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  1. Vellum Constraints question

    Having some hard time figuring out why Vellum Attach to Geo doesn't pick up tangent/normal to glue it same way as Pin to Animation does by default, any ideas ? Pls check the hip file attached. VellumConstraints.hip
  2. Hi there, Couldn't get anything working with Number of copies. Can I feed any integer into Copy node as a number of objects (ncy parameter) ? Is is available at all?
  3. Sorry Wasn't clear. I think it's a bit tricky but I'm modifying just group of points for the cross section. So it's kinda having multiple sections variants and they should be copied to the path by the sweep node in certain order that corresponds to the attribute on it. So point on the backbone with attribute value 0.1 should fetch a cross-section that has that group of points transformation with the same value 0.1 and so on... I just doubt if that at all out of the sweep node capacity.
  4. Hi Could it be possible to take some transformations on cross section from transform node and have it corresponds with attribute on sweep backbone ? So the Scale value would be same as attrib on the backbone. I know I can have it with skin but sweep needed to go first. Thanks for any thoughts on that. Sweep_section_by_attrib.hip
  5. Remove shared edges flag in the Divide SOP. But you need to make a loop by piece, or get the pieces splited from voronoi and then weld it back.
  6. Collisions with SOPsolver

    Hi Can anyone help to understand how to make collisions work for cloth object using sopsolver in there. So basically I need to scale up some cloth objects (two spheres in the file) during the dop sim, and make them collide mutually. Why the collisions don't work in the hip ? Thanks SOPsolver_collisions.hip
  7. Hi Can we actually use that combination ? If yes why the cloth sim just gets stuck when I use geo solver inside SOP Solver? Please see the attached hip, if you bypass the obj/grid/dopnet/sopsolver/solver the sim works just fine. FEM_Solver.hip
  8. Foreach, multiple outputs

    How did you get it working guys ? I guess something wrong with dependencies if I just duplicate the output. But how to manage it ?
  9. It's really serious hip file goddamn! Thanks Noobini for that. Had to post the sample scene right away.Sorry.
  10. Thanks for this! Yes this is what I'm struggling with now. I have more complex scene, but I made a simple scheme in this hip file, just in case if there is any tricky thing to work it out. All I want to get is random distance on every iteration for the attribtransfer. FLoop_attribtransfer.hip
  11. It's much appreciated ikoon! I'm trying to feed that value to distance value in attribute transfer (thresholddist parameter) with no luck, how to properly hook it up in that approach ? So every iteration the distance is randomly different in that range. Thanks.
  12. Hi Is there a way to get a random value in ForEachLoop (say between 1 and 0) using iteration number in the loop as a seed for it ?
  13. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    What about progress bar of cooking somewhere under timeline ?
  14. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Geometry connectivity option in Attribute Transfer ? Without doing tricky VEX , loops and other boring stuff.
  15. HelLo Can you guys help me with some simple thing. I have hundreds of object with same topology like shown on the picture. I need to find automatically edge number 2 and 4, loop it, and delete then (which can be done with dissolve sop later) But the question is how to test those 5 edges to find the right ones ? So now I can select the point 0 cuz it's the only point shares 5 edges. My idea is to use FindShortestPath in LoopForEach, sort the points(if the Sort sop gonna work same way for every object within given topology) and connecting then 0 to 2 and 0 to 4. But even if I found the edges this way, how to loop then the selection in VEX ? Thank you.