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  1. lava flow question

    WOW, thaaaaaaaaaaanks everyone and special thanks Jesper
  2. lava flow question

    Thx Atom Yup, I was able to generate the sim easily as you mentioned, thx a lot. We are using an external renderer, so we develop the shader ourselves. I would need to enable rest/rest2 to get UVs on the Lava, right? If there is an article or a tutorial that discusses the general concept plz share it thx again
  3. lava flow question

    Thx My question here is : is there any other way to generate an initial (e.g. one frame only) convincing lava flow shape other than simming a heavy viscous fluid for so many frames? I am talking only about the first frame? this way each shot can have its own preroll and just sim for couple frames for that shot. Thank you ...
  4. lava flow question

    Another question regarding Lava, in the attached image below, the volume shape of the fluid indicates its high viscosity. Now my question: I have a large pool of Lava with many shots, and each shot is like 1 or 2 seconds, if I want to produce these viscous shapes, then I need to have super long preroll to make the sim naturally produce this viscous shapes per shot...Is this is the right way to go? Are there any cheats where I can give this viscous volume illusion without simming for so many frames? Thx
  5. lava flow question

    also a force node would work good here .... thx
  6. lava flow question

    hi, i need to fill a street with lava that is moving in one direction (plz see attached). To make the lava flow across the road and given the street is level, how should I do that? One solution is to adjust particles velocity in each frame (i.e. blend v such that on each frame 10% desired velocity, 90% existing velocity), would that work? if not, any other idea? I thought making the floor inclined or changing the gravity direction, but that would cause possible issues .... thx
  7. vex pretanslate question

    Hi, assuming: //xform is 4x4 matix //pivot is a 3D point then does pretranslate(xform, pivot) mean logically : move to -pivot, rotate, then move to +pivot, in terms of eq, should be look like this: Tr(-pivot) * xform * Tr(pivot), where Tr is a translation matrix? Thx
  8. Robust solution for RBD Fracture???

    just an update : I've tested all possible ideas mentioned above, it's seems to me a bug in the tool itself (or at least the implementation is not robust enough)...I could not find a bullet-proof solution, for each pieces, i've tried different methods (different seeds, different number of fraction points, always break per piece, pre-cut mesh with boolean fracture using simple planes, etc)...it worked finally for most pieces but again, it's a random process...
  9. Robust solution for RBD Fracture???

    Houdini 17.5 Hi, I am using RBD material fracture to break a building (it breaks floor by floor, elements by elements, so it would be a simple as possible to the fracture node!), however when I turn on "Edge Details", I get the cutting planes in the output geometry!! I've tried to play with attributes like Noise Height/Size, however it's like a random process, one keep trying until "some" values will work. My question: Is there any solid/robust solution to add details to RBD pieces?
  10. Hi, I have bullet sim, have static object, am connecting it to static solver...is there any use for adding this static solver? either way, the static object will collide with other dynamic objects? thx
  11. How to force a hython script to run

    an update if someone is having the same issue --> hou.time() makes code frame dependent so it will cook on each frame (even no input has changed) which fixes the problem
  12. Hi, I am loading assets using a python script node (see image). The assets are being cached on the farm and the first time the script runs, most probably, the cache would be empty hence the python code loads nothing (makes sense), after a while the cache gets created, HOWEVER, the script python node does not re-run and gives the previous cached result (which is empty cache) --> so, to force manual reevaluation of the code, I just go inside the script, add a space or do any modification and rerun the code and the now the cache gets loaded! Any ideas how to designate that this python script should be always run and not use the previous cached result? I am also open for a better approach if it exists cheers
  13. how to load .bgo.sc without creating file node?

    I think i found the solution on another question: node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() geo1 = hou.Geometry() geo1.loadFromFile('$HIP/geo/geo1.obj') geo2 = hou.Geometry() geo2.loadFromFile('$HIP/geo/geo2.obj') geo.merge(geo1) geo.merge(geo2)
  14. Hi, Is it possible in hython to load content of xyz.bgo.sc into houdini without using 'file' node? I need to load many geometry files to process them, I know i can use SOP for-loop with 'file' node and merge result, but I am wondering if it's possible to do that completely in hython? Thx
  15. How to change HDA asset name?

    yup, it was easier than I thought thx