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  1. RBD build-up effect

    attached a super basic sample scene. hope this helps. reverse_rbd_fracture.hip
  2. RBD build-up effect

    would it be easier to do the whole thing in reverse? 1. break object in to pieces 2. let it fall apart and force it onto a pile 3. then reverse the cache?
  3. Need some help with coding a no-flight zone

    you could just use the ray SOP with 'direction' set to 'Vector', e.g. {1,0,0}
  4. check the 'Objects' tab in your ROP parameters. you can define 'candidate objects' or also force objects to render regardless of their visibility in the viewport.
  5. Knitting in Houdini

    hi, Is the download link broken or is it just me? thanks! EDIT: sorry, it was me. all good!