolete with the agentfullbodyik tool set. Obscure stuff, but Matt Ebb made a talk about this at Siggraph Asia. Regarding scaling: Scale animation could be recorded in these pointclouds/manipulated agents. In my setup I would python-send it to bone length and scale parameters through scale-constraints or hscript point-expressions. Scale in fbx-structures, especially when send over to different applications, is highly unpredictable. Sending these values as translation to the proper sibling would generate more reliable stretching. Anyway, since we both seem to be chasing the same idea, I would like to exchange ideas/techniques more often about this. It gives a fresh look at a murky area. Please let me know if you'd be interested. Cheers Michiel
  3. Export Crowd Agent to FBX

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/04nz19qyocrqt89/agentToFBXCase.zip?dl=0 Hi Alain Thank you for having a look at your setup. Mine is a bit less vex-y. Please take a look at my link: The subnetwork "Bone" is a regular import of an fbx-structure. In my experience, this is quite useful to keep, to be able to re-export fbx-es again. Sometimes the lack of such a layout causes exports to fail. Within the network there sits a geo-node "Pointcloud" with an agent setup in it. Here it is important that the agent has the same bonestructure and names as the original fbx. To output stuff you do to agents back to fbx I unpack them to pointtransforms, make normals and ups. The object-level-transforms all get a pointconstraint, based on the point-name-attribute. All you have to do now is rop-FBX-export the scene to have a new fbx animation of your character. The constraint stuff i automated through a python script. Doing that a couple of times by hand forced me to choose between learning some Python or pull slowly all my hairs out. I have extensive knowledge about using motionbuilder and fbx-caveats. This, until now, proves for me to be the most robust way. Scaling issues should be easily solved at sop-, agent, or object-level. I hope this might be of help, I will definitely study your examples as well better also. This is great stuff, it allows one to mis-use the agent workflow for layout, animation clip libraries, sequencing and all kind of other super lightweight stuff.
  4. Export Crowd Agent to FBX

    Hi Alain Today I am busy, but maybe tonight/ tomorrow morning I have some time to explain my side of things. I'll also look into your file right away then. It's interesting stuff and slightly awkward it's not available right out of the box..
  5. Export Crowd Agent to FBX

    Hi Alain To my knowledge there is no such option, You have to hack such yourself. I have made a set-up which requires re-rigging in houdini. It's cumbersome but it opens a whole range of possibilities. If you're interested i can elaborate further on it.
  6. Hi I am looking for a way to let a group of points further behave as a child of another point, after this masterpoint has been altered (say through noise or other secondary effects). The transformeffect on this masterpoint should be re-applied to the other point group, with the masterpoint itself as a pivotpoint Something gives me a hunch that inverse matrix transform might do it but I am not getting very far with it. I hope someone could point me in the proper direction. I have a file attached which should abstract the idea Thanks for the thinks transferRelativeTransform.hiplc