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  1. Emit RBD objects

    Yes it's correct @Sepu I already did that, but the problem is, if I tranfer my velocity (v) in any ways, I've got the same issue as the beginning of this topic.
  2. Emit RBD objects

    Hey guys, it's me again. I found that being able to emit RBD from particles was very convenient to control the behavior of multiple RBDs. So, I tried to transfer velocities on my packed geometries. But the bug comes back. It's the velocity that mess all the things up obviously. But that I can't understand is exporting velocity properly. As you can see, I have a propper velocity on my point 9 and 10 at frame 12. Then I transfer it on the primitives as the id. And finally, after I packed it, the velocity is correctly transfered on the point. So how do I transfer it properly? Why it doesn't work? Thanks again guys !
  3. Emit RBD objects

    Alright ! Thanks a lot guys !
  4. Emit RBD objects

    And what "piece%d" means in your sprintf function ?
  5. Emit RBD objects

    Hey thank you @toadstorm ! I'll check that out as soon as possible ! But I can't understand why it is working in H15 but not in H16 ?
  6. Emit RBD objects

    Hey guys ! I recently followed the "Houdini 15+ Particles to Bullet" tutorials from Andrew (https://vimeo.com/179143928) and then the "Emit Bullet from Particles" tutorials from Tim van Helsdingen (https://vimeo.com/179639085) but I've got a weird issue that I can't figured out. I strictly followed what they show on their videos, but, when I'm checking my RBD sim, I have duplicate geometries on my point (as you can see on my screenshot). Also, the bullet solver warn me by this message : Something has changed in the RBD between H15 and H16 ? Am I missing something ? Thanks in advance guys, Gael. PS : Here's my file, but it's normally, as we can have in Tim's video. emit_rbd.hip
  7. Thank you @Noobini for the feedback. Well that's strange. I'll check if a more recent version have this weird issue
  8. Hey guys ! @marty I may try to update, but I try to keep the same version as I have at my work. But I'll see if there is changes on that. @Noobini If I Unpack Alembic, everything works fine, but I don't understand why is the color is applied on my alembic when I reload the scene, and not directly when I lay down the node.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused right now because I have a weird issue on my Houdini when I work on Alembic. I have some huge (not that huge, but still) models in Alembic format and I want to do VFX stuff on it. But I can't have a proper feedback on my viewport when I do some operations on it. As you can see on the gif capture, the color does not appear in the viewport, but if I save the scene, and open it again, the color appears. I checked my graphic cards driver (I have a GTX 970), and everything's on date, and I'm on Houdini 16.0.621. Is there a solution ? Thanks in advance, Gael. EDIT : Even if I launch Houdini as Administrator, the bug still appears. I need help :<
  10. Pyro Jet Exhaust

    Wow this is really kind of you Johnny ! I'll check this out and I'll probably learn many things ^^
  11. Pyro Jet Exhaust

    So Johnny, at the end of your video, you modelled a sort of cone and shaded it so it looks like a gas release ?
  12. Pyro Jet Exhaust

    I'm thinking about it, but if you have another techniques to do an afterburner effect, I'll take it too !
  13. Pyro Jet Exhaust

    Hi guys ! I'm trying to make a afterburner, jet gas exhaust effects, but I'm struggling right now. I looked at the Pyro Jet Exhaust HDA from SideFX (https://www.orbolt.com/asset/SideFX::pyrojetexhaust). I opened it and look how it works but I still can't understand. There is no combustion, no flames, no smoke, is it just fuel/gas ? If this so, how can I make it collide with an object ? Like when a rocket beginning to launch, the afterburner collide with the floor. Thank you for your help guys
  14. Flip Sim and Flat Tank don't collide with each other

    Exactly rbowden. I'm totally doing something like Graham
  15. Flip Sim and Flat Tank don't collide with each other

    Alright, I've got a part of the solution. I saw this topic And I tried rbowden's solution. It works, but, I can't emit particle from my geo with this technique. And my splash's a geo that emit particle from a limited time. I'm still searching but help is welcome ! Cheers