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  1. Hi, I would like to know that, is there anyway to convert hip file into cmd or text file using empty textport or using python. What i want to try is to convert hip file into text without opening the file. is there a way to do this ? I can export opened hip file using textport with opscript, but I would like to convert hip to cmd or text file without opening it. thank you
  2. how to add point attributes in string ?

    Hey all, I was trying to create instance path in vex and trying to use few bgeo sequences, I have different wedges for my main geometry and I want to use instance path in such way that. It will change directory path based on point attribute. it looks something like this, "$HIP/houdini/geo/test/wedge_`chs("parm")`/test.wedge_`chs("parm")`_`chs("../Version/vers")`.`chs("frame")`.bgeo.sc" but when I try to use point attribute in string, it doesnt work, or maybe I dont know the right way to write the syntax. I have to create parameters and call it. but it doesnt work accurate. can you guys please help me with it ?
  3. @ejr32123 thank you for the link of the thread. I have already checked that file, it was a bit helpful. I am using my fuel areas for the intensity of my fire and for the transparent look of the fire, I want the control for the core part of my fire in comp, for temporary solution, I have made a different render take and changed shader ramp color to make things work out for a while, but I want the proper way to render out single image with additional information containing temperature and fuel details with applied lookup ramp. in fire, most of the area is emission, so that method will not work the way I want the details.
  4. Hi magicians, I was trying to create render passes for the fire, I want my temperature and fuel to be render as different render passes, I tried to use temperature and fuel as float in extra render images, but the problem is that, I am not been able to get it properly. what is the way to get render passes for temperature, fuel and heat in extra image details ? I would also like to know the way to render normal passes and any other passes which can be rendered out from volume, like opacity pass or something helpful in compositing. I get the fire mask from the shader but it is not that useful. Thank you.
  5. Groups in FBX subnet for Crowd Agent and Material Style Sheet

    Hi guys, I managed to make the groups. All I had to do was, Go to the geometry hierarchy and select the particular object and create a group from viewport before the bone override SOP, in short, I needed to create groups before the skinning object. then I baked the agent and voila!!! it worked !! it was all okay to go after simulating and unpacking the agents. but I am looking for a way where I can make the alsurface work around in Maya to Houdini pipeline. any ideas !?
  6. Hey, I have been trying to create groups from FBX subnet, which can be accessed after the crowd simulation done. So I can apply different base colors through Material Style sheet and I am also curious to know if I can export different groups of object to other 3D packages if I have to render it there. what I want to do is, I want to create primitive groups which can be accessed after unpacking the agent SOP. So I can access that data for further process. I somehow manage to make the groups based on the shaders applied to particular objects, but some of the shaders were not included in the groups, I would like to have a proper work around for this. Or is there any particular method to make groups during exporting the fbx from maya ? Thank you All.
  7. rigid body test..some pieces stuck in air

    Building_Destruction_RnD_v001_r0014.mov Building_Destruction_RnD_v001_r0015.mov
  8. Deform Scatter over Surface of Geometry

    I have tried another method with the help of my friend using sdf geometry and attribute vop. you can have a look at the file. test_Sphere.hip
  9. Deform Scatter over Surface of Geometry

    Thank you, It seems pretty simple now. I wasnt converting my float values to vector, maybe thats why it wasnt working. Thank you Guys @Sepu, @br1 and @shawn_kearney
  10. Deform Scatter over Surface of Geometry

    I have tried this with colour texture, I am uploading the file so you can get the idea what i am looking forward to. thank you. Sphere_Scatter_Movement.hip
  11. Deform Scatter over Surface of Geometry

    Thank you for the video, I am looking for scatter move over surface using noise.
  12. Deform Scatter over Surface of Geometry

    yes, that is exactly what i am looking forward to, move my point over the surface.
  13. Hi, I have been trying to deform scatter point over the surface of the geometry, What would be the way to deform or slide scatter or give slide scatter points with offset over time on the surface of the geometry ? I have tried with color texture and it worked, but i am looking forward for the VOP method, can someone guide me over that ? I am still to houdini and trying things out. Thank you,