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  1. what makes rbd material fracture time dependent?

    I think something is off in my setup, I tested the node on a box and it is NOT time dependent Edit: just restarting houdini fixed the problem!
  2. hi, Houdini 17.5 I am using rbd material fracture and even thought the input mesh is static , the rbd material fracture is time dependent, i.e. it re-fractures the mesh on each frame (same result!)? could not find any time expressions on the node parameters?! any hints? Tx
  3. pyro explosion sim question

    Hi, I've looked @ couple references, and explosions start from nothing (i.e. no smoke, fire) and in one frame there is a big fireball, smoke, and debris/projectiles (plz see attache ref images). My question: how in one frame it's possible to have all these elements (organic smoke and debris)? I have some ideas: a- for pyro sim --> add preproll velocity to pyro sim - not sure if will get organic smoke shapes? sub-stepping is a bad idea in my opinion, it will slow sims lot? b- for projectiles/debris --> can trail their motion, emit from the trail, but the evolution of the smoke might not look right Tx for any suggestions
  4. How to create a pyramid from a point an a grid?

    Thanks Konstantin Also, it's possible to use convexhull node and it will give the same result...thx again
  5. Hi, I am given a base (could be a quad or triangle) and a point , the goal is to use the base and the point to create a pyramid (plz see image or file). One idea I have now is to extrude the base in the direction of the point the scale to zero the extruded surface (then fuse to merge points), other ideas? Note: I don't want to use vex or python here Tx createPolygon.hip
  6. hmmm...wondering how come I did not see that Maybe I was super tired that day ! Thaaaaaaaaaank you
  7. How to generate "contour" lines

    Hi, (plz see attached image). I am not sure if these are contour lines or if they can be described procedurally? My goal is to use them to create velocity fields around that character. Note: I don't really care if they rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise, as long as the circles are around the arms cross section, legs cross section...One idea I got now is to use the underlying mesh edges (select whatever I wand and delete the rest!?), are there better ideas that can be applied on any mesh? Tx
  8. Hi, I want to scatter points on a surface with a specific point separation? If use "pointsfromvolume" node it fills the entire volume of the surface, and "scatter" node does not have this "point separation" property. Is there a way to do that? Note: I need to have "point separation" property because I want to use "Pyro Source" which requires this number (plz see attached) Tx pointsVolumeOnSurface.hip
  9. gradual point deform control?

    Thank you Aizatulin
  10. gradual point deform control?

    Hi, I have a curve that I need to deform with a mesh, however , I am only interested to deform a part of the curve that is near the deforming mesh. Question 1: I've changed deform "Radius" to small numbers (to make sure that far curve points are not affected by the deforming mesh), yet the whole curve gets deformed with the mesh, is this normal? Question 2: Is is possible and easy to paint weights on the curve to gradually deform them? Note: I've tried to use point deform "capture" mode first, and I got two parameters: weights and point indices (and all curve points are captured no matter how far they are), however editing these values does not seem straight forward As a final resort, I selected the curve points to be deformed (see attached), however there is no gradual transition and it looks bad (possible to fix with smooth, but not the most straightforward way) Thx t.mov
  11. lava flow question

    WOW, thaaaaaaaaaaanks everyone and special thanks Jesper
  12. lava flow question

    Thx Atom Yup, I was able to generate the sim easily as you mentioned, thx a lot. We are using an external renderer, so we develop the shader ourselves. I would need to enable rest/rest2 to get UVs on the Lava, right? If there is an article or a tutorial that discusses the general concept plz share it thx again
  13. lava flow question

    Thx My question here is : is there any other way to generate an initial (e.g. one frame only) convincing lava flow shape other than simming a heavy viscous fluid for so many frames? I am talking only about the first frame? this way each shot can have its own preroll and just sim for couple frames for that shot. Thank you ...
  14. lava flow question

    Another question regarding Lava, in the attached image below, the volume shape of the fluid indicates its high viscosity. Now my question: I have a large pool of Lava with many shots, and each shot is like 1 or 2 seconds, if I want to produce these viscous shapes, then I need to have super long preroll to make the sim naturally produce this viscous shapes per shot...Is this is the right way to go? Are there any cheats where I can give this viscous volume illusion without simming for so many frames? Thx
  15. lava flow question

    also a force node would work good here .... thx