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  1. Robust solution for RBD Fracture???

    just an update : I've tested all possible ideas mentioned above, it's seems to me a bug in the tool itself (or at least the implementation is not robust enough)...I could not find a bullet-proof solution, for each pieces, i've tried different methods (different seeds, different number of fraction points, always break per piece, pre-cut mesh with boolean fracture using simple planes, etc)...it worked finally for most pieces but again, it's a random process...
  2. Robust solution for RBD Fracture???

    Houdini 17.5 Hi, I am using RBD material fracture to break a building (it breaks floor by floor, elements by elements, so it would be a simple as possible to the fracture node!), however when I turn on "Edge Details", I get the cutting planes in the output geometry!! I've tried to play with attributes like Noise Height/Size, however it's like a random process, one keep trying until "some" values will work. My question: Is there any solid/robust solution to add details to RBD pieces?
  3. Hi, I have bullet sim, have static object, am connecting it to static solver...is there any use for adding this static solver? either way, the static object will collide with other dynamic objects? thx
  4. How to force a hython script to run

    an update if someone is having the same issue --> hou.time() makes code frame dependent so it will cook on each frame (even no input has changed) which fixes the problem
  5. Hi, I am loading assets using a python script node (see image). The assets are being cached on the farm and the first time the script runs, most probably, the cache would be empty hence the python code loads nothing (makes sense), after a while the cache gets created, HOWEVER, the script python node does not re-run and gives the previous cached result (which is empty cache) --> so, to force manual reevaluation of the code, I just go inside the script, add a space or do any modification and rerun the code and the now the cache gets loaded! Any ideas how to designate that this python script should be always run and not use the previous cached result? I am also open for a better approach if it exists cheers
  6. how to load .bgo.sc without creating file node?

    I think i found the solution on another question: node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() geo1 = hou.Geometry() geo1.loadFromFile('$HIP/geo/geo1.obj') geo2 = hou.Geometry() geo2.loadFromFile('$HIP/geo/geo2.obj') geo.merge(geo1) geo.merge(geo2)
  7. Hi, Is it possible in hython to load content of xyz.bgo.sc into houdini without using 'file' node? I need to load many geometry files to process them, I know i can use SOP for-loop with 'file' node and merge result, but I am wondering if it's possible to do that completely in hython? Thx
  8. How to change HDA asset name?

    yup, it was easier than I thought thx
  9. How to change HDA asset name?

    Hi, I've created an HDA, gave it name "A", then after a while I realize "A" is not representative, so I need to change the name to "B"? So far I recreate a new asset and set the name to "B", but I am sure there is an easier way. Plz see attached image. Note I can change asset label and path as seen in the second image... Thx
  10. how to capture what is cooking while saving file?

    Thaanks Atom, super late I know... We have our own Farm so using TOPS would not be possible...I tried ALFRED and it spits out frame number but no details on what is being cooked now (e.g. pressure solve, advect, ...) ... If I use pre-render and post-render it will be able to know only frame number which is the same as ALFERD...anyways, sideFX "should" provide more APIs to do that...once more, thx for your ideas
  11. how to capture what is cooking while saving file?

    just an update if someone is interested : no feature so far to do so in HOM, RFE 36966 has been logged by SideFX to support this function thx
  12. hi, Let's say you have a pyro sim, and you use file cache to save result. If an artist presses on "Save to Disk", he will get updates on what is cooking now (this way, he knows if one step is too heavy or at least which frame is being processed now) -- See blow: "it's solving GAS_Advect and on frame 42" Question: we do sims on the farm in batch mode (i.e. houdini engine) using a python script that emulates press button, e.g. node.parm('execute').pressButton(), and my goal is to capture the status bar or window status text (to store it as log), however, and I am not sure how to do that, any ideas? Thx
  13. hi, I know it's possible to up res pyro (and maybe flip) simulation, and I am wondering if someone has used them? to be more specific: for super huge pyro sim, one could clusters, slices,...but i am thinking, up-res might also work...Is it worth investigation or it's not that useful? thx,
  14. create ROP OTL that accepts any # of input?

    okay, answer is simple, just when creating the asset, need to set max number of input to 999...
  15. Hi, In ROP context, I need to create an OTL that accepts any number of input connections? similiar to ROP fetch node? I tried to convert a ROP null to subnetwork then to OTL but the number of inputs must be chosen from 1 to 10 (plz see attached). Thx