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  1. That is a very interesting and logical way to approach it - building each edge with an offset I would not have thought of that. Both solutions are amazing. Thank you both.
  2. That is amazing thank you.
  3. Still trying to chip away at this problem. I have found what I think is the correct way to nest the loops and am able to increase the number of rings with the controls of the outer for each loop. I am trying to find a way to group the correct points on the outer edge of the inner loop so each iteration creates only one ring of hexagons around the outer edge of the previous ring. At the moment a new hexagon is created at every point in every iteration. concentric_rings_002.hiplc
  4. I am trying to create a series of concentric rings of hexagons that expand from a central point. The inner hexagon would be surrounded by a ring of six hexagons, that are in turn surrounded by 12 then 18 etc. I have been able to string together a few loops that add more hexagons but ideally, I would like each ring to be only one hexagon in thickness. Also, it would be great to be able to automate this so the number of rings could be generated form a single slider controlling one loop or a nested loop. This way I would not need to append an extra for loop for each required ring. Maybe there is a different approach better suited to this. concentric_rings_001.hiplc