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  1. terrain generation in houdini

    If you can, have a look at Gaia or World Creator. To me these apps are much more intuitive, have MUCH faster erosion and create more realistic and more detailed results. You can output all kinds of maps you can use for rendering.
  2. OpenGL Tags for UV scale/offset

    +1 having the same issue, has anyone got UV scaling, offsets and rotation to work?
  3. [sorry misread the original post]
  4. Procedural rocks carved in vdb

  5. something like this? mountain_falloff.hip
  6. Wire simulation, switch between keyframe and sim

    if both geos have the same pointcount and pointorder you could use a point_wrangle: 1. create point wrangle 2. pipe animated mesh into input1 3. pipe simulated mesh into input2 4. add the following code: v@P = lerp(v@P, v@opinput1_P, chf("blend")); 5. click that little icon on the right hand side of your code text box that says "Create spare parameters..." to create a slider now you can blend between both versions and keyframe it.
  7. Carve with randomize

    alternatively you could use VEX. 1. create a measure sop (to measure the perimeter) 2. create a primitive wrangle with something like the following code: //do this after a measure sop #include <groom.h> float factorPerPolygon = fit01(rand(@primnum), .5, 1); adjustPrimLength(0, @primnum, @perimeter, @perimeter * factorPerPolygon); in above example each curve will be randomly refit between 0.5-1 times its original length.
  8. just append another heightfield_drawmask SOP, set "Combine with Existing" to "Subtract" and mask off areas you want to remove.
  9. Sim within a Sim

    how about doing it in two steps? 1. create bubbles sim, and cache it out 2. use cached geo as a collision geo for the second sim
  10. RBD build-up effect

    attached a super basic sample scene. hope this helps. reverse_rbd_fracture.hip
  11. RBD build-up effect

    would it be easier to do the whole thing in reverse? 1. break object in to pieces 2. let it fall apart and force it onto a pile 3. then reverse the cache?
  12. Need some help with coding a no-flight zone

    you could just use the ray SOP with 'direction' set to 'Vector', e.g. {1,0,0}
  13. check the 'Objects' tab in your ROP parameters. you can define 'candidate objects' or also force objects to render regardless of their visibility in the viewport.
  14. Knitting in Houdini

    hi, Is the download link broken or is it just me? thanks! EDIT: sorry, it was me. all good!